Unicorns or a bored Parisian? Which one are you least likely to find? Given all the events in Paris, you might be more likely to spot the horned horse. First, there’s the famous variety of parks, sales, museums, and architecture to explore and enjoy.

Visitors could spend the day simply wandering and staring up at no-name buildings that have stood their ground for hundreds of years, let alone the stunning palaces and monuments that attracts millions annually.

Paris is also home to a shining live music scene, from major concert halls that bring in top performers to the hundreds of bars and cafés that can transform into impromptu live music venues at a moment’s notice.

The fashion world reaches its pinnacle twice a year at Paris Fashion Weeks, which invariably leads to some of the worlds greatest shopping – and most expensive – along the Champs-Élysées, but everyone from discount-hunters to designer divas and once-removed window shoppers will find plenty to open their wallets for in the City of Light.

The French Open is kind of a big deal when it comes to sporting events, and catching the Paris Saint-Germain football club at the Parc des Princes stadium is a must for soccer lovers.

And then there’s the theater scene, rife with major productions à la Broadway, long-standing cabaret, and probably a bunch of dudes enacting homages to Jerry Lewis. It’s just Paris.

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