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Club Silencio Club Silencio in Paris' 2ème is an ultra-exclusive nightclub/bar/concert venue designed by David Lynch. Read about this stunning Paris club at Party Earth. Paris France 48.8695 2.34327651
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Club Silencio - Club in Paris.
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Party Earth Review Masterminded and designed by famed filmmaker David Lynch, Club Silencio – named for the theater featured in Mulholland Drive – is a stunning and ultra-exclusive nightclub/bar/concert venue/whatever-eccentric-show-Lynch... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    3: Bourse, Sentier; 8, 9: Grands Boulevards‎

  • Phone:

    01 40 13 12 32

  • Links:

  • Hours:

    Tu–Su 6pm–6am; Members only before midnight except for special one-off events

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Club Silencio Review

The Scene

Club Silencio in Paris' 2ème is an ultra-exclusive nightclub/bar/concert venue designed by David Lynch. Read about this stunning Paris club at Party Earth.

Masterminded and designed by famed filmmaker David Lynch, Club Silencio – named for the theater featured in Mulholland Drive – is a stunning and ultra-exclusive nightclub/bar/concert venue/whatever-eccentric-show-Lynch-has-in-mind-tonight kind of place.

Once past a small sign and down six dim flights of stairs, international scenesters find themselves in an ornate bunker with low-lit retro banquettes, irregular wood walls, and a range of intimate spaces.

Tunnels embossed in geometric gold-leaf panels – reportedly painted by the same artists who maintain the Statue of Liberty’s torch – lead to a long lounge area, which proceeds further past a library and a golden bar where celebrities sip rare wines and fashion models share innovative cocktails with famous writers and powerful executives.

A second, copper-plated bar can also be found in one of the five rooms that make up this crazy Lynchdom, as well as a smoking room where cultured artists puff their Gitanes, a mini-cinema that hosts movies as wonderfully weird as the club’s owner, and a performance stage backing a brilliantly reflective dance floor.

Primarily a members-only establishment, the venue opens to the public after midnight, but the public certainly doesn’t mean everyone. After all, the place was expressly created to bring together the best and the brightest in the arts, so those who don’t fit the bill – or at least don’t look like they can afford the bill – are left in the cold as the intellectually rich and the just plain rich descend to dance the night away to top DJs.

There’s definitely plenty of partying going on at Club Silencio, but for the lucky few who make it into this subterranean den, it’s far more than a bar with dancing and entertainment – it’s a window into Lynch’s mind.

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Tip from Adriana:

Even if you aren’t a smoker, it’s worth checking out the smoking room. It’s full of sculptures of crooked trees and stunning two-way mirrors that make the room look like it goes on forever. And the crowd being what it is, chances are good tobacco won’t be the only thing burning in here.

  • Crowd

    Actors, musicians, painters, models, executives, scenesters, literary and other creative types, the elite, the bon vivant, the in-the-know, the who’s who, the wealthy, the warped, the classy, and the uniquely crass with money to burn, late 20s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Themes vary every week but include a stellar line-up of culture and entertainment that goes way beyond eclectic, with everything from contortionists and burlesque to more traditional music concerts and film screenings.

    Unless invited, non-members cannot access these events, though there’s still plenty to see, hear, and experience after midnight, including some of the world’s top visiting DJs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A constantly redesigned menu of finger food and assorted bar snacks available till close. Tough door policy.

  • Prices

    Usually no cover charge except for special events. Bar snacks €12–€17. Beer €10–€12, wine €13–€67/glass or €68–€478/bottle, spirits and liqueurs €12–€35, cocktails €14–€18.

    Membership €420/year or €35/month (under 30 and foreigners), €780/year or €65/month (regular), €1,500/year or €125/moth (premium).

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Creative twists on dress to impress: plenty of Armani and diamonds, though style and flair count for more, including vintage crews, classy designer suits, understated blazers, pleated mini dresses, mesh cropped sweaters, caterpillar tanks, sheer prints, parachute bodices, thigh-high boots.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for a real clubbing atmosphere with top international DJs, though there is guaranteed to be something to whet the appetite any night, especially for members.

  • Close By

    Located right upstairs (though still below ground), Silencio’s sister establishment, Social Club (142 Rue Montmartre), can be somewhat easier to get into and has one of the capital’s leading line-ups of DJs and live acts, and a suitably sleek design to match.

Club Silencio User Reviews

Average rating:
elisa z. Sep 2, 2013
A good spot, different, a little bit expensive, but the vibe is awsome, the decoration unique. Its worth it to take a look inside and have a glass of wine.
Great atmosphere
Adrien S. Jun 24, 2013
Supposing you manage to get in (hint: be very well dressed, looking artsy or being a model is a big plus, being invited by a member is even better), you will find a great atmosphere inside. Low ceiling, dark and awesome design, restrooms with lights which make your eyes glow... Drinks are very good -but not cheap-, the bartenders are real professionals. And the crowd! Expect to meet models, designers, artists, lots of young people and foreigners.
Great Artsy Venue
raison D. May 18, 2013
Club Silencio has one of the best atmosphere for art openings/ photography events. Recently attended the SOMETHINGS Magazine events which hosted a couple of amazing photographers and the lighting, service and people were divine. Besides that, every thursday night there is an excellent low key vibe, with great music, drinks and the most interesting Parisian folk.x Highly recommend.
Mysterious and Haunting
Tess G. Apr 30, 2013
Silencio is every bit the David Lynch experience. For non-members, entrance is by doorman discretion and if he digs your vibe you are allowed to enter, no cover charge. True to its name, guests must walk down four flights of stairs, in silence, until finally music is heard and one enters the mysterious golden enclaves that make up the club. Silencio invites its guests to explore a mini world; half based in reality, half based in that eerie and entrancing world of Lynch. The stage and dance area includes distressed, striped mirrored walls and velvet curtains with the lights glowing blue and red. It is surely reminiscent of the famous “Red Room” in Twin Peaks; and as one hears the deep house beats with haunting vocal overtones, one is nearly hypnotized by the state of it all. Even the mirrors in the bathroom evoke a feeling of seductive uneasiness as they only show one’s face and not the rest of the room, creating an almost floating-head effect. The odd little smoking room contains crooked tree sculptures holding ash trays. With Silencio, no detail goes unnoticed. The bar is beautiful and serves magnificent cocktails, wines and champagnes that are expensive, but well worth it. Aside from the design, the true experiential value of this club comes from its diverse patrons. Most people work in the creative industries of art, food, fashion, or film which lead to interesting discussions. Men and women of all ages from many different countries gather here; some dressed in Rick Owens or Celine, others dressed in something less easy to peg. The tight-dress and heels uniform that is prevalent in other member’s only clubs does not fly here. Although there is no way to know you will surely get in, you can increase your chances by dressing uniquely, coming alone or with one other person, and preparing a good answer for when the doorman asks you, “Who are you?”
Break out your "Members Only" jacket...
Leah J. Apr 29, 2013
David Lynch certainly hit the nail on the head with his latest club creation on the Parisian night life circuit. Silencio boasts an art library, a private film screening room, a concert hall, a fumoir, a restaurant and, of course, a bar/dance floor - all of the former making the latter one of the most distinctive clubs on the current Parisian social scene. After checking your coat for 2€, you descend into the deep recesses of the building, where the club is seated below ground level. The cocktails are drinkable works of art, prepared by maestro bartenders. The decor of the dance floor and bar are something of a cross between a rustic basement and a scene from Goldfinger. (James Bond would undoubtedly approve of Silencio's vodka martinis - shaken, not stirred.) The music is perfect: just enough techno (to satisfy its European roots), with a little Kanye, et al. thrown into the mix. If you can only go out one night in Paris, be sure it ends at Silencio! If you are under 30 and a foreign resident (i.e., not French), consider becoming a member at a reduced rate, which gives you access to the theatre, concierge service and, of course, entry before midnight. ;) Warning: A cocktail will most likely set you back at least 20 €, but the flip side is not paying cover charge after 12am. (Before then, it's members only and you can't get though the front door -- but who goes to a club in Paris before midnight anyway?)
Inside David Lynch's Silencio
Reine M. Mar 4, 2013
Club Silencio is more than a club, it's a lifestyle for creative minds and the creme de la creme. The members only club creates an atmosphere for it's clientele which makes one not want to visit any other club in Paris. From an indoor cinema fit for kings, to wine tasting, hosting art exhibitions, book signing to the very lively nightclub. Let's not forget the varieties of coktails that are made by professional bartenders. This weekend before the Sky Ferreira concert, a cocktail class was organized for it's members and their guest, and we were shown how to make two signature drinks. The club is opened from 6pm to 6am to members and their guest and the manager Louis and bouncers get to let in who they like from the queuing public from 12am on. The Silencio experience is truly gratifying if you are willing to shell out 450 to 1500 euros for a membership, if you aren't then maybe you will be lucky to make friends with a member or wait outside by 12 am and hope the bouncers/manager let you in. The nightclub is a lot of fun on Wednesdays/Fridays/Saturdays.
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