Paris Cafés Overview

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There is nothing quite like the café culture in Paris, and with a café on nearly every street corner throughout the city, it’s clear that Parisians take their laid-back café lifestyle seriously.

Outdoor cafés in Paris are hugely popular in the spring and summer, when everyone heads to their favorite spots to while away the day on a sunny pavement terrace. The coffee is always strong, the pastries are always succulent, and the company is always convivial. Really, there is nothing more quintessentially Parisian than taking a few moments out of your day to sit with an espresso in one of the city's thousands of cafés.

While the majority of Paris cafés are good spots for a quick bite and a glass of wine, there are many others that double as live music joints, bakeries, bars, and more. The cafés are great for everything from eating brunch or lunch, cozying up with a good novel, spending a work afternoon outside of the office, or just hanging out with someone you love in a comfortable place.

Indoors on a cozy banquette or out on a sunny terrace, drinking and people-watching is one of the most cherished past-times in France. All you need now is a little dog to go with it.

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