Paris Wine Bars Overview

Le Baron Rouge - Wine Bar in Paris

Wine lovers are certainly in the right place when they come to the City of Light – there are literally hundreds of Paris wine bars for them to choose from – and the proprietors of all of them will no doubt assure you that French wine is the only wine worth drinking.

From intimate café-style wine bars that focus on small-production wines paired with snacks to wine shops that serve full-fledged meals (known as caves à mangers or cavistes) the wine bars in Paris are perfect for lounging out a whole night or just grabbing a quick sip before heading to a dance club.

The organic and biodynamic trend has also hit Paris, and while traditional wine lovers still grumble that such wines don’t age very well, young and hip oenophiles continue to feed the demand for natural production lines – even ones that (mon Dieu!) don’t come from France.

The actual term wine bar can mean a lot of different things in Paris: Some are small little stores with a handful of tables and others are incredibly chichi palaces with hundreds of bottles at the ready. But no matter which wine bar in Paris you end up in, you can be assured that the pours will be heavy, the cheese will be ridiculous, and the conversation will inevitably come around to how amazing French wine really is.

A hard point to argue against, no matter which Paris wine bar you’re in.

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