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O'Sullivans by the Mill Located next door to the famous Moulin Rouge, O'Sullivans by the Mill is an English-friendly bar and music venue, but patrons shouldn't be fooled by the name – this isn't a traditional Irish pub. Paris France 48.8841739 2.3319686
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O'Sullivans by the Mill - Restaurant | Sports Bar | Irish Pub in Paris.
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Party Earth Review Located next door to the famous Moulin Rouge, O’Sullivans by the Mill is an English-friendly bar and music venue, but patrons shouldn’t be fooled by the name – this isn’t a traditional Irish pub. The biggest Anglo-Saxon... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily noon–5:30am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth O'Sullivans by the Mill Review

The Scene

Located next door to the famous Moulin Rouge, O'Sullivans by the Mill is an English-friendly bar and music venue, but patrons shouldn't be fooled by the name – this isn't a traditional Irish pub.

Located next door to the famous Moulin Rouge, O’Sullivans by the Mill is an English-friendly bar and music venue, but patrons shouldn’t be fooled by the name – this isn’t a traditional Irish pub.

The biggest Anglo-Saxon bar in Paris, O’Sullivans is a modern, hip mega-pub with just enough Irish style to stay true to its roots.

An enormous L-shaped bar, lots of comfortable chairs, and multiple big-screen TVs offer plenty in the way of comfort and entertainment, and the already large space seems to triple in size on weekends and during major sporting events when the gigantic back room is opened to accommodate the crowds.

Simply called “Backstage,” the venue also hosts live music every Wednesday and Thursday.

As one might expect, O’Sullivans is usually packed with expats and travelers, always friendly and always loud, especially on game days.

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Tip from Lucas:

Go to O’Sullivans during any major sporting event. The big-screen TVs are awesome and there’s always an energetic crowd to drink and watch with.

  • Crowd

    Mainly Irish, English, and Australian regulars and travelers, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music on Wednesdays and Thursdays, rock and pop music otherwise. Many TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, and chicken. Lunch noon–7pm, dinner 7–11:30pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €10/F–Sa, includes one drink and coat check. Lunch €6–€9, dinner €10–€12. Beer €5+, mixed drinks €7–€10, shots €5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual and preppy.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Wednesdays and Thursdays around 10pm for live bands, Tuesdays to play free video games on the large-screen TVs, and Salsa Sundays for dancing.

O'Sullivans by the Mill User Reviews

Average rating:
A Little Bit of Everything
Aisha J. Aug 6, 2013
If you're looking for a solid night of drinks and dancing, then O'Sullivan's is hard to beat. Popular with travelers and ex-pats alike, this venue can become quite crowded, even with its two bars and spacious dance floor. Prices here aren't the cheapest in Paris, but the energetic and friendly atmosphere is addictive. With high quality food, regular TV sports screenings, and a DJ cranking out Top 40 hits, this bar has a little something for everyone.
A Fun Spot for Travelers and Expats
Gabrielle M. Apr 11, 2013
Although O'Sullivans is quite a hike from central Paris (located in the trendy Montmartre, which also doubles as Paris' red light district), it is well worth the trip. The venue is large, with a spacious bar area at the front and a larger dancing section in the back, providing fun for all types of partiers. This bar is not a typical local hangout, though, as it is usually chock-full of Anglo travelers and expats. So if you are tired of pretending to understand garbled and lightning-fast French, head to O'Sullivans to party with Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Americans, and Canadians (and yes, there will still be some French people. It is Paris, after all.) Drinks can be a bit pricey, but in comparison to many other bars and clubs in Paris, the prices are very reasonable and well-worth the good time you'll have at O'Sullivans. I would strongly recommend (for ladies in particular) that you take a cab directly to and from O'Sullivans, as it is not located in the most desirable of neighborhoods . And unless you love creepy catcalls and being followed by small groups of men, do yourself a favor and splurge those extra few euro for the cab fare.
Kendall H. Feb 24, 2013
My friends and I went to O'Sullivans our very first night in Paris so we weren't quite sure what to expect out of the nightlife. There was a line outside which is always a good sign but it didn't take us long to get in on account of us all being girls. We saw a few guys get rejected from entering but again, my group was all girls so we got in easily. I'd probably describe O'Sullivans as half bar half club. The first floor was more of a club atmosphere with a huge crowd of people dancing and drinking. The bartenders were extremely nice and interactive which is always a plus. The atmosphere upstairs was more like your typical bar. People were talking and mingling and there was more space to move around. This place was definitely a good way to start off our trip because although it was packed and upbeat it wasn't intense like a club or rave.
Awesome place for anyone
Yu S. Feb 10, 2013
It was my first time to Paris so, it had me feel excited but I was traveling alone at that time. I wanted to make new friends in Paris. I was walking around the hostel. After few block from hostel, I found this place and I winged it. I felt awkward at the entrance, but the atmosphere in the bar was pretty awesome so I was spurred into mingling by it. It was really easy to make new friends because it seemed that guys were from all over the world. It didn't matter that I couldn't speak at leat one word in French. I thought that the diversity in the bar was so high that I could be told a lot of different stories from friends and they felt awkward or wonderful as to my stories. I'd like to tell you, "This bar is very nice place for anyone, if you want to listen to music or dance or make a new friend".
Energetic, Friendly Crowd
Katia R. Oct 30, 2012
I was studying in Paris for six months and O'Sullivan's by the Mill became a frequent place for my colleagues and I to meet any night of the week. There was a great mix of foreigners and local Parisians, so making new friends there was never a problem and everyone could speak English. The place was always packed with people dancing and overall, the place had a really vibrant, energetic crowd. The dress code was fairly relaxed, with people wearing everything from jeans and t-shirts to dresses and heels. I’d definitely suggest it , especially if you’re new to Paris.
Great Bar to Meet Fellow Travelers
Daniel H. Aug 1, 2012
I was backpacking through Europe by myself, and while in Paris, happened to be staying a few blocks away from O'Sullivans. I wandered into the massive "Irish" Pub at the recommendation of the hostel desk with a few friends I had made, only to be delighted that we had just stepped foot into Paris' most popular drinking hub for ex-pats and travelers. The place really fills up with people from all over as the night goes on, but there's an outdoor patio that's refreshing to drink on when you get too hot inside. O'Sullivans is the kind of bar where young travelers all gather to drink really hard, and I don't think there was a person in there that wasn't completely drunk by 2am. But that only made it easier to meet so many different people the night I was there. I chatted with people from New York City, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and even a couple of local young Parisians. The whole center area turns into a sort of makeshift dance floor and there's definitely a lot of heaving flirting and mingling going on here. I highly recommend O'Sullivans for anyone by themselves or with a group that wants to party in the company of fellow english speakers. Just be careful, because it's in the heart of the "Pink Light District", meaning there will be a lot of shady characters trying to lure you into a strip club or sex show as you stumble back to your room...or someone else's.
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