Paris Historic Bars Overview

La Palette - Café | Historic Bar in Paris

It’s not hard to believe that there are many historic bars in Paris. After all, this beautiful cosmopolitan town has been known as “Paris” since the Romans were traipsing around.

Harry’s New York Bar is probably the best-known of the Paris historic bars. Maybe it’s because Ernest Hemingway and Coco Chanel used to be regulars, although let’s face it, Ernest was a regular at a lot of bars. Or maybe it’s because it’s reportedly the oldest cocktail bar in Europe. Or maybe it’s because not only the Bloody Mary, but the White Lady and Sidecar were all (VERY allegedly) invented here. In any case, entering Harry’s is like stepping back into the Big Apple circa 1920, with its dapper crowd of sophisticated regulars, white-coated bartenders, and the soft tinkling of a piano streaming from the basement.

Then there’s La Palette, an authentic Parisian café opened in 1905 that was frequented by artists Picasso and Braque, who both established the venue’s initial following of creative types. To this day, the café is still popular with students from the famous French art school, École des Beaux-Arts, as well as actors like Harrison Ford who appreciate the café’s unfussy attitude.

From chichi to casual, Paris historic bars are easy to find, though they may be far more difficult to leave.

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