Paris Cocktail Bars Overview

Little Red Door - Bar | Speakeasy in Paris

The French certainly enjoy some of the finest wine in the world (or undeniably THE finest if you ask them) but the vibrant City of Light doesn’t have the multitude of cocktail bars one might expect. This isn’t to imply that Paris cocktail bars are a scarcity – you should be able to find one in most neighborhoods – but they don’t exist with the kind of regularity that you will find in mixology hotspots like New York or Los Angeles or London.

One of the top cocktail bars in Paris is undeniably the Experimental Cocktail Club. Created by three young Frenchmen with a dream of heightening Paris’ level of cocktailing, ECC is just that: a baroque-styled one-room bar that specializes in intricate classic cocktails bursting with basil, lemon grass, elderflower, and lord knows what else. Harry’s New York Bar is another classic cocktail bar in Paris. Rumors abound about Harry’s, with regulars swearing it’s the oldest cocktail bar in Europe, and doing so with the kind of pronounced assuredness only a silver-foxed Frenchman can portend.

Over in the Latin Quarter, Curio Parlor – developed by the same team who created ECC – joined the scene in 2008 and has since developed a loyal (arguably die-hard) following of young mixology lovers.

It’s clear that there a plenty of folks in Paris looking for a great cocktail, and cocktail bars in Paris will inevitably continue to grow in number as more and more hip Parisians get in on the mixology bandwagon. In the meantime, you can rely on Party Earth to help you find a great Paris cocktail bar. Or you can just have some more wine. And cheese. Mmmm…cheese.

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