Times Square

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Times Square One of the busiest, most frenetic, and most visually stimulating urban centers in the world, Times Square offers a vast assortment of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that go beyond its famous bright lights and giant... New York United States 40.758583 -73.985093
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Times Square - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area | Square in New York.
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Party Earth Review One of the busiest, most frenetic, and most visually stimulating urban centers in the world, Times Square offers a vast assortment of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that go beyond its famous bright lights... ... read full review

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    42nd Street to 50th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue
    New York, NY 10019

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    N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 7: Times Square-42nd Street-7th Avenue-Broadway

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Party Earth Times Square Review

The Scene

One of the busiest, most frenetic, and most visually stimulating urban centers in the world, Times Square offers a vast assortment of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that go beyond its famous bright lights and giant...

One of the busiest, most frenetic, and most visually stimulating urban centers in the world, Times Square offers a vast assortment of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that go beyond its famous bright lights and giant flashing advertisements.

Usually filled with hordes of tourists and people who work in the area, the square provides plenty to do for mainstream types who prefer familiar fare like Sephora, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Planet Hollywood, and The Olive Garden, as well as for more adventurous folks who stray off the main drag to seek out spots like Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain.

Visitors looking for excitement will find the area between Broadway and Eighth Avenue swarming with big-name theaters and restaurants, two huge cinemas, and dozens of street vendors selling everything from handbags to cartoon caricatures, while those interested in people-watching and celeb sightings can hang out in the pedestrian plazas or watch tapings of Good Morning America in the morning and Late Show with David Letterman in the early evening.

Budget-conscious theater buffs standing in line at the TKTS booth for day-of discount tickets will most likely be serenaded by street musicians and local characters like the Naked Cowboy, though twenty-somethings usually hit the plethora of bars, lounges, and comedy clubs later on for more professional entertainment.

The site of many annual events, perhaps none other is quite so famous as the legendary New Year’s Eve celebration, when Times Square is packed skyscraper to skyscraper with revelers of every stripe waiting for the ball to drop.

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Tip from Emma:

Getting cheap Broadway show tickets from the TKTS booth is always a great idea…but getting rush tickets is even better! Really popular shows like Avenue Q sell incredibly cheap day-of tickets at the box office – all you have to do is go to the theater and ask. Not only will you save money, you’ll avoid the TKTS line.

  • Crowd

    Local professionals and tourists of all types and ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Entertainment and shopping include Broadway theaters, Caroline’s Comedy Club (1626 Broadway), cinemas, Madame Tussaud’s wax museum (234 West 42nd Street), Bowlmor Lanes & Strike (Times Square Building, West 44th Street), Dave and Buster’s (234 West 42nd Street), and hundreds of retail stores. Bars and cabarets include B.B. King Blues Club & Grill (237 West 42nd Street) and Swing 46 Jazz & Supper Club (349 West 46th Street).

    Annual events include all-day yoga during Solstice in Times Square, live music and cuisine from local restaurants during Taste of Times Square, and the famed New Year’s Eve celebration.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Street vendors sell hot dogs, pretzels, and other snacks. Dining options include chains like Applebee’s (234 West 42nd Street) and Hard Rock Café (1501 Broadway) and neighborhood favorites like Virgil’s Real Barbecue (152 West 44th Street), Bourbon Street (346 West 46th Street), Village Pourhouse (366 West 46th Street), and Shake Shack (691 Eighth Avenue).

    More upscale options include Del Frisco’s (1221 Sixth Avenue) and Le Bernardin (155 West 51st Street). Famous food strip Restaurant Row (46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues) features cuisine from all over the world.

  • Prices

    Prices vary by venue.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time other than weekends and rush hours for a less crowded experience, or weekday evenings for a bustling but less chaotic scene. Fridays and Saturdays are the most packed and energetic.

Times Square User Reviews

Average rating:
A well kept New York secret!
Andrew T. Oct 19, 2013
Shhhhh! Don't tell! Only those New Yorkers in the know are aware of this trendy hangout spot. Squeezed into a corner between Lower and Upper Manhattan, if you don't pay attention you could walk right by it! Looking for an avant-garde theater experience? Check out "Matilda", a play adapted from Roald Dahl's underground manuscript. Getting hungry? Just ask the street vendor for "one hotdog". He'll know what you mean! This hip spot is also a hideaway for some of the biggest celebrities! Rumor has it that everyone from Mickey Mouse to Spiderman to a different Micky Mouse have been spotted there. You may be afraid to go up to them, but if you've managed to make it past the bouncer (the password is "password", but the "a" is an ampersand) they'll know you're part of the same underground scene. Be sure to visit the M and M store before heading back out to the city hustle and bustle. They have every color (and despite conventional wisdom, here each color tastes different*!) *They do not.
crossroad of the world
ridhima k. May 24, 2013
I think Times Square is one of the few places on earth (besides the airport) where one can find every nationality, ethnicity, skin color, language etc. All they share in common is the love for New York city which is displayed avidly in the "I love NYC" tee shirts the tourists wear and flashes of camera which go off one after the other. Personally, for a New Yorker like me, I chose to stay away from Times Square and any of its near by locations of dining and drinking. Even though, Times Square is one of the safest spots in NYC at any hour of the day, I still choose to stay away with people flocking it every minute of the day. For people who are visiting NYC, its one of the shrines they have to visit before saying adieu but for me, I love the fact I am so close to it but also staying a couple of blocks away from it doesn't hurt me.
This Speaks New York
Philip V. Apr 14, 2013
When you think of New York City, Times Square is one of the most famous spots. With its eclectic collection of people, billboards,shows, shops, restaurants, and street performers. Times Square offers everything for your NYC visit. It truly speaks to saying," The city that never sleeps". I enjoyed going there every day and night. The night crowd was definitely different from the day, but I enjoyed it much more. If you go to NYC, you must go to Times Square.
The essence of New York City
Sara L. Apr 2, 2013
Everyone who comes to The Big Apple also known as New York City visits Times Square. There are many words that can be used to describe this section of NYC like exciting, thrilling, lively, loud, enticing, and entertaining. There is always something going on in Times Square whether it is a Broadway show, parades, and great restaurants, to the M&M store and the lively characters on the street greeting children and tourists. This hot spot is a must see when visiting NYC. Yes, it is loud, and there are a ton of people, but it will be an experience you will never forget and you will enjoy yourself. If it is your first time visiting New York, certainly make Times Square one of your stops as you will be able to say you got to see all the commotion at least once, and then you can go and explore the rest of NYC, but you will truly be able to appreciate the experience you had by seeing this popular destination.
Emblem of America
Corbin W. Mar 29, 2013
Rating Times Square is difficult, even though reviewing it is very easy for me. Times Square is everything that America aspires to be: bright, loud, full of foreigners, dirty and pure at the same time, and loaded with cash flow. I'm giving it four stars because you really should do everything you can to see this, even if you aren't in New York. America the Beautiful may be composed of sweeping plains and purple mountains, but this is the center of the universe for a huge number of people. Grunt and shove your way to the TKTS booth and save 15% on a Broadway show. Decide "aw hell" and go into one of the amusement houses like Ripley's Believe it or Not! or Times Scare. Do some shopping in one of the stores that you have at the local mall back home, but oh my isn't this one so much bigger! That's what visiting New York is for. If you think you're too cool for Times Square, and you're just going to hang out in Gramercy and Greenwich Village, you're probably just covering up for your agoraphobia. Times Square my not be the cultural heart of the city that the Village is, and it isn't the capitalist center that is Wall Street. What it is, is that it's the glint in the eye of the city, that come hither look from across the room, calling people from every state and nation in the world, and whatever else it is, it works. My personal tip: if you're a crazy person, go to Times Square at 4:00AM on a weekday and just sit there until 9:00AM. The city does sleep, and one of the best experiences I've ever had is watching it wake up.
The Core of The Big Apple
Erika H. Mar 27, 2013
If New York is "The Big Apple", Times Square is the equivalent of the core of the big apple. While New York offers a bit of everything- the coolest of the cool in SoHo, the richest of the rich on Fifth Avenue, the most cosmopolitan of The Met, Times Square has all you could hope to see, and millions of watts more. The electric billboards everywhere, with only the most beautiful people on them. The amount of lights, colors, and brightness that your eyes take in is absolutely inspiring- you can literally see how this city inspires all dreams to come true. The most beautiful mix of every culture you could ever wish to see in the sea of people flooding the street. The most famous stores and restaurants- it's as if you're in the middle of a show- center stage on a broadway play. Speaking of, a broadway play is a must see in this electric area! My personal favorites have been "Promises, Promises", "Cabaret", and "The Lion King." Look out for student and matinee discounts as seats may get a little pricey! (they're worth it) As for food, there are too many famous restaurants to even be picky! One of my absolute favorite is "Bubba Gump"- right out of the movie Forrest Gump!
The Heart of the Big Apple
Maria P. Mar 27, 2013
Honestly, how can you visit New York City without visiting TImes Square? All of the lights and energy that everyone talks about " the city that never sleeps" can be seen in this area. It is overwhelming to see all of the lights and people crowding around the small area. There is more to the city than just Times Square and the tourists are missing this because they are wasting their time with the large crowds and lines in all the stores and restaurants in the ever so popular hotspot. Even though this is a must see spot in New York City, I encourage you to explore the city a little more and not to just be mesmerized by the pretty lights of times Square.
The City that NEVER Sleep
Dionne P. Mar 12, 2013
Were the only city that you can find something to always get into. From Movies to clubbing at night we got it even if your not from nyc you will still love it
Good every once in a while
Sam D. Mar 1, 2013
Times Square is probably the most famous spot in the world. With its beautiful flashing lights and craziness, it is the perfect representation of New York. That being said, unless you are a tourist or with one, it's not really worth it to go here. Its always nuts with tourists who love to stop in the middle of the street to take a picture. Furthermore, all the touristy stores around the Square are constantly packed to the point where its just uncomfortable to walk around. The prices in all those stores are so high that it is very unlikely you will buy anything there either. In short, while Times Square is a must-see for all first-timers in New York, after that it is very unnecessary to visit again.
The essence of New York
Lucy C. Feb 26, 2013
As a tourist, Times Square is synonymous with New York, and is one of the “must see” stops on a trip to the city. The number of people can be overwhelming: tourists, New Yorkers, street merchants, Disney characters, celebrities; the quantity and diverse range of people that can be found here is enthralling for a tourist, although understandably this would become tedious for a local. As a tourist attraction, over-rated, over-priced and over-crowded should all be expected, but Times Square should not be denied at least a passing visit. I was lucky enough to witness the filming of a scene for Sex and The City during my visit in 2009, and if that doesn't encapsulate every idealistic notion that any tourist has ever had of New York then I don’t know what does. Times Square can be considered the epitome of New York; having everything in one place, and on a massive scale, is awe-inspiring, and simply wandering around and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells is an event in itself (and best of all, free). From Broadway and Planet Hollywood to Disney and Madame Tussaud’s, Times Square personifies and captures the essence of the United States for most foreign visitors. The iconic red seats in the center of the square provide a great platform to relax with a hot dog and a ridiculously huge ‘medium’ drink, and experience the bustling buzz and energy of the city that never sleeps. If a hot dog break isn't excuse enough, those red seats bring with them an undeniable urge to stand up and start singing Alicia Keys..
NYC symbol worth seeing but too many tourists
Shasha S. Feb 25, 2013
Many girls have dreams that one day they can be on the giant screen in the Times Square. People from all over the world always treat it as a must-go destination if they come to NYC. If it's your first time, just walk by and enjoy the crowd of people, which is also a fantastic experience! Then you should move on, explore other wonderful places in the city, full of diverse culture and food!
Time Square - A Unique New York City Experience
Tatjana K. Feb 20, 2013
New York is one of the most versatile cities on the planet. What makes NYC so unique is perhaps its attitude (although the shopping, food, art and culture only add to its strength). This attitude is perfectly epitomized in the lights and shine of Times Square. Inspiration to the décor of another world famous city, Tokyo and home of the oh-so-popular New Years event with magnanimous performances and the legendary ball drop, Time Square displays gloriously the stardom of the Big Apple. Times Square is a must-see! The sheer illumination from lights of billboards and advertisements, the rush of fast-paced New Yorkers, street entertainers, shopping, theatre, musicals, movies and food makes for a fantastic time. As to what you can do at Times Square? Well, you could either catch a Broadway musical or a play. You could enjoy some shopping. You could visit Madame Tussauds or go see Caroline’s Comedy Show. When it comes to food and bars, well you can have your pick from the popular franchises of Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café to the very fancy Blue Fin. In terms of types of food, you’ll have your pick from classy French to the traditional New York hotdog, or even Junior’s popular cheesecake. If you do not want to spend money- no problem! You can hang out at the pedestrian plazas and watch the plethora of street entertainment or take pictures by the famous Coca-Cola Sign. Time Square is sure to offer you that single New York experience.
Be sure to look - then move on
David S. Feb 20, 2013
If you’re making your first trip to New York, Times Square is certainly worth walking through – but don’t expect much more than a walk. The fame and popularity of the Square lead many to believe that it’s a center of activity, and while it’s true that Times Square is always incredibly bright and busy, there isn’t actually a great deal to do there. It’s fun to see – the crowds, the lights, the tourist attractions, occasional street performers and naked cowboys, etc. But ultimately, Times Square is simply an extremely crowded area where it can be hard to even get into a restaurant or venue, let alone enjoy yourself there in the midst of constantly churning crowds and incredibly high prices. Stop by to see it – it really is an incredible site – but once you’ve gotten the idea (which won’t take long), move on to one of the other thousands of attractions in New York City that you can enjoy more thoroughly.
Just a Bunch of Lights
Ryan O. Feb 20, 2013
Times Square. If an inquiring visitor asked me which part of NYC to avoid entirely, I would not say Times Square (at least not in that sense). The place itself is both iconic and initially impressive, however it is safe to say that walking straight through this gauntlet of gigantic lcd capitalism is the best way to check this place off of the old bucket list. When I play tour guide to friends, I do not deny them the opportunity of seeing this spectacle, in fact I encourage it. One good look at Times Square is sufficient for a lifetime. I can justify wanting to see the place, it has its own sort of charm but this feeling of wonder quickly wears off to the cognitive observer. What baffles me is the thousands of people who stand in the icy weather on New Years Ever to take part in the biggest NYE party in the world, though perhaps that answers my question. Times Square is the epitome of tourist trap. The best restaurants are most certainly not located in this nauseating tunnel of lights, neither is the city’s most worthwhile entertainment. While the theatre district is next door, don’t let the monster of Times Square claim it. As I mentioned before, the best way to see this place is by walking straight through it. If I may enhance the previous answer, the best way to see Times Square is on a movie screen, only on film can this place seem romantic. On a movie screen you will not be pushed into by thousands of people taking no mind to your existence, and you will (most of the time) not end up with fecal matter on your shoes.
Fantastic place
Frida W. Feb 1, 2013
it's amazing to be Time Square during the Christmas and New year's eve. Some friends and I went there to celebrate festivals, although there were crowded people, but very busy street, and a lot fun. You can eat, shopping, hanging out with friends, go to theater, etc. It worth to visit when you go to New York
Antoinia L. Jan 31, 2013
New York, New York is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Times Square. Being a New York native I still would never get tired of the fast paced walkers, and bright lights. Time square is of course THE major tourist attraction, but also a place a native like myself should swing by and check out. Sure Time Square may be a little on the pricey side, but it is so worth it. What ever you do when you go take a picture with the naked cowboy, shop at forever 21, and eat at BBQ's or Fridays!!
Once is enough
Kelly J. Jan 28, 2013
It's fun to see if you've never been to New York and are just visiting, but otherwise it's not worth it. It's always clogged with tourists, and everything in the surrounding area is overpriced. Definitely not the most interesting thing you could be doing in New York.
Big City Lovers will Feel Alive in Times Square
Emily G. Dec 20, 2012
Growing up in Cleveland, I always knew I loved big cities. But I never really knew what a big, beautiful city could really be until I stood in the middle of Times Square. So many stores, people, noise, but what I love the most is simply the light. At night, it's absolutely beautiful lit up, all the colors and shine blaring from the displays and bouncing off everyone and everything. After you've stood there, I also recommend taking a double decker bus. Viewing Times Square, as well as the entire city from such height is breathtaking, and can be less stressful if crowds make you uncomfortable. All in all, everyone who comes anywhere near New York should visit Times Square.
Go to say you "went"
Katie G. Dec 12, 2012
As a New Yorker, I try my BEST to stay away from Times Square. It is an experience to say that you saw it, you experienced the hustle-bustle of it all, and you saw all of the lights and stores and people, but once you've seen it, you wouldn't want to go back. I've gone there in passing, either because we are meeting friends for dinner in the area, or we are going to a Broadway play. Each time I go, I bring extra patience because people will look up more than they do at where they are walking. I have yet to make it on tv with all of the tv studio cameras around, but maybe that will make me see it in a better light! Go to say you went...
Worth a visit
Christina W. Dec 12, 2012
I am not a big fan of places like this. Places that are all glitz and lights and popularity and stuff. But honestly, Times Square is one of a kind, and if you're never experienced it before, you should probably check it out. And if you do, you're allowed to decide you hate it and think it's overdone and ridiculous and wasteful. (That's pretty much what I did.) But let's be honest: you will never in your life see another place like Times Square! (Except maybe Tokyo, I've heard that place is pretty crazy too.) Even if the flashing lights are too much for you, you have to check out a Broadway show! And they're all right here, so even if you didn't mean to you'll see Times Square whether you like it or not.
Oooh sparkly. Ok, what now?
Mark S. Dec 11, 2012
Ah the famous times square. The only reason I would ever go here is if there was no way around it. Maybe the only way to salvage this place is if you are not in a rush, and like people watching, and shiny lights. Yes, its cool for people who have never seen big cities before, but honestly, its just a bunch of bright flashing lights. There is zero substance here. Overpriced shopping, overpriced chain restaurants. The streets are clogged with people who seem to have forgotten how to walk. As a tourist, its a good place to walk by and see at night, but not for very long. There really isn't much to do here that isn't better and cheaper somewhere else.
First Time City-Goers Need to Experience Times Square
Karen S. Dec 9, 2012
I have been to Times Square multiple times for work and it was quite the experience. I stayed at the Marriott in Times Square and it was a very nice hotel. On my walk to work, I passed the Good Morning America show everyday and the largest Sephora I think I have ever seen! There is a Starbucks about every ten feet down the block and the streets are extremely busy. I have heard from many friends who live in NYC that they avoid Times Square since it is such a 'tourist attraction' but if you are visiting NYC for the first time, you need to check it out...it's part of the the whole 'city experience'. One thing to warn you about is almost everytime I have been to Times Square there has been a protest about government and it is very difficult to walk through all the protestors...this is especially true on the weekends!
You have to check it out
Jody P. Dec 2, 2012
I've been to New York so many times and I love the city so much. It really is amazing and Times Square is a huge part of that. It has been in tons of movies and is so identifiable as a symbol of New York. It is really overwhelming and a lot of huge shops and restaurants are there. I've used this analogy before but not going to see Times Square in New York is like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That said - I do avoid Times Square as much as possible. Once you've taken it in a few times, you start to get really frustrated with the traffic and the crowds and the overpriced restaurants and stores. So you definitely have to see it at least once, but you'll be over it quickly.
Must see
Rachel S. Dec 1, 2012
When you think of New york city you think of a busy city and broadways. And this is exactly what you will find when you come to times square. It is very touristy but that is okay because it is such a cool spot to be at. You have to come to times square if you are coming to visit. I have seen numerous plays here and i love it! If you come to visit you always have to see at least one play. I dont recommend coming here on new years if you are a tourist. It is crazy and easy to get lost in the madness. Overall it is very new york and you must come if you havent been before.
Touristy but worth seeing
Caroline c. Dec 1, 2012
Times Square is a definite place to stop when visiting New York City. Go at night so you can enjoy just walking around and being surrounded by all the lights and screens. It is so bright that it feels like daytime. You feel like a true New Yorker walking trough Times Square. It is not all about the lights though, there are lots of vendors and performers and musicians in the area. Obviously Times Square is a major tourist attraction so it is very busy but you cannot visit New York and not visit times square. I would recommend Times Square to anyone visiting the city.
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