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South Street Seaport - Venue in New York.
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INFO Once serving as an active port and fish market, the historic South Street Seaport located in downtown Manhattan on the East River now houses a number of businesses and attractions for locals and tourists alike. The seaport... ... read more

South Street Seaport Videos

Don't Rain on My Parade | South Street Seaport
Don't Rain on My Parade | South Street Seaport
New York Water Taxi at South Street Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge
Woven Bones | NYC @ South Street Seaport | 02 Jul 2010
Bethany Wild / South Street Seaport/ "Big Fish"
Wire- 'Lowdown' @ South Street Seaport 5.30.08
Boyfriend by Screaming Females (Live @ South Street Seaport)

South Street Seaport Information

South Street Seaport - Venue in New York.

Once serving as an active port and fish market, the historic South Street Seaport located in downtown Manhattan on the East River now houses a number of businesses and attractions for locals and tourists alike.

The seaport museum, which was founded in 1967, began as a project to restore the historic buildings that originally lined the port streets as well as showcase a fleet of privately owned ships. Due in part to this project, the designated historic district now maintains the largest collection of restored nineteenth century buildings in the city.

In 1992, as part of an additional project to create a "festival marketplace," businesses were invited to line the cobble streets. Modern shops at South Street Seaport include Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as the Body Shop. There is also a shopping mall located on one of the piers. There are also many other attractions at the South Street Seaport, these attractions include the Bodies exhibit museum, a number of bars and restaurants, as well as the Beekman Beer Garden, an outdoor event space and performance venue. In homage to its history as a fish market, the seaport also holds a weekly market during the summer season. The seaport is easily accessible by public transportation.

South Street Seaport User Reviews

Average rating:
Tourist trap in a lovely location
Julia R. Mar 17, 2013
Although recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the Seaport is known for being a lively and family-friendly tourist attraction in the city. During the summer the docks are packed with food stands, outdoor vendors and often performance groups, and while the restaurants and bars often have great food and nice views of the river, they're overpriced and targeted mainly at tourists and visitors. There are (or were) several cool museums to check out, and boat tours that are good for families or large groups. The shopping mall is mostly filled with chackies and tacky apparel, though it does contain some retail chains like Express. Overall the Seaport is a nice place to visit for a few hours or have dinner, but come prepared with a fat wallet and patience for the crowds.
Waste of Potential
Stavroula P. Mar 12, 2013
Although a bit out of the way, South Street Sea Port has a cool location, view and rare waterfront real-estate. Too bad this rarity is squandered on a sub-par beach bar complete with sea glass and used band-aids peaking out of the sand of its out-door bar/dancehall/picnic area. What could seemingly have been a great after-work meet-up spot on sunny New York City days, has been devolved to the Jones Beach of NYC. SSSP - step it up.
Must visit at least once if you're in New York City
Ashika C. Feb 13, 2013
I've been going to college by the South Street Seaport for the past year and a half so I've been there quite a few times. I do think it's a place worth visiting, whether to just watch the ships docked there or to buy fun little trinkets from the stands or maybe even to try to great selection of seafood restaurants in the area. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the restaurants tend to be a little overpriced, especially if you're going to the franchise restaurants around there such as Red or the Heartland Brewery. If you want to get really good seafood in that area though I would suggest Pacific Grill, I had some really amazing Mahi Mahi there (they have great happy hour specials too!)
A different atmosphre in NYC
Erica G. Dec 9, 2012
I hope the seaport opens up again soon following the damage from Hurricane Sandy. It is so tragic to think of the destruction caused by the superstorm. On a more pleasant note, South Street Seaport is a NYC gem! This is a great place for tourists to explore a different side of New York City. The shops, restaurants and bars all have a great casual atmosphere and the view is spectacular. There are usually great street performs and vendors lining the streets to offer free entertainment (or a nice tip if deserving). I'm from Long Island, and it is an easy commute to get to this part of the city from the island. I highly recommend stopping to check out this attraction, whether being a tourist or from New York, to get away from the high rises and enjoy a unique spot in the city.
Currently closed- but nice area nearby
Mark S. Dec 8, 2012
First it is important to note that the seaport is currently closed due to damage from the recent Hurricane Sandy, which flooded the area and caused damage to the shops. A lot of shops were also subsequently looted right afterwards. Some of the stores not right on the pier but on the nearby cobblestone streets are beginning to open up again. The shops on the pier are mainly mainstream mall types of places, with a couple cheap bars and a cool beer garden during the warmer seasons (with a great view of a few bridges). The real gem is a little off the beaten path on the cobblestone streets nearby, with some cool restaurants like Cowgirl Seahorse and bars like Jeremy's. Check it out when its all back open!
Tourist Go To
Risa C. Nov 22, 2012
Whenever I have out of town guests one of the first places I always suggest during the summer is The South Street Seaport. Yes it is touristy - which is great for people watching, but it also has a lot of shops for souvenirs and the view along the water of the bridges makes for a good photo op. There are also quite a few inexpensive places to drink with a view of the river or if you're feeling adventurous you can also take part in the trapeze school - or watch other people doing so. If all else fails you can always go over to the Beekman Beergarden relax with a beer and check out the postcard perfect view of the bridges. Oh and they have relaxed open container laws on the pier which is never a bad thing....
Relax by the Water
Chelsea D. Nov 6, 2012
Although the South Street Seaport might be a popular tourist attraction, I actually find it to be very relaxing. Something about the cobblestone streets and the breeze from the water, especially in the summer, makes it a great spot to hang out. There are plenty of places to shop and eat around here, but I usually come just to take a walk or to sit by the water and relax. Personally, I think there are better places to shop/eat in NYC. If you haven't been, I'd at least check it out once. It's not somewhere I end up often, but I always enjoy it when I do.
Jaclyn W. Nov 5, 2012
Although the Seaport is out in Bumble FiDi, like every other tourist attraction in New York City, this place is always teeming with people. There are cobblestone streets to walk around on where you'll find mall shops like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ann Taylor and Guess. Venture further out for river views and the water taxi. On a nice day, take a stroll on the man-made beach or try your luck at the mini-golf course they recently added. The indoor mall has an Express store and other little boutique shops. Grab a drink at one of the restaurants with outdoor seating and if you're feeling adventurous, take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is nearby.
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