Upper East Side, New York.
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Home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, the Upper East Side may be the poshest neighborhood in New York, where grandiose apartments, chic restaurants, and high-end culture reside side by side.

Daytime in this aristocratic abode sees well-off professionals, ultra-successful artistic types, and college-age babysitters buzzing in and out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the sleek Guggenheim Museum, checking out the pricey specialty shops and café’s on Madison and Lexington Avenues, or strolling past the elegant doctors’ offices, high-end apartment buildings, and uniformed doormen that populate Park Avenue.

Once night falls and the tittering crowds of private school girls march home to get dolled up before heading downtown, Upper East Side avenues are packed with chichi professionals and older finance types rushing to make their reservations at one of the area’s luminous restaurants or chilled-out luxe cocktail lounges.

The denizens of the Upper East Side may be a wealthy and sophisticated bunch, but instead of creating a nightlife haven to rival those of its downtown neighbors, the inhabitants seem perfectly content to rest on their refined laurels over relaxing drinks.


Where to Go on the Upper East Side

  • * Hospoda 30s / 40s / Bar / Beer on Tap
  • * Sojourn 30s / American Restaurant / Bar

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