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Chelsea Market Looking for events at Chelsea Market in New York? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this top rate Shopping Area! New York United States 40.741964 -74.004793
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Chelsea Market - Market in New York.
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Party Earth Review Originally the site of a Nabisco factory, Chelsea Market is an expansive foodie paradise packed with specialty purveyors, delis, flower shops, bookstores – more than thirty independent businesses in all – and loads of... ... read full review

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    M–Sa 7am–10pm, Su 8am–10pm
    Closing time for individual stores varies; see specific stores for details

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Chelsea Market Review

The Scene

Looking for events at Chelsea Market in New York? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this top rate Shopping Area!

Originally the site of a Nabisco factory, Chelsea Market is an expansive foodie paradise packed with specialty purveyors, delis, flower shops, bookstores – more than thirty independent businesses in all – and loads of salivating customers.

Traipsing down its cavernous hall, locals stock up on dinner ingredients from stores like The Lobster Place and Manhattan Fruit Exchange, while shops like Bowery Kitchen Supply make the market a key destination for local restaurateurs and aspiring Gordon Ramseys alike.

Once shoppers’ arms grow weary with heavy bags, they can relax and sample some of the many ready-made dishes – like the popular fried chicken and matzoh ball soup – on hand at Friedman's Lunch, while parents treat the kids to a cupcake from Eleni’s or an old-school Italian treat at L'Arte del Gelato. Midday sees a wave of neatly-dressed young professionals dashing in to peruse emails over coffee and biscotti at Ninth Street Espresso, though the rest of the midweek scene tends to be relaxed, with inquisitive patrons participating in casual food and wine tastings or just sitting back with a magazine under the paper lanterns dangling from the high ceiling.

Evenings and weekends should be avoided by anyone afraid of a crowd, though exhausted tourists with money to spare can escape the masses by dining at Morimoto, a serene Japanese restaurant near the back of the art deco building. Luckily, it’s free to check out all the photography highlighting the building’s long history, as well as several ornate brass mirrors that provide some chic contrast to the structure’s otherwise industrial tone.

A New York gem, Chelsea Market combines the hustle and bustle of the city with the atmosphere of an authentic European-style market, making it a cultural adventure in every sense (and scents) of the word.

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Tip from Emma:

Check out the Artist & Fleas pop-up located in the back of the market at various times throughout the year. There’s a constant rotation of up-and-coming designers and artists selling handmade jewelry, clothes, and lots of original art!

  • Crowd

    Foodies, aspiring and seasoned chefs, area professionals on lunch, sweet tooths, wine lovers, families with kids, restaurateurs, office dwellers, loads of tourists. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    People watching and food sampling is the name of the game.

    A few events are held each week, including sample sales from the boutique clothing stores, food tastings, and wine classes.

    Rotating art displays on the walls.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    More than thirty shops pedaling fresh produce, meat, seafood, baked goods, desserts, books, newspapers, wine, and more.

    Fine-dining Japanese restaurant Morimoto located in back. More budget-friendly prepared meals available at Friedman's Lunch.

  • Prices

    From a couple bucks for a quick coffee and dessert to Godzilla Ate My Wallet! at Morimoto, where reservations are strongly suggested.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: office attire, jeans, t-shirts, blouses, casual dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Saturdays and Sundays for the biggest crowds or early in the week for a quieter but still busy vibe, as well as a chance to get in on one of the food or wine classes.

    Prospective patrons should check the Market’s calendar for an updated list of events.

  • Close By

    The High Line (Washington Street and Gansevoort Street, and Tenth Avenue at West 14th Street) is a park located on an abandoned, elevated railroad track that actually passes through Chelsea Market’s second floor. Apart from being a popular garden oasis, the expanse plays host to rotating food vendors, artist displays, workshops, walking tours, and theatrical performances.

Chelsea Market User Reviews

Average rating:
Chelsea Market "The Past brought into the Present"
Angelo K. Jul 5, 2013
Upon walking into Chelsea Market you you can't help but notice the complex atmosphere it brings to light. From the arches created from room to room, to the old style elevator doors and the neat little shops cleverly placed in their cute little corners, you have to just slow down and take it all in. What a great place to visit. I personally grew up in Chelsea and then moved to the suburbs, but what a transformation this little village we call Chelsea has underwent. If only I was still living just a few blocks away. There's so many great places to visit in this unique building that you may just have to spend the whole day here. You can enjoy some lobster, shop for some t-shirts and maybe wrap it up with some desserts from the bakery there. I just want to pay this place a visit again just sitting here writing about it. What an exciting place.
Great place to go for gelatto's and a quick lunch break
Jessica K. May 23, 2013
Chelsea Market is a trendy collection of small bakeries, eateries, and specialty shops that offers a one stop shop for those looking to check out a local market place. The gelatto here is to die for and when the weather is warm outside (spring, summer) there is an indoor flea market that sells local jewelry, artwork and clothing for those looking for customized items. Chelsea Market is located right next to the High Line which is great because after you enjoy a stroll through Chelsea Market it is a must to go upstairs and take a tour of the High Line. I recommend taking your time when looking through Chelsea Market, as it is easy to miss out on great little hole in the walls if you are just rushing through it.
An Ever Evolving Spot for Foodies and The Jaded Urbanized
Sofia D. May 2, 2013
Chelsea Market holds a place for people from a variety of groups: espresso aficionados, Food Network fans, dessert connosuiers and most urban of all, high school students on their lunch break. Chelsea Market gives you a glimpse of what NYC is all about: media, great food, great drink, and the native side of life. Tourists and locals come together in this gallery vista. You will find upscale shoppers walking admist youngsters posted up in corner nooks eating the Thai food special. Whatever your fancy, Chelsea market delivers specialized grocery shopping, sushi and lobster, freshly milked upstate dairy, and a variety of soups and salads. This is a place where many young professionals on a work break will find a spot to continue their commitment to being a workaholic while grabbing a bite to eat. If you are looking to mingle with natives, or maybe you are a native yourself, chelsea market will give you a chance to be filled to your hearts content.
A time for shopping, I see!
Lillian K. Apr 24, 2013
Chelsea Market has a pletora of shopping outlets for local new yorkers and the frequent tourists. Whether you're in the mood to try some exotic cuisines or just trying to find a good ole sandwich, this is the place for you. I suggest using the 9th avenue entrance, it will allure you into a pseudo like gallery and waterfall for your pleasure. It's like a mini mall except with a little bit more sophisticated like most of new york ;) Perfect spot for lunch or a mid day snack. Not only can you find food, but there's a few stores that specialized in home and kitchen merchandise, retail and miscellaneous thing-a-ma-gigs! That probably accounts to why it's so crowded all the time! Geez! But do go atleast a few times in your life:)
A town square in the middle of a city
Jeffrey K. Mar 30, 2013
Chelsea Market is the epitome of modern urban commerce cleverly disguised as if it is from a century earlier, which the building itself very well might be. There is even a free photography gallery walk-through that examines the building through the years. With its exposed brick walls, slightly uneven but seemingly real wooden floors, and unfinished ceiling that reminds one of an airplane hangar, the inside area is a refreshing break from the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. Walking through the main doors was like stepping into an indoor market in a country town rather than a city and I actually found it to be quite aesthetically pleasing. Besides just the looks of it, though, it definitely has everything a consumer could want, whether they are gift shopping, grabbing a bite to eat, or just looking to pick up a book. There is all of the convenience and quality of an area like Times Square, for example, but with a decidedly less commercialized feel and look--a restaurant like Friday's will never make it's way into this building. The only down side, as this site's summary notes, is extreme crowding on the weekends. However, that should be expected of any popular Manhattan destination, especially when it comes to shopping in an indoor area. Otherwise, I'd definitely recommend checking out Chelsea Market to get some lunch or afternoon shopping done, or even just to kill for a few hours.
Adorable place to Shop/Eat/Buy gift baskets
Ashika C. Feb 13, 2013
I had been wanting to visit Chelsea Market for the past year and had never really gotten around to it until my parents were in town. My mum wanted to buy customized gift baskets for a few of her friends and after much Googling she found Chelsea Market Baskets. So we decided to make a visit and I didn't really know what to expect but the moment we walked in to the Market I fell in love with the exposed brick walls and the warm welcoming feel of the whole place. It feels very intimate and comfortable, far from the feel of some mass produced mall space and closer to an indoor market where you can find anything from clothes to food to cute customized gifts all under one roof. It's a great place to go on a date or to take your parents or just browse through with a few friends.
Satisfy cravings from baked goods to architecture
Isabel U. Jan 9, 2013
Chelsea Market is delightful day and night. It is absolutely adorable, filled with never-ending flea markets, shops and artisan bakeries. The Market is a perfect location to grab a bite after a long walk on the High Line or a busy day of shopping. I guarantee you can satisfy any craving in Chelsea Market, from Sarabeth's famous jams to smoked salmon and even lobster! The one downside to dining in Chelsea Market would be lack of seating but the view of chefs cooking through the windows and quality of the food is worth it. Aside from food, my favourite thing about Chelsea Market is the beautiful architecture of the historic building itself. This is a spot not to miss, even just pick up a cupcake.
Mark S. Dec 12, 2012
chelsea market has a bunch of cool, little boutique type eateries and stores.It is indoor and about a length of a Manhattan block (the long way) The decor is pretty interesting and cool with a modern steampunk feel. Some of my favorite places here include The Lobster Place, the pop up artisam flea markets and the jam/jelly at Sarabeth's is pretty good but pricey as well. Grab some food and head to the nearby highline park for a beautiful place to eat. The food network has its offices upstairs so you might catch a famous chef walking by every once in a while.
Katie G. Dec 12, 2012
I was at the Chelsea market both during the day and at night, and I enjoyed both! The restaurants and bar-life were great and there was so much around that you can hop around if you felt like it! During the day, I was able to grab a few things that I brought home and cooked with! The place was really pleasant and I would definitely go back if I was in the area. It makes me enjoy the city again, because other "hot spots" can be so crowded!
To market, to market...
Tara R. Dec 8, 2012
When I used to babysit for a photographer’s kids in Chelsea, I would take the kids to The Chelsea Market because I knew I would enjoy it as much as they would. I love food, and so does Chelsea Market. There are stalls and samples everywhere, and a café with the best cupcakes on the West Side—yes, better than Magnolia! The architecture of the converted factory is also worth the trip, as is the artwork on the walls that’s easy to miss in the overload of smells and flavors.
So much fun!
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
Chelsea Market is so much fun to walk through if you're in the area! Not only are the restaurants great, but the shopping is good too! In addition, the High Line is right near by if you've ever looking for a nice area to walk through! I love the little bakeries in Chelsea Market. I always love visiting this area, for you can never ben disappointed by the food or the atmosphere. It is a very high-end marketplace that is always very clean with a great crowd! I definitely recommend that you visit Chelsea Market! You won't be upset by the plethora of great food!
Great Market!!
Lexi H. Nov 29, 2012
The Chelsea Market is a super fun place that I would recommend if you're visiting the area. The restaurants and shopping in the area will provide you with a great afternoon! Buddakan is a great restaurant that you should definitely check out- the atmosphere of the restaurant is very unique- trendy with an asian feel. I have never been disappointed with the food here! Another place to check out is Hale and Hearty. There are tons of Hale and Hearty locations around the city. The sandwiches are great, and the soups are so good! The staff is really friendly and always lets you sample a few soups before deciding on which you want! Overall, go down to Chelsea Market for a nice place to shop and eat delicious foods!
Great place overall
Jessie L. Nov 27, 2012
I love the Chelsea Market! I worked there over the summer and there are such great restaurants and shopping in the area. For breakfast, I love One Lucky Duck! They have the most delicious smoothies that are all raw, vegan, and organic. For lunch, I love Friedman's Lunch or Hale and Hearty. The sandwiches at Friedmans are delicious and the chopped salads at Hale and Hearty are my FAVORITE. For dinner, Buddakan is my favorite restaurant of all time. The edamame dumplings are incredible! Although the drinks are really expensive, they have some of the best mixed drinks around. If you're in a shopping mood, anthropology usually has really cute things!
Kind of cool
Chris K. Nov 20, 2012
My main issue with Chelsea Market is that it has a distinct feeling of trying too hard to it. Everything just seems a little too polished to be funky, a little too funky to be polish, a little too both to be cool. To be fair, what Chelsea Market does have is a ton of high-end specialty shops where you can find all sorts of delicious food and cool, fun items for the everyday New Yorker. And that's great--as somewhat of a foodie, there's nothing I like more than being able to go somewhere and get the artisanal ingredients I love. But I always walk in thinking, "Ho boy" and leave grateful that I can get out of there. Definitely check it out if you want something to spice up dinner or are looking for a cool culinary gift.
Great Market
Jaclyn W. Nov 15, 2012
I don't know why I have such nostalgia for this place, but I absolutely adore it. It's basically a walkway with tons of food shops inside, but for some reason it's just really great. There are two entrances. On one end you can come through and there is an Anthropologie to your left. There aren't really any clothing stores here with the exception of that and sample sales. Make sure you go to the wine place. They have an underground cellar where they can store your purchases for you and a few celebs are noted to have items stored here. Ninth Street Espresso is probably one of my favorite coffee places in the city. They are cash only and there is always a line, but it's worth it every time. If you live in the area, a cute marketplace/grocery store is towards the back. Even if you buy nothing, go at least to check out the produce. They have some interesting items for sale that you can't find at your local bodega. The true gem, in my opinion, is the Nut Box. It's this tiny dried fruit, trail mix, candy, nut store that I always venture to for cinnamon dried apple slices and whatever nut I'm in the mood for that month. I always stock up here. Within that section of the market, there's a chocolate place and a crepe place too. There are just so many fascinating little shops, bakeries and gelato places you really need to go to experience it. After gorging yourself silly, take a stroll along the High Line and check out the views.
Amazing - Come Hungry
Sara G. Oct 18, 2012
Chelsea Market is awesome - and there is something for everyone. For those who don't like crowds I would watch out as I don't think I've been there when it hasn't been totally jam packed. While there is a ton to see, it's not exactly good for big groups because it's so consistently crowded. There are delicacies there that would make anyone's mouth water - and it's great to see foodies and often chefs walking through the market with purpose, there to pick up some select specialty items. If it's cold outside or you get hit with a New York shower on the High Line, head straight for Chelsea Market. Some of the items can be a bit overpriced, but window shopping is free!
Great Place for Foodies
Chelsea D. Oct 4, 2012
I absolutely LOVE Chelsea Market. Though some people say it's rustic decor looks too fake, I find it to be very charming and a breath of fresh air in the city. This place is heaven for a foodie (like me) because there are so many places to choose from. It's really fun to explore, but beware of the crowds. Chelsea Market has become a very popular tourist spot, which can be annoying to fight your way through if you're not prepared. Knowing this, I'll only go in with the right mindset; when I plan to take my time and not let the crowds get to me.
Fun Combo with High Line park
Anonymous Sep 27, 2012
Last month I again visited Chelsea Market, and this time....just as PE review suggests, it was a great combo with the High Line Park. We were let to a small private room for the 7 of us in the pizza restaurant in the back... and their salads were surprisingly great. As a tourist, it was interesting to see the historic photographs and people watch and see the interesting sculptures. The restroom lines were long, however and unless I was looking for a hostess basket, it was an impractical shopping experience. Foods of New York Tours has a tour of Chelsea Market that introduces and samples at least 6 of the "Mom and Pop" one of a kind stores -- which I hope to take next time I'm there. BTW - This houses the HQ of Top Chef and The Food Network and I've read that does give prearranged tours if you're a foodie!
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