NYC Shopping Overview

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Shopping in New York? It’s only the number one shopping destination on the planet and one of the greatest things about New York shopping is that there is a store for nearly everything.

One of the busiest, most frenetic, and most visually stimulating urban centers in the world, Times Square alone offers a vast assortment of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that go beyond its famous bright lights and giant flashing advertisements.

The couture set heads straight for New York City’s famous Fifth Avenue, where a whirlwind of designer fashion, celebrity sightings, and the festive aroma of roasted chestnuts fills this half-mile stretch of consumer heaven riddled with chichi shops.

A dream come true for NYC shopaholics, foodies, and art lovers alike, SoHo is a versatile downtown neighborhood offering an unending variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Chinatown, meanwhile, is a labyrinthine explosion of smells, people, stores, and activity, and a bustling enclave that feels like a genuine slice of Hong Kong.

And then of course there’s Rockefeller Center, sprawling from 48th to 51st Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, the city’s bustling nerve center that welcomes millions of local and foreign visitors every year. Weekdays see the area abuzz with everyone from business people and ad execs hurrying off to lunch meetings to the more leisurely visitors window shopping at stores like J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Movado, the nearby flagship Saks Fifth Avenue, or in the below-ground shops in the concourse level.

Shopping in NYC? It’s about as hard as breathing.

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