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The biggest metropolises around the world always seem to have multiple plazas and squares that serve as centralized focal points for the biggest events and happenings in the city. New York is no different, as a number of plazas are not only iconic landmarks, but active participants in New Yorkers daily lives.

The plazas in New York are good for a great number of things. They’re perfect as a centralized meeting spot – especially when it’s so easy to get lost among the millions of people. They are always in the middle of maddeningly busy areas filled with endless stores for shopping, incredible restaurants, great bars, and more. And ultimately, they give New Yorkers something they seldom find, a little bit of breathing room to sit back and relax for a beat.

The most famous NYC plaza is unquestionably Times Square. One of the craziest, most hectic, and most visually stunning plazas in the world, Times Square is a smorgasbord of dining, shopping, and entertainment. The square is completely packed during festivals and holidays, and none more so than New Year’s Eve when the famous ball drop commences every year at midnight.

Other popular New York plazas include Rockefeller Center, which is a sprawling megaplex of shopping, eating, and entertainment, and Union Square, which is a favorite hangout of NYU students and also known for its chess tables along 14th street.

The massive plazas and squares in NYC are of course packed with tourists, theater lovers, and bar-hoppers of all kinds, but they’re also great hubs of culture and entertainment that any New Yorker or traveler can appreciate equally.

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