The High Line

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The High Line Once just another abandoned and overgrown set of elevated railroad tracks, the High Line has been transformed into an urban park where patrons stroll down artfully slanted concrete planks, peruse the booths of local artists... New York United States 40.7463 -74.00586
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The High Line - Outdoor Activity | Park in New York.
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Party Earth Review Once just another abandoned and overgrown set of elevated railroad tracks, the High Line has been transformed into an urban park where patrons stroll down artfully slanted concrete planks, peruse the booths of local artists... ... read full review

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    Washington Street and Gansevoort Street, and Tenth Avenue at West 14th Street (elevator), West 16th Street (elevator), West 18th Street, West 20th Street, West 23rd Street, West 26th Street, West 28th Street, and West 30th Street
    New York, NY 10011

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  • Subway:

    A, C, E: 14th Street-8th Avenue; C, E: 23rd Street-8th Avenue; 1, 2, 3: 14th Street-7th Avenue; 1: 18th Street-7th Avenue and 23rd Street-7th Avenue

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    Daily 7am–11pm
    The Lot on Tap (seasonal bar at 30th Street – summer only): Su–W 11am–10pm, Th–Sa 11am–11pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth The High Line Review

The Scene

Once just another abandoned and overgrown set of elevated railroad tracks, the High Line has been transformed into an urban park where patrons stroll down artfully slanted concrete planks, peruse the booths of local artists...

Once just another abandoned and overgrown set of elevated railroad tracks, the High Line has been transformed into an urban park where patrons stroll down artfully slanted concrete planks, peruse the booths of local artists, and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere three stories above the city streets.

Planted with over two hundred varieties of lush grasses, perennials, trees, and bushes, the park was designed to emulate the wild landscape that took over in the years since the railroad fell into disuse, and some of the original tracks have been preserved and incorporated into the design.

On weekends, artsy young professionals and older locals take to the narrow pathways for leisurely walks, stretch out on wooden chaises and benches for a bit of sunbathing, or crowd around the installation areas to view the current exhibit of modern art.

Around 16th Street, the pathway opens up into a courtyard area with descending stadium-style bleachers and a gigantic window where visitors can enjoy the illusion of a giant television screen as they contemplate the street scene below, or make their way to one of the industrial passages created by overarching buildings to chat with friends at one of the scattered patio tables.

Guided nature walks and art tours make the landmark an educational hotspot, and with nonstop views of the Hudson River, the High Line is a treat for the eyes both on the tracks and off.

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Tip from Emma:

Every few blocks you’ll see a small booth labeled ‘Friends of the Highline.’ Stop by to pick up a pamphlet and talk to the people handing them out. They’re really knowledgeable about the history of the park and can point you to certain art exhibits and special events.

  • Crowd

    Local Chelsea residents, artsy young professionals, families, and in-the-know tourists, mostly 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Various programs throughout the year include nature walks, art tours, design and history lectures, and events such as sketching workshops and butterfly hunts. Rotating displays of modern art and installation pieces.

    Tuesdays occasionally feature a free Fitness and Movement Class at 9am and a free Pilates Fusion Class at 10am, both at the Chelsea Market Passage between 15th and 16th Streets, as well as stargazing with the Amateur Astronomers Association at night. Some art vendors on weekends.

    Check the website for scheduling changes and details.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Rotating schedule of local mobile vendors features various types of food for 29-day periods, from gelato to hot dogs. The Lot on Tap at 30th Street features an outdoor bar by Colicchio & Sons in addition to a rotating series of food trucks like Coolhaus (ice cream and sandwiches), Red Hook Lobster (lobster rolls), Taim Mobil (falafel), and The Taco Truck.

  • Prices

    Admission and some events are free. Most tours $15/non-members and $10/members. Membership $40–$750, includes discounts at neighborhood stores, on magazine subscriptions, and more.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any beautiful day or for the sunset.

The High Line User Reviews

Average rating:
Perfect Place to Watch the Sunset and Relax
Dan T. Aug 17, 2013
A beautiful view from the top of a renovated Train track will provide you with the best view of the Sunset the Hudson has to offer. There are many benches and areas to gather with the city's trendiest inhabitants. The restoration architecture is to die for and the low impact gardening is an inspiration. Check it out any night of the week and get dinner before or after in any of Chelse'a amazing Restaurants.
Taking you to new heights
Mayra B. Jul 1, 2013
The High Line is located along tenth avenue, between 14th and 30th Streets and is a great place to stroll by or simply kill some time. It's beautiful and in a convenient location, with galleries, cafes, Chelsea Market and the Chelsea Piers all nearby. It is a great place to walk through during the Summer, when the flowers planted are blooming and plenty of strange faces are admiring the beauty. There are benches on the 26th St entrance that overlook the Chelsea neighborhood. If you're looking for art, you may see plenty of it walking throughout the bridge.
Anna K. May 2, 2013
Who doesn't love the High Line?! They've fixed it up quite nicely and is such a nice break from the every-day. Especially during a sunset, the view is gorgeous. Go there to take pics, or paint/draw, and even do your own little painting for free from that nice, old gentleman who sets up all the paintings people have done. You can contribute to the artwork! How neat is that?
The High Line Skyline
Jillian L. Apr 1, 2013
New York’s High Line is a treasure nestled in the clouds. Once you climb the stairs you are whisked away from the endless noises of the street to a calm respite full of blooming tulips and exotic grasses. Railroad tracks weave through the garden and alongside the path, as a constant reminder of the history you are experiencing. Even in fall when nothing is blooming, the escape is still much appreciated. Rest your legs on one of the many benches and watch the diverse group of people that stroll along enjoying this gem. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the food trucks that pepper the walkway, the falafel truck being my favorite. Next time the sun is shining, no matter the season, head on over to one of the many entrances and climb the stairs up to the High Line.
Merging green with brick
Nikki M. Mar 31, 2013
New York is a city full of great parks, but the High Line successfully merges green space with the brick buildings you could reach out and touch, many of which are adorned with amazing artwork from graffiti to installations, for a wonderful walking path that offers a unique view of some of New York's most famous skyscrapers (Empire State Building and Freedom Tower, for example). Not only is a really cool place to enjoy nature, it's New Yorker friendly because it's a convenient way to get from 30th to below 14th without having to cross streets and wade in traffic. Hmm, now I guess I let the secret out. Whoops.
combining architecture with nature
Madeline C. Mar 15, 2013
The High Line is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit in NYC! It's a great place for taking a stroll any time of the year and is in a cool area with cute restaurants and shops nearby. I love the mixture of history, modern architecture, and natural elements and the views create a great backdrop for photos. Take the time to walk leisurely from one end to the other and stop to people watch and take in the sunset!
The grass is always greener...
Olivia P. Feb 19, 2013
on the edge of NYC! If you haven't made a trip to the High Line you definitely should next time you're in Manhattan. It doesn't cost a dime (unless you're on a tour) and is a great pathway with a lot of history and charm. Whether you're taking your puppy out on a stroll or meeting a blind date, the High Line is a great destination. Not to mention that this place is the perfect spot to take some photos. Come around sunset and you'll see breathtaking views of the Hudson River.
City from Above
Jonah R. Jan 13, 2013
Do it! Seriously though. It's a completely unique way to see the city and nice to just get out and walk. You experience a part of the city that is always there but you are never able to 50ft above street level. Great views of the river, the cars driving underneath you and especially in spring the gardens are beautiful. No matter when to make sure you get to the highline.
the high line is awesome!
Elyse H. Dec 11, 2012
The High Line is such a cool concept and it’s really awesome to see it working! The idea that a city can have sustainable eco-friendly living is really cool! More so in NYC because it can seem so smoggy and gross sometimes if you don’t find space from it all in parks. The High Line is perfect for this! You really feel elevated from the grossness of street level and you get to walk on the high line! It’s also really cool that these used to be train tracks! The fact that it’s been made into a park is just awesome. I really love it here! I went for a run once and it was so cool!
One of my favorite walks in the city
Justin W. Dec 11, 2012
As an avid lover of NYC history, the High Line was something I looked forward to experiencing since it opened. An old freight line that used to take goods from meatpacking to the docks, had long since been abandoned and overgrown. It gave a slimpse into a city I had only read about in books. It was developed into a nature walk/art installation/tourist attraction. It gives a uniquie perspective of the city as you walk along it, two stories up, makes you feel as if you are watching a movie. Couldn't recommend it more for a nice stroll on a relaxing sunday.
Traveling through time
Marietta B. Dec 10, 2012
After walking west from Penn Station we walked up the stairs to start walking south on the high line. This park is a great addition to the West Side and a wonderful way to transform a piece of NY history. Because the majority of the walk is sunny we were able to do this in December and stayed warm as we headed downtown. My favorite part was admiring the modern architecture of the residential buildings surrounded by glass and windows that contrasted with the architecture of New York's first factories, now abandoned.
Cool, great location, great for walks
Mark S. Dec 8, 2012
The Highline as you can read on the other reviews is a cool park on an old, now abandoned railway line. It spans from the meatpacking district (on the west side of manhattan just south of 14th street) up to around 34th street. Its great for walks on warmer days. I especially recommend a walk on a date just before sunset, as many places on the walk have a great view to the west over the water. You can grab food from Chelsea Market right after. This is a public park, so it is closed late at night, but its a cool spot during the day, on days where it's nice out.
zen in the city
Tara R. Dec 8, 2012
Leave it to New York to turn something stereotypically urban—abandoned train tracks—into a let’s-turn-back-to-nature eco project. Unlike the meandering paths and characteristic boulders of Central Park, there’s nothing in The High Line that will make you feel like you’re in a forest, but it’s a lovely reminder that even in the midst of the most urban of cities, and the least naturalistic of parks, you can find some peace and tranquility away from taxi cabs and smog of downtown. There are lovely views of the Hudson and it’s a great jogging path or just place for a stroll. It’s also close to everything you could want or need—shopping or restaurant-ing especially.
Adorable Date Area
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
I went to the High Line on a first date with my boyfriend. When I saw how beautiful the area was, I knew that he had great taste. It was so nice to walk around and stroll through the stands with ice cream. At the end, we sat on one of the benches and had a great conversation. Although this area is very public, I felt as if I had enough privacy with my boyfriend. Everyone was involved in their own things, no one noticed what everyone else did. This area is perfect for romance, fun, and sightseeing! I could see across the entire city when standing on the High Line. There are great restaurants located all around the area. I can't wait to come back here again! It is a must go!
Picturesque Hudson River
Risa C. Nov 22, 2012
This and the South Street Seaport are my two favorite go to places whenever I have guests visiting from out of town. Its a beautiful walk along the Hudson river among plant life (yes, there is actually greenery in Manhattan outside of Central Park, gasp!) from the Meatpacking district to the 30s. Personally, since I usually see the Meatpacking District at night for the clubs, it's a nice change of pace to see it during the day. During the summer, in the high 20's they also have a roller rink and food truck court which is awesome, and hysterical to watch drunk people try to balance on old school roller skates while they blast disco music.
Save a Sunday for the High Line
Chris K. Nov 19, 2012
The High Line is an example of a municipal city project that also happens to be a solid artist location and a beautiful way to spend a day. Like a miniature park elevated above the bustle of Chelsea, the High Line provides New Yorkers and tourists alike with a bright and beautiful place to stroll, chat, and ponder the city. Even in the winter, when much of the greenery that thrives here has gone brown or been swept away, there's still a very beautiful industrial atmosphere coming off of this former subway line, and its a convenient pathway to all the clubs and bars that thrive below it. For those feeling risque, there is still the Standard hotel nearby, famous for its flashers. A fantastic public place that manages to stand out in an already incredible city.
High Five For The High Line
Jaclyn W. Nov 15, 2012
I've walked the High Line to get home to my old west side apartment more times than I could count. When they finally rebuilt it, I couldn't get over how much work they did to it. I'll plan your day for you: Stop at a brunch place in Meatpacking. From there wander over to Blue Bottle or Chelsea Market and grab yourself a nice coffee or espresso. Climb up the start of the Highline and walk to the part where you can sit down and view the traffic beneath you through a glass window. Enjoy the Hudson river and slowly make your way to the end of the line. They have guided tours to explain about the railroads, etc. that used to be there, but I suggest exploring it yourself unless you're into that kind of thing. The end of the High Line now leaves you off at 30th street (used to be 19th). If you're feeling adventurous, continue up the West Side Highway. There are plenty of parks adorning it now and some of them have really awesome art sculptures in them. Plus, it's the closest you can get to the water on the West Side.
Love the High Line
Sara G. Sep 14, 2012
The High Line is a great way to let brunch or a day date linger just a little longer. Start your day by brunching in Chelsea, window shop at the Chelsea Market, and grab the High Line at Chelsea Market. There's a great crowd along the High Line - no matter the day of the week. And it's grassy! Plus, the way the route is structured, it's very conducive to meandering and literally taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers. The view from the High Line is awesome. And, you can probably count the number of places that are both an attraction and a transportation route on one hand in New York. This is one of them. Experience all the High Line has to offer!
Definitely worth a visit - unlike any other park.
Nick G. Sep 13, 2012
The designers of the High Line did a great job of blending nature into the urban environment. The surrounding buildings really become a part of the park. It's one of my favorite places to take out-of-town visitors because it's so unique. We usually stroll for a few blocks, enjoy the random performers, and grab lunch at the food vendors or Chelsea Market. The only problem is that it can get really crowded on nice summer days. The benches fill up pretty quickly, so if you want to sit around the park for a while, make sure you get out there early.
Perfect for visitors and NY residents alike, the High Line is a wonderful, free multi-generation friendly attraction.
Shira R. Sep 11, 2012
Perfect for visitors and NY residents alike, the High Line is a one of a kind, free multi-generation friendly attraction. Whether you're catching up with friends in the beer garden, laying out on one of the chaise chairs or enjoying a leisurely stroll, this is a wonderful place to pass the time.
Perfect walk with friends
Anonymous Sep 6, 2012
I walked the Highline with friends two weeks ago on my last visit to NY.  I had recently read in the NYT that it was so crowded it was claustropic; perhaps because it was a weekday it was lower traffic, but it was delightful.  Love the wooden loungers with rollers on the old rail lines!    The plantings are natural and wonderful.   The use of open space and cares at the south end are charming.     A perfect way to chat with friends on a good weather day.
Afternoon Stroll
Sam H. Sep 4, 2012
I love the High Line. As soon as I discovered it, I visited as often as possible. It's a perfect place to go on a beautiful day, either with a group of friends or a charming day out with a girlfriend. I also love it because it is the quintessential example of how nature and the city interact and coexist, which at least I find particularly interesting.
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