The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Museum in New York.
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INFO The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City’s best art museums housing extensive permanent and temporary collections. Founded in 1870, the museum, known simply as The Met, has both a main Central Park location... ... read more

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Information

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Museum in New York.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City’s best art museums housing extensive permanent and temporary collections. Founded in 1870, the museum, known simply as The Met, has both a main Central Park location and a smaller Upper Manhattan location called The Cloisters.

Permanent art at the Met includes works from classical antiquity, ancient Egypt, and European masters, as well as African, Asian, Byzantine, American, and modern art.

The Met’s Costume Institute holds its annual Benefit Gala, a star-studded charity event that showcases famous pieces by designers like Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, and Yves Saint Laurent.

The museum’s Robert Lehman Collection is a private collection that houses a wide range of works by artists like Botticelli, Rembrandt, and Goya.

Other features of the Met include its numerous libraries open to the public and dedicated to art and art history. Meanwhile, the museum’s Roof Garden is home to an annual temporary sculpture exhibition and the museum’s café.

With 19 departments and over two million works, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not a site to be missed.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art User Reviews

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The Met Museum
Elspeth M. Jun 3, 2013
What can I say about this place? Just the sight of the building makes me smile. Every time I walk through those doors my feet move just a little faster to get my badge. There are some things that rarely change and there are some things that are always changing, and I love it all. The armor, the period rooms, the costumes, the newly remade Islamic exhibit, the temple of Dendur - there is an exhibit to appeal to every interest. They do have a habit of changing things in the halls without any real warning - you'll go one week and the same room may be closed the next - which can be disappointing. And let's be honest, there's no such thing as good cafeteria food. But I have never gone to a special exhibit and come out disappointed. Heck, I've never gone to a room I've been in twenty times and come out disappointed. The whole building is magic. It's even located between two entrances to Central Park for your convenience. If you want to feel particularly cultured, stick around on Fridays and Saturdays after five. They'll play you some live classical music while you sip cocktails on the balcony. And guys, read the sign before complaining: The print is smaller than the price, but it says right there that the prices listed are recommended. Give 'em a quarter - they'll take it without blinking. (I try to give $5 every visit; I want this place to stay solvent!)
Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Elizabeth O. May 29, 2013
Did you know that you don't have to pay to get in to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? I never knew that! Who would have thought that the 25 dollars listed under the payment sign was strictly meant for recommendation? Does this mean we've been tricked as tourists? Perhaps...but who am I to complain? I'm at the museum, right? So much to see and so much to do! Where do I go first? I'm feeling medieval today! My sights are set on the tapestries of old! The old scriptures from the dark ages! I am amazed as is expected! However, we're not finished! Have you seen the armor yet? German knights, and English knights, and samurai! They all look dangerous to me. Now if you want to see something interesting to observe, take a look at the armor of King Henry the VIII! We get to see two of which his majesty was healthy, athletic, and in perfect health...the next, a much shorter, larger version of Mr. Henry! Seems like poetic justice to me!
an attraction in New York which you will still enjoy after 30 minutes...
Christie C. Apr 4, 2013
The Met is massive with a massive collection that seems to only be possible in New York. As you walk up the stone steps it is hard not to feel a sense of awe as you approach some of THE major works of art and architecture in human history. The fact that it is by donation makes it a very accessible museum with a very diverse crowd. I was struck to see tourists from all over the world mingling with inner city school kids, artists, and Manhattan socialites in this microcosm of global culture. Some must-sees included the Egyptian tombs, as well as major works by Picasso, Rembrandt, Pollock, Warhol and Dali. The perfect antidote for over consumption of greasy pizza and tourist knick knacks in Times Square.
One of the best attractions in the city!
C M. Apr 1, 2013
The MET is my most frequented museum because of the sheer size and collection. The temporary exhibits are always good and the permanent ones are awesome. You really need to make a day out of it if you go, you can’t do this place justice in one or two hours. When security looks inside your purse and/or backpack, it is relatively quick and painless, as is going to the coat check room. My only gripe is that some of the cashiers will try their best to make you pay full admission ($24 I think) when it is ALWAYS the Pay What You Wish policy. So don’t let them intimidate you! And don’t feel bad if you can only spare a few bucks, or even less than that. People make huge donations all the time! Once you clear that hurdle though, get ready to have fun. The MET is very well lit with a ton of natural lighting in places and very clean. I can’t speak on if the bathrooms are well lit and clean though, I’ve never used them. As far as I can tell, The MET seems to showcase all of the periods and genres pretty equally. This has to be one of the best attractions in the city. FREE, educational and relaxing!
First of all you can donate just a penny and get in! I suggest at least a dollar though because it is an amazing museum!
Xandra B. Mar 12, 2013
When I first walk up to the building I feel a rush! The architecture of the building is mesmerizing in itself, grand and it welcomes you with open arms. As I walk up the stairs I think " I feel as if I am walking into an opera house" it is unbelievably astonishing to me that one place can make my heart feel so warm. A lot of diversity in one building, if you just go to this museum you will be satisfied. As an artist myself I can sit and sketch by the statues which are so captivating and feel real in a way. When I went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition I was floored, I was in a place of beauty and creativity that was lingering throughout the thousands of rooms it seemed of pure magnificence. I could not believe my eyes when I laid my eyes on the costume of which Lady Gaga wore in the Bad Romance video, I was so close to it, I felt as if I have touched it. It feels so rewarding to see such incredible talent in one place, it truly feels like a castle full of elegant vibes.
Hate Museums? Give this one a chance!
Tamar A. Mar 12, 2013
Yes, it's a museum and yes, you never go to museum's whe you are not travelling so why start now?! This, my friends is THE museum. If i had 24 in NYC i would pop in for a couple of hours to the MET. It is a celebration of beauty and awe. If the line to new exhibition is way to long, just wonder around the museum, you will meet Van Gough, Picaso and Monet. You will also see great modern art, photographs, videos, sculptures. It's all here, don't be afraid - spend some beautiful moments in this beautiful building. It's location is also ideal - step down the famous stair case outside the MET and grab a hotdog on the way to central park. What could be more New York then that?
A Museum for Everyone
Giuseppe C. Feb 28, 2013
The world of art is as integral to New York as baseball, yellow cabs, and nights out on the town. Central to that world is the Met, the largest art museum in the United States. More accessible than some of the more avant-garde museums in the city, the Met has something that everyone can enjoy. Its eclectic collections of medieval suits of armor, Egyptian artifacts, and modern American and European visual art are stunning for their breadth and for their quality. There are fewer more satisfying ways to spend a wide-open weekday afternoon in New York than to pay a visit to this vast testament to everything beautiful. And the Met is certainly nothing if not vast -- its cavernous and gorgeous Great Hall feels like something out of an Arthurian romance, and is a refreshing and contemplative place right smack in the middle of an endlessly bustling city. If you’re looking for a place to take in some culture at a price of your choosing (one of the very great things about the Met is that the cost of admission is up to you -- however much you’re inclined to donate will get you in to the permanent collections), there’s just nowhere better than the Met and its bounty of beauty. A visit here is essential to any trip to New York of any length. Be sure not to miss out.
Loren D. Feb 21, 2013
Don’t let The Met’s ginormous size intimidate you; for tourists and locals alike, strolling the many halls of this swanky, quintessential art institution is the perfect lazy day activity. First of all, admission is suggested (as in, pay what you want), so leave those big bills tucked neatly in your wallet, right where they belong. Many people visiting from other cities don’t realize that you can get into The Met with a measly penny if you’d like; sure, you’ll get a dirty look from the ticket girl, but who cares? Start with the bright, impressive Greek and Roman gallery, which was given a fresh update just a few years back. On the opposite end you’ll find the Modern and Contemporary galleries, which are oftentimes surprisingly un-crowded and filled to the brim with great, familiar artists and works. Of course, John Singer Sargent’s infamous Madame X resides upstairs, and although she's usually barely visible from behind that jam-packed tour group, she’s always worth a visit. Often, classic meets contemporary when it comes to The Met’s exhibitions, which have recently featured works from artists as diverse as Alfred Stieglitz and John Baldessari. On a sunny summer’s day, head up to The Met’s rooftop for a delicious yet pricey cocktail (that’s where the big bills come in handy). The stunning city view makes it all worth it, and then some.
A Museum Everyone Must Visit
Katherine J. Jan 7, 2013
As the title says- the Met is a museum that everyone should try to visit if they are in NYC. They have extensive collections from every different art style, type, and period. It will take more than one day to really see everything, but the time spent there is definitely worth it. One of my favorite spots is in the Egyptian exhibit. The museum somehow dismantled, shipped, and reassembled an entire temple from Egypt (the Temple of Dendur). I love going there because they allow you to walk through a piece of history, thousands of years old, and feel as if you are actually walking in Ancient Egypt.
The Met - a must see
Carlos O. Dec 28, 2012
This is an excellent museum and a must see for anyone who has not had the opportunity as of yet. To be honest this is one of the largest museums in the world and to truly appreciate the works of art you have to go two or three times. Make sure you have maps or even a guide (though the latter may cost of few bucks) because it would not surprise anyone if you got lost in there. It definitely better to go there as an adult now, when you’re a kid it’s too difficult to take in all the culture. I remember years ago running around with my brother trying to find the park right next door. Now when I go I can find myself entranced there for hours. For those of us that get tired there are plenty of benches for quick rest stops. And don’t forget to catch a snack and a view on the top floor. A great way to end the day after so much time inside.
Love this museum
Craig B. Dec 13, 2012
When I was but a young boy growing up in New England, one of my favorite books was “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler” by E.L. Konigsburg. In this book, the main characters run away from home and set up camp in the Met. I had dreams about doing the same and when I got there I tried to sneak off and realize these dreams. I failed. But this museum has never lost its luster. Each time I come back, I’m reminded of that dream and that (and the absolutely incredible art) is the reason why I look forward to it each time.
best museum ever
Elyse H. Dec 11, 2012
My grandparents lived in New York, so I grew up with the Met every weekend we were in the city. My mom would take me here when I was bored and she didn’t know what to do with me because she knew that once I got to the Egyptian section I‘d be absorbed. I had a thing for Ancient Egypt when I was younger—thought I was like Cleopatra!! The Met doesn’t seem to get old, and it really does have one of the best art collections in any imagination!! Any New York tourist needs to come here, as every New Yorker tells me!!
Sesame Street Made Me Go Here
Risa C. Dec 11, 2012
Ever since I was little I loved the movie Sesame Street goes to the MET and even as an adult every time I walk through the halls I'm humming "don't eat the pictures" to myself. Even though I'm a native New Yorker, I still make it a point to come visit the museum at least once or twice a year since they always have interesting new exhibits in addition to the long standing staples that have been here for years. For art afficianados (which I am not) there are tons of unique pieces and for those looking to see something special there are lots of recognizable pieces from Andy Warhol, to Jackson Pollock, to Monet to ancient Greek sculptures for all your picture (no flash!) needs. Oh and as a side note/anecdote, if you see a pile of candy on the floor in the Modern & Contemporary Art wing and take a piece and eat it and some witchy lady starts yelling at you, tell her to suck it and learn to read because the interaction is the concept behind the piece.
Makes me want to be a curator
Tara R. Dec 7, 2012
My most memorable visit to the Met was actually a masquerade ball as an undergrad, when we rocked up to the Met after a rather painful walk from the subway stop. It’s the only night I’ve spent at the museum—well, half of it anyway—but it really showed the Met under glittery, sparkly nightlights. Most of the galleries were closed, so the architecture and brilliant design of the museum stood out, and it made me seriously consider curating as a brilliant day job. In the daytime of course, the Egyptian temple recreation and all the graffiti on it is my favorite spot, especially to people watch. And the donation-based admission isn’t a bad deal, either…
Does Not Matter If You Hate Museums
Jaclyn W. Dec 6, 2012
A museum is not my typical hang-out spot, but for The Met, I will make an exception. I visited both the Met and the Natural Museum of History at age five. Since then, I have been back to the Met for class trips, family trips and have even wandered through with friends on a Sunday afternoon. I am obsessed with Egyptian artifacts and history. This is by far my favorite wing in the entire museum. You could spend your whole day just looking at the Egypt Room and never make it to any other collection. I don't pretend to understand art by any means. I look at things and try to see if I can connect the painter's emotions with their work. There are so many abstract paintings here, it's not even possible to follow a thought pattern. Everything is just beautiful to look at. Right now Warhol is going on and I am super jealous because I cannot seem to get there (go if you can for me!). They recommend you pay $25 to get through, but it's a suggestion. I know when I was younger that Wednesdays were free, but I don't know if they still do that. I also highly recommend anything from the Medieval Period as well as Ancient Greece and Rome. Skip the gift shop and cafe though. Not necessary in this area unless that's like your thing. The Museum is always packed. Go on an off-hour maybe late in the day or an obscure one like 3pm on a Sunday during football season. I don't pretend to be religious either, but the scenes from St. Vincent of Saragossa are beautiful. The stained glass is absolutely incredible especially during the afternoon. Tourist or resident you have to go for the experience and embarrassingly enough, if you are into celebs, it's where the Gossip Girl boarding school girls sit in-between classes. It's also the largest art museum in the country.
Best Museum in New York?
Jody P. Dec 1, 2012
I'm a big fan of museums and I would venture to say that this one might be the best in NY. I know it is a bold statement, but the thing that gets me about the Met is that I always want to go back, no matter how many times I've been. There are a lot of good museums in NY, but many of them really only require a one-time visit or maybe a return visit several years after the first one. The Met, however, is humongous and you always feel like you are seeing something new, and i'm only referring to the permanent collection. This is a must-see in NY if you are a fan of art.
Definitely Worth Your While
Carolina R. Nov 29, 2012
The Met is completely awe-inspiring as it is. Its countless exhibits truly do sweep you away to entirely different worlds. Filled with artifacts, statues, paintings, and even Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, the museum satisfies your every artistic need. Apart from its main galleries, however, The Met also hosts a plethora of special exhibits, ranging from Exploring the Body to Alexander McQueen to Andy Warhol. During the summer, its roof is also open with another interesting work of art, which is always worthwhile. I have spent countless afternoons in The Met, and every time I seem to discover a new exhibit, a new collection of paintings, and even an entirely new wing that has been opened to the public! This museum is definitely worth your while, whether you are an art geek or not (I, for one, am not, and yet this museum just seems to get me)
Massive Museum Best Taken in Bite Sizes
Daniel B. Nov 28, 2012
The Met is one of the best art museums in the world. The museum features enormous cultural collections from antiquity to the best modern and contemporary works. The permanent collections are iconic and each wing could provide a full day's worth of art to digest. The last time I went the rotating exhibits showcased photographs by Stieglitz and Stein as well as dresses by Alexander McQueen. Unless you like get shoved from all directions by hordes of tourists and kids on field trip, make sure you get there early and buy tickets online. Your ticket also gets you in to the Cloisters (which I haven't been to yet, but I hear their collection of European medieval art is phenomenal), but you most definitely won't have time unless you're planning on visiting the Met on multiple days (which is totally worth it).
Gotta go
Chris K. Nov 28, 2012
While the Whitney and the Neue Gallery are excellent spots for seeing the type of modernism and surrealism that Doug's sister Judy would probably be down with, the Met remains the standard by which all other New York City museums judge themselves. This vast, lavishly-decorated and gorgeously-arranged art museum is a world unto itself, in which one can move between eras, influences, and emotions in a fluid stream, experience far more than they planned to or would have thought they could. Though often crowded, the inside of the museum is worth it, and on a summer day a hot dog on the front steps might just be the best thing in the world. Go now--you'll be charmed.
Love the Met - hate the crowds - have a solution!
Michele H. Oct 5, 2012
THe Metropolitan Museum of Art is unforgettable for the sheer size and variety of art and exhibitions. I visit often and rather than take in the whole museum - not actually possible because of the size - I research a gallery online first, and make a beeline for that gallery, often the more esoteric and less popular galleries are the most interesting. Of course the blockbuster shows are a must - if you love Andy Warhol - now is your chance to see a body of work all in one place. Interesting man, interesting art and in terms of history, who would have thought that the depiction of a soup can would be for all time? And don't miss the Egyptian gallery with its soaring glass walls looking out on Central Park. Fun gift shop too.
Sara G. Oct 4, 2012
You could go to the Met every day, and the only thing you would get sick of are the crowds. It's completely breath-taking. But man those crowds can suck. I suggest going for short periods at a time either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening before it closes. This art is amazing and deserves to be appreciated in a more meditative state. If you get hungry, enjoy the garden rooftop - or for a much less expensive experience, walk to the park and grab a hot dog or pretzel.
A Must-See (but not all in one day, okay?)
Marcella T. Sep 7, 2012
Take it from me, the Met is way too culturally significant for you to attempt to experience in one day. There is only so much beauty and edification one can take in an eight-hour period, ya know? I think it is one of those things better appreciated in small doses over a long period of time. That said, DO buy a season pass! From the iconic steps leading up to the pillars of the classically constructed museum to the wide-open foyer with its vaulted ceilings and arched entryways, I was stunned before I even saw any of the artwork. I started off in the European Paintings collection, which was... enlightening, haha. Eventually I found some collections that I truly enjoyed, which were the Ancient Near Eastern Art, the Egyptian Art, and the Asian Art. Being able to interact with the sculptures, textiles, jewels, and ancients texts of those collections was much more stimulating for me than simply gazing at the walls of the European Paintings collection. I am jealous, however, that my sister somehow found the room that displays Monet's massive watercolors. I can't even imagine the impact of seeing his infamous "Water Lilies" in person. I went home exhausted and disappointed because I was in the museum from open to close and I barely made a dent in the collections. I hope I have the opportunity to stay in New York city for a length of time so that I can give this museum the time and appreciation it truly deserves. Bonus tip for starving artists: if you get a day pass, as I did, the $25 admission is merely a suggestion (read: free).
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