NYC Museums Overview

Whitney Museum of American Art - Museum in NYC

One of the city’s greatest attractions, the museums of New York are vast, varied, and teeming with culture. Located in every corner of the Big Apple, these hubs of art and science are world-renowned for their personality and stock.

New York museums range in guest type as much as they do subject. For example, the Natural History Museum on the Upper West Side or the Brooklyn Museum in Park Slope are often filled with academic family types and curious tourists looking to see an odd ethnic artifact or two. Meanwhile, art museums like the Guggenheim and Neue Gallerie on the Upper East Side bring out both bespectacled academics and artsy college students alike.

Across the board, though, NYC museums have a neat, well-kept décor and an overall sense of being sacred spaces. While art museums are more brightly-lit and café friendly than those more scientific ones, all have a hushed tone of respect and awe running through them, as though those in attendance are grateful to get in (given the lines at most of these locations, guests usually are).

Though differing in type and focus, the museums of NYC are fantastic places to meet some friends, take in culture, and still have a fun afternoon.

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