NYC Landmarks Overview

Rockefeller Center - Culture | Landmark | Market | Outdoor Activity | Plaza | Shopping Area in NYC

Landmarks in New York are much like pigeons: they’re everywhere, and one sometimes finds themselves tripping over them. Host to great minds and events both orthodox and eccentric in nature, the Big Apple has a myriad of publicly protected locales, some more far-out than expected.

For instance, midtown has its traditional spots in the form of Times Square’s over-the-top electric light show, heavy with comfort food and Broadway musicals, or Rockefeller Center’s famous ice-skating rink and statue of Atlas. Meanwhile, downtown, hipster-choked Union Square is always alive with punk rockers sipping coffee and laid-back locals playing chess in the small park therein. Even further south, McSorley’s Old Ale House represents the city’s love of bad behavior since the era of Lincoln, and all the way south, Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coast still stands, its wooden tracks not yet replaced with steel. But despite their nature, all NYC landmarks wear their worn bronze plaques with city pride.

One may think that New York landmarks are simply cheesy tourist fare – and indeed, the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty have their own overdone charm. But the extent to which the city proper recognizes its history from all walks of life is simultaneously refreshing and endearing.

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