NYC Good for Groups Overview

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Given its population of eight million, it’s no wonder that New York City’s good-for-groups attractions are legendary. As varied as the types of people you can befriend within the metropolis, these spots and activities provide all roving packs of partiers with the means to have collective fun.

Cultural activities are certainly hot as far as good-for-groups places go in NYC. The MOMA, the Cloisters, Central Park, and the Empire State Building are wonderful, all-purpose hangouts for friends venturing out in larger numbers.

The nightlife for groups in the Big Apple comes in two flavors – weather permitting. During the warmer months, nothing beats an outdoor beer garden like the Spritzenhaus in Greenpoint, or a backyard space like that of International Bar in the East Village. In the winter, larger halls and restaurants like the activity-packed Fat Cat in the West Village provide ample space for crews of laughter-ready young professionals looking to bring their parties together.

New York can be a mixed bag for large groups since the city’s many exclusive restaurants and small dives can’t always accommodate the kind of crowd with whom it’s fun to roll. But given the right neighborhood and the right gathering of good-natured pals, New York is all about the ethos “The more, the merrier.”

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