NYC Brunch Overview

The Mercer Kitchen - American Restaurant | Bar in NYC

A meal tailor-made for the average late-partying jet-setter, brunch in New York is a must. All over the city, Sunday mornings are host to this conjoined twin of a meal, garnished with cantaloupe and lemon bread.

The average Manhattan brunch involves the quaint cafes of Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and the Upper East Side. Here, chic young professionals and well-dressed older characters laugh and chat over eggs, coffee, and the occasional Bloody Mary, soaking up the street life from outdoor seating or warming themselves in cozy back rooms. Brooklyn, meanwhile, hosts more hearty New York brunches, with bearded hipsters and their vintage-clad girlfriends enjoying kegs-and-eggs meals around warm, battered wooden tables.

However, the new trend in NYC brunches is the party brunch. At these high-octane early-afternoon get-togethers, clubs and hot new restaurants serve brunch food and booze galore to overdressed club-kid patrons, only to have DJs fire up some hot beats midway through. Suddenly, dishy girls are dancing on tables and waiters are carrying sparkler-loaded magnums of champagne across the floor, while indie bloggers snap photos and scribble notes on the day’s debauchery.

While it may not be part of this nutritional breakfast, brunch in New York is a fun and carefree way to get your vittles in the Big Apple.

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