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One thing you will definitely never lack in New York is art. The city is home to a stunning array of museums and galleries that are revered the world over, and even hardcore art lovers who have lived in The Big Apple for years have not experienced all there is to see here.

For more than a century, the American Museum of Natural History has been one of the world's preeminent science and research institutions, renowned for its collections and exhibitions that illuminate millions of years of the earth's evolution, from the birth of the planet through the present day.

The Guggenheim, just steps from Central Park, is a phenomenal Frank Lloyd Wright building with a stunning spiral walkway that allows visitors to view incredible works by Chagall, Giacometti, Kandinsky, Picasso, Van Gogh, and more.

Then of course there’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art, more often called simply The Met, which houses practically every category of art in every known medium from every part of the world during every epoch of recorded time…ever.

Folks who love modern art will want to see the Museum of Modern Art, which houses a collection of more than a hundred thousand paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs.

And even with all of that, the opportunities to experience art in New York have only just begun, as hundreds of phenomenal art galleries and cool niche museums can be found from Manhattan to the outskirts of Brooklyn. Start spreading the news, people.

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