NYC After Hours Overview

Gemma - Italian Restaurant in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, just because the bars are winding down doesn't mean it's time to call it a night. Frequenting after-hours bars in New York City is a rite of passage and a sure fire way to keep the party going. There's something for everyone whether looking to dance until dawn or getting a night cap with that sexy someone you just met at the bar.

Head over to the East Village or general downtown area for after hours dive bars that will serve up beers until the gates come down and the sun comes up. Need to soak up some of that booze? Veselka in the East Village is the place for twenty-four hour beer and Ukranian food with people pouring in all night as the bars close down. If there's one last cocktail needed to impress and seal the deal for the night, Employees Only in the West Village is the place for a perfectly concocted night cap before heading home.  

For those looking to dance the night away in stilettos and with the girls that wear them, the Meatpacking District is New York's late night club and lounge hot spot. Cruise over to 1Oak where models and bottles is the name of the game until the big spenders ultimately decide it's okay for the club to close down. After that, everyone heads over to Cafeteria where drunk party girls, DJs and fun loving cross dressers meet over truffled mac and cheese. Or if dancing all night to electronic music with ravers and the Euro crowd is your scene, Pacha is the New York after-hours spot where the party continues well into the next day.

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