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Marquis Theatre - Theater in NYC

New York theaters hardly need an introduction. After all, this is the home of Broadway, and even the most uneducated, theatrically challenged dolt knows that Broadway is the veritable Shangri-La of theaterlovers everywhere.

To put it in perspective, the official city theater district, centered mostly along Broadway in Manhattan, offers more than three dozen professional theaters with a capacity of five hundred or more. The sheer number of big venues is matched only by London’s famous West End theater district, which explains why most people consider Broadway home to the highest level of English commercial theater in the entire world.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe Broadway theaters’ annual returns will: collectively, these incredible New York theaters sell more than a billion dollars in tickets every year. From the biggest musicals at places like the Foxwoods, Gershwin, Helen Hayes, and Eugene O'Neill theaters to classic big productions at the Walter Kerr Theatre and the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, great theater in the Big Apple is as American as, well, apple pie.

Of course, Broadway isn’t the only place to catch great NYC theater. Tons of smaller professional houses manage to serve up equally impressive performances. Often referred to collectively as Off-Broadway, these venues don’t even have to be situated near the big Broadway theaters, as the term Off-Broadway has come to mean any professional venue in New York with a seating capacity between 100 and 499. The venues are sprinkled all over town and into Brooklyn, and often act as a springboard for plays that eventually wind up at bigger theaters.

So you can either catch the biggest thing or the next big thing at theaters in New York, because it’s literally all here.

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