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Madison Square Garden Looking for events at Madison Square Garden in NYC? Check out Party Earth for schedules & videos for the NY Knicks, Rangers, & St. John's basketball + other events! New York United States 40.750556 -73.993611
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Madison Square Garden - Arena | Concert Venue in New York.
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INFO When it comes to sports arenas, Madison Square Garden (MSG) is king. Located in Midtown Manhattan, and sitting on top of Pennsylvania Station, The Garden is one of the most storied sporting venues around, and is even referred... ... read more

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Madison Square Garden Information

Madison Square Garden - Arena | Concert Venue in New York.

When it comes to sports arenas, Madison Square Garden (MSG) is king. Located in Midtown Manhattan, and sitting on top of Pennsylvania Station, The Garden is one of the most storied sporting venues around, and is even referred to by many as “The World’s Most Famous Arena”. Built in 1968, the venue is home to the Knicks of the NBA, the Liberty of the WNBA, and the Rangers of the NHL, and is the oldest NHL rink still in use.

There are over 300 events at MSG per year, including circus acts, college basketball games, the Millrose Games for track and field, dog shows, political rallies, boxing matches, and WWE wrestling events. Boxing at Madison Square Garden has a fabled history, holding fights as legendary as the Fight of the Century at Madison Square Garden between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in 1971.

Seating capacity at Madison Square Garden is upwards of 18,000 people, and The Garden has hosted the hottest music concerts of the last five decades, from rock & roll to pop to metal to dubstep. If an artist is/was a platinum-selling entertainer, then they’ve probably performed here. Billy Joel once referred to the arena as a “holy temple of rock and roll.” Madison Square Garden has also been featured in many films and T.V. shows, such as Rocky, Godzilla, and Seinfeld.

Along with the sports complex, the venue also contains a 5,600-seat theater for concerts and media events, an expo center for conventions, and two restaurants.

Madison Square Garden User Reviews

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MSG--Non-New York Fans Beware
Alyssa M. Aug 5, 2013
As a die-hard New York Rangers fan, it's hard for me to give an unbiased review of Madison Square Garden. Going there for hockey games is unlike any other venue--the fans are electric and the comraderie is unparalleled. Hearing the sound reverberating off the rafters after the Rangers score is impossible to describe--it is both deafening and invigorating. Yes, drinks there are a tad pricey, but considering you get a pretty tall beer for $9 and get to keep the cup (there are literally tons of New York Rangers plastic cups in my house, I use them every day), it's not half bad. The Garden is going through some renovations, and while I can't speculate on how it's going to be with the new clear-floored catwalk they're putting in over the ice, I can say that what they have done thus far has been fantastic. They changed the seating around and went back to the old school blue seats. The food venues are fantastic (eating there is a dream), and the new design of the hallways is quite well done. Nothing compares to a Rangers game at MSG, the only thing that stinks is how expensive the tickets are. And that is why I didn't give it four stars...
MSG = Most Superior Gymnasium
Gloria A. Jul 3, 2013
The Garden is everything it's hyped up to be and more. I've been there a couple times for Knicks' games, one of which was against the Lakers and the crowd and atmosphere was electrifying. I'm not sure if it was the Knicks fans themselves, the impeccable detail in the design and layout, or having tickets in a suite, but I'm sure a combination of all of the above made the experience unforgettable. What I came to find out, is that Knicks' games were a social event. During halftime, walking in the foyer, I saw everything from 3 piece suits to evening gowns. Going to a Knicks game was almost a sign of prestige rather than fan-dom, it was interesting. Lots of important people talking to other important people about the importance of their important matters. Basically. All that aside, if you're a basketball fan and you're coming here for a game, MSG will exceed your expectations and then some. I've been to a few NBA stadiums, and there's a reason they call The Garden the most famous arena in the world.
1 of the largest stadiums in New York
charisse h. May 24, 2013
I had my graduation here. This place is HUGE!!! It has so many people going to so many different events- make sure you know where the arena is that you are suppose to be in, your seat number and a spot you will all meet at in case you get lost in the crowd. This is survival tips for large groups- otherwise enjoy your event, take lots of pictures and don't worry if you can't see the stage- they have mega screens in mostly all the sections. Ensure you do all this because as soon as the event is over, the crew begins to breakdown the set quickly, any lost items or people get tossed off with security to be found by its owner. lol ENJOY!
The most amazing building on Earth!
Curtis A. May 19, 2013
Madison Square Garden is like no other building on earth! Just knowing the amount of historic events that took place there sends thrill of excitement through your body. Once arriving at your seat, take a moment to sit and observe the extensive detail in architecture. A common feeling of brotherhood can be felt with others as we've all come together to witness a grand show. Whether your in the building for a sporting event or Beyonce, your are in for an experience that you will certainly remember for a life time. Curtis Alexander
Great Place for Concerts
Joanna F. May 6, 2013
MSG is where I saw majority of the best shows I've ever seen in my life. Being able to be in the standing area is always a treat because you never know what might happen. If you need to be placed in a sitting area, I recommend sections close to the stage. Something I was really impressed with was the diversity of the food. I've never seen a place have so many levels of so much food with anything from Chinese to Barbeque. If you have to choose between the Garden and another New York venue to see an artist, choose the Garden. Always choose the Garden.
Syracuse Baby
Philip V. Apr 14, 2013
One of the most famous arenas in America is Madison Square Garden. This is a New York City hot spot and historic mark. I saw Syracuse play here in one of there March madness games. It was so exhilarating and I had the best time. Go to the Square if you come to NYC!!
A must-go place in NYC
YU H. Apr 3, 2013
This is one of my favorites places in NYC. The park itself is not big, yet it is big enough for you to rest a little in the city and enjoy one of the most famous buildings in the city. Also this is kind of the land of artist. A lot of artists have their exhibition in the square. It is a must-go place in NYC.
Really Fun!
Erica G. Mar 31, 2013
Madison Square Garden, the biggest venue in the world...that's an understatement. This place is amazing, whether you are watching a basketball game or in the theater for a concert. I have season tickets to the Knicks and I have to say this is an amazing venue. The atmosphere is so alive it makes you get into the game even if you are not a sports fan! Everyone has to go here at least once in their lifetime if they really want a sporting experience.
Larger Than Life at MSG
Kristen E. Mar 12, 2013
I have traveled to many parts of Europe, witnessing some of the craziest scenes, like Oktoberfest in Germany and never ending parties in Prague. I have toasted my drink in France and raised my glass in the VIP section of a Florence nightclub. All of these nights were amazing no doubt, but one of my most unforgettable experiences was at Madison Square Garden. Of the twenty thousand people there, I was one of the lucky witnesses to what would be one of Swedish House Mafia’s last shows. The space was endless, overflowing with vivid colored lights and masses of jumping patrons. The lights struck your eyes with such vitality that it felt as if they are reaching through to your core and fusing to your veins. You can think you know what to expect, but the actual experience is surreal. For that one night, the music I heard at the legendary MSG was like euphonious DNA, streaming through every pulse and bringing the crowd alive. The Garden exploded in colors like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece and the atmosphere was a rush like no other. Without question, Madison Square Garden held one of the most lively and memorable shows I have ever seen. If you haven't experienced it yet, it is time to get that ticket!
The Garden
Cadie C. Dec 13, 2012
This here is truly the heart of New York. This arena hosts some of the greatest concerts, sporting events, and not to mention the Knicks! I've seen WNBA games, NBA games, PSAL high school basketball games and NHL games. All of these events have each given a different feel to the arena, however, there is no doubt about it, that there is always endless energy in The Garden. The fans are always into the event and the aura is felt throughout the whole arena, not missing a seat. Always a great time.
Risa C. Dec 10, 2012
Right in the heart of the city over Penn station, making it probably THE most easily accessible arena ever MSG is the home of my beloved Knicks! Even from the top rows you can hear the squeak of sneakers and the echo of the bouncing ball so if you close your eyes you can almost imagine that you're court side even though you're pretty damn far away - now open your eyes because you're missing the game damnit! The renovations to the stadium in the past year or so improved upon an already awesome area (in my opinion) and there is a great selection of concessions, and even an assortment of good beers (read: not only bud and budlight). The is also home to the Rangers, and has hosted a number of concerts, which as far as a concert in a seated venue goes, MSG maintains good visibility and acoustics for the experience, definitely go check it out - especially during basketball season!
M-S-G (Chant it!)
Jaclyn W. Dec 4, 2012
My first time at MSG was when I was twelve years old and sitting front row at an N*Sync Concert. It was my first concert ever and what a venue. I moved on to better bands and sports, but the last time I was here was for my college's alumni basketball game. Who would've though I'd see a Fordham team playing in such a New York icon. Area is terrible because it's situated in Midtown West, but it's one of the most famous arena's in the country, if not the world. Tourist, resident, fan or not, this is a must see place. It is huge! MSG has hosted some of the biggest acts ranging from Madonna to the Knicks. How could you not visit a place like this? Regardless of what event you're seeing, head over to Penn Plaza first. There is a pizza place there called, Rose's, and they serve giant cups of beer for $2. The pizza is also cheap and semi-decent, but it's totally worth it for the alcohol so you don't have to spend anything astronomical nor get caught drinking in the garden. Just make sure you are not sloppy because MSG is tightly monitored by security. The crowd is always wild. It may be because everyone is there for an event they enjoy and are excited, but I think the arena/stage itself brings a sense of excitement when you walk in to find your seat. Only con is that tickets are expensive if the event is prominent, but that's to be expected anywhere.
So much fun!
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
I LOVE MSG! I come here for almost every single concert or sporting event. Yes, it may be a little pricey to get tickets, but I always have an amazing time when I come. I've been to Knicks games, Jingle Ball, and even the Justin Bieber concert. Madison Square Garden never fails to give you the full experience when attending an event. The crowds of people make it even more fun and exciting to get to the venue. I've never been disappointed when going to MSG. I love how it can transform from a sports stadium to a concert venue in a matter of days! MSG is a must see!
Chelsea D. Oct 8, 2012
I came here last December to see Swedish House Mafia. It was my first time at MSG and truly a night I will never forget. MSG met every expectation that I had - I've never felt such energy in one room before. It took a while for my hearing to return to normal because it was THAT loud in there, but I loved it. I absolutely want to go back for more concerts and I would love to catch a sporting event here. If you haven't been to MSG, make it a point to go!
The Mecca doesn't disappoint
Jonathan K. Oct 4, 2012
They call it "the mecca" for a reason. No one disputes MSG’s place in history. Frazer/Ali 1. Willis hobbling out of the locker room before stunning the Wilt-led Lakers in game 7. Lennon’s Live in New York City. What’s often overlooked is just how great a venue it is, regardless of the history. I've been going to concerts, Knicks, and Rangers games at MSG since the mid-90s, and it's far and away my favorite arena to see a show or go to a game. For Knicks games, almost every seat is a good one. The sightlines are excellent, even in the 400 level. And for concerts, the atmosphere is always wonderful. In the tunnels, the first stages of major renovations have brought the Garden to the level of contemporary arenas in concessions, bathrooms, etc…The only part of the plan I’m skeptical about, is the first-of-its-kind spectator bridge that’s is supposed be built above the floor spanning the length of the court. I worry that it’ll be an odd distraction, but so far the plans have all worked out. Now if only Jimmy Dolan would mysteriously disappear, Hoffa style.
The Worlds Most Famous Arena
Jason R. Sep 29, 2012
No other arena like it! Whenever I go to Rangers games, I arrive an hour early and walk around the arena to soak up the experience... So much history in what Kobe calls the "last historical arena". I haven't been to a Knicks game in a while, but from what I saw on tv during Linsanity, this will be THE place to be if the Knicks can ever get their act together. I cant even imagine how crazy it will be when the Rangers win the Stanley Cup....
The one, the only, MSG!
Samuel H. Sep 28, 2012
Madison Square Garden is arguably the most iconic stadium in the world. Home to the New York Knicks, NY Rangers and NY Liberty as well as some of the most epic concerts in the world Madison Square Garden always makes for an outstanding time. Having grown up in New Jersey I have had my fair share of experiences at the Garden. I saw U2 there back in the day during their Vertigo Tour (is that really back in the day?) and have been fortunate enough to go to Knicks and Rangers games there too. Another plus of MSG is that it is also Penn Station so it is extremely convenient to get to and out of, making the hustle and bustle that comes with a big venue like this all the easier to cope with. Whether you are visiting, or are living in NYC make sure to go to MSG for an unforgettable sporting or music experience.
You made it!
David G. Sep 20, 2012
if you get here... you made it. I'm not just talking about you as a spectator but as an artist as well. Nothing measures success more than being on stage at a venue located in the center of New York City. The greats have played here from the Grateful Dead to Elvis, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Dave Mathews, Jay- Z, KISS, REM, Guns N' Roses, The Beatles, Clapton, Springsteen and a huge number of others. Those from dirty Jersey can hop in on NJTransit straight to Penn Station (conveniently located below the arena) and New Yorkers can get there from a variety of trains. Additionally... there's sports here too. You can watch the NY Rangers take on anyone of their rivals (Buffalo Sabers, NJ Devils, NY Islanders) or the Legendary NY Knicks as well as the NCAA Big East Men's Basketball Tournament. If you go to NYC and love to be entertained.... you must go here!
MSG = the best
Sara G. Sep 20, 2012
Madison Square Garden will always hold a special place in my heart....I saw my first concert here in middle school. It was Dave Matthews Band's first time playing the Garden, and we had floor seats. Soul Coughing opened. Awesome, awesome show. I've seen many shows since, the most recent being Stevie Wonder (also an amazing show). If you can, also check at the Theater at Madison Square Garden - a much more intimate theater that can be found within the confines of MSG. As a kid from NJ, of course I feel it's hard to find a better location - it's literally right on top of Penn Station. There are some surprisingly great restaurants just several blocks south of the Garden, and there are ATMs now within Penn Station should you need to grab some cash before the show. MSG is massive - and the best acts play there. It feels much more intimate than an outdoor stadium show - and with the roar of a New York crowd that fills the air, it feels even more intimate.You will love seeing a show here.
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