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Barclays Center - Concert Venue | Stadium in New York.
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INFO The 19,000-seat Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, was officially completed in 2012 and is the home of the Brooklyn Nets. The arena is the first major sporting venue in the borough since the departure of... ... read more

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Barclays Center Video
Barclays Center ...see NBA's newest arena
Tour of NJ Net's Barclays Center in Brooklyn
Forbes Inside Look At The Barclays Center Development

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Barclays Center - Concert Venue | Stadium in New York.

The 19,000-seat Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, was officially completed in 2012 and is the home of the Brooklyn Nets. The arena is the first major sporting venue in the borough since the departure of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1957.

The Barclay’s Center includes three dining lounges, private viewing suites, and 11 VIP suites – known as “the Vault” – that were inspired by Nets co-owner and rapper Jay-Z and designed to cater to a VIP clientele. Within the center, there is also the more intimate Cushman and Wakefield Theater, which can comfortably seat up to 6,000 people.

Some parking is available, with special spots for suite holders, but general spots are very limited and the venue strongly suggests using public transportation. Concerts at the Barclay’s Center will include everyone from Barbara Streisand and Justin Bieber to Andrea Bocelli and Russell Peters, in addition to two-day Sensation EDM festival. Other events at Barclay’s Center include the Daily News Golden Gloves boxing match and the Ringling Brother’s Circus in 2013.

Barclays Center User Reviews

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Large, open arena without a bad seat in the house
Kelly F. Sep 6, 2013
The Barclays Center is venue fit for music lovers and sports fanatics. I went there to see The Postal Service this summer and had the time of my life. Even in nosebleed seats the sound is great and you will still be able to feel the music. The alcohol is fairly priced for an arena, and even during a sold out show the lines are pretty short. I loved the freedom I had while in there. I could get out of my seat, grab a couple beers and return without being hassled by ticket collectors. The people that work there are beyond friendly and genuinely care if you enjoy the show or game. The location is prime. Getting there from the city or Long Island is super easy. No need to drive, pay for parking and have a DD. The best part for me were the vibes I got from people around me. Maybe it's a Brooklyn thing but all I know is if I have a chance to see a concert or go to a game at The Barclays Center, I am all in.
Awesome Arena
Brooke W. Aug 11, 2013
You'll have a great view pretty much anywhere you're seated. There's the usual vendors selling beer and snacks but you've also got full bars where you can order any drink you want. It's definitely worth checking out. My favorite part? The Starbucks connected to the arena where you can watch the Nets practicing in between games. Pretty cool stuff.
Enjoyed my time while I was there
Eddie T. Aug 9, 2013
I saw a circus here awhile back. First time there but it's a nice little arena. Had a really good time and the staff were really nice. Easy to get around and find your way throughout the place. Sound was good and the seats are comfy
Beautiful Arena
Anna R. Jul 8, 2013
I saw a concert, and even from the very top tier I enjoyed myself very much. It is a beautiful and very clean venue, with a lot of food and beverage stands. There are world class lounges and restaurants, but it is also a huge arena that truly pays homage to the team it houses (the Brooklyn Nets) and its sponsor, Jay Z. The acoustics weren't bad for a concert, but the stadium seating seemed to be a little dangerous once more and more people were packed in and becoming intoxicated. Other than that, it was completely beautiful, architecturally and very modern over all.
Very Cool
Alexander S. May 15, 2013
I went to the Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls Game 5 of the Playoffs this year at Barclays and I thought that the place was great. As soon as I got off of the Subway and walked up the stairs, the first thing that I saw was this beautiful arena with big Barclays letters in blue and a huge poster of the Nets stars Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, and Gerald Wallace. I then kept walking and I see a violinist playing popular songs right in front of the building. The atmosphere felt like a real NBA environment that you see on TNT at other NBA arenas. It's nothing like Madison Square Garden. The seating in the arena is great as well because no matter where you sit, you can see the whole floor and really enjoy the game with an electrifying crowd. The food and drinks were expensive but not more so than any other arena and they really provide many different options for food which is good. It's too bad the Nets lost that series in 7 games because now I have to wait until next year to go back!
Allison M. May 14, 2013
I attend the Swedish house Mafia Concert here. The venue is HUGE, there is no better word to describe it. Every big artist touring should perform here, providing the fans with the most opportunities to see them as well as every seat in the house as a perfect view. It is clean and very well designed, with many options for food and drinks circling the arena. One thing that I really enjoyed that was different from all other venues I have been to was the service on the grond floor. The ground floor tickets are usually more expensive, as you are closer, however here there is an additional private bathroom, as well as drinks and even free water. I really enjoyed this venue and concert!
Chanequa C. Apr 10, 2013
As a Brooklyn native, it’s not hard to imagine a time before the world class Barclays Center became the belle of the ball. Yet after only a few short dances it is empathetically clear – not only does she have beauty and style, but she is prepared, and not going anywhere, anytime soon. The Barclays Center, affectionately referred to as “The House That Hov Built” by many die-hard BK music stans, may have already become as ubiquitous and impressive a brand as one of its most ardent public supporters and Brooklyn Nets franchise team part owner, Jay-Z. Still in its inaugural year The Barclays Center has hosted countless MAJOR events and concerts, holding its own against “big brother in name” Madison Square Garden The Barclays Center features upcoming concerts by Justin Beiber, Rihanna, and Beyonce, as well as being named the site for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The state of the art Barclays Center makes true homage to the cultural wealth of the surrounding borough community – all under one roof! The arena blasts a carefully crafted playlist of the best Brooklyn anthems, inclusive and eclectic; you will hear Jay-Z, Faith Hill, Santigold, The Notorious BIG, Beastie Boys, Talib Kweli, and many many others. The arena hosts several famous Brooklyn eateries such as “Junior’s” and “Nathans”, as well as delicatessens “Avenue K Deli” and “Fatty Cue” and “Brooklyn Farmacy Sodas” where patrons can purchase gourmet root beer floats and other flavored drinks for about $8. Other popular dining options such as the Cal-Mex inspired “Calexico”, macaroni and cheese inspired “Elbow Room” and “Brooklyn Burgers” will not disappoint! Most of the food is moderately price while desserts are delectable and expensive (sandwiches cost between $10-16, typical concession items like nachos or hotdogs cost about $6), so you can easily spend a small fortune if you decide you want to try everything in one night and spare no expense. There are several large bars throughout the stadium which serve top shelf liquor like “Eighteen 76”, “Foxwoods Bar”, and club “40/40.” For the “charger carrying population” that fear electronic disconnect from their mobile world, Metro PCS has set up several “Charging Stations” (gives a new meaning to “juice bar” – no?) compatible with almost any mobile phone. There are also LCD televisions of all sizes placed in seating areas and every vendor stand so fans do not miss out on any event while away from their seats. Parking is available across the street at The Atlantic Center Terminal but is extremely limited and ridiculously expensive, so consider using public transportation as almost every major NYC subway line and the Long Island Railroad stops in the station below the arena. No matter if you are in attendance for a Brooklyn Nets playoff game or a performance at the Cushman & Wakefield Theatre inside, you will want to indulge in a full Barclays experience…and you will NOT be disappointed!
The Return of Sports and Entertainment in Brooklyn
Peshean Z. Apr 2, 2013
Growing up in Brooklyn, it always lacked prestigious and fulfilling venues. Sure there was Knitting Factory, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Coney Island and others but these venues lacked the size or appeal of a true luxury venue. With the new Barclays Center, Brooklyn has welcomed back not only a professional sports team in the Brooklyn Nets but a successful one (clinched playoff spot). Boxing back into Brooklyn. College Basketball. The circus but what stands out to me the most is the limitless of concerts. From opening week with Jay-Z to Swedish House Mafia last tour to Justin Bieber to Rihanna, the list is enticing and with the summer concert season not even started yet, there will be tons to be announced. The arena is beautifully engineered. From the many choices of public transit into the venue to the world-class sound system and the schematics of a closer-intimate atmosphere but same time the ability to hold a large crowd. Whether your sitting in the nose-bleeds or front row seats, you feel closer to the performer here naturally.
Don't You Worry, Don't You Worry Child
Jessica G. Mar 13, 2013
See Barclays has a plan for you! Maybe.... I'm a little biased. I did after all, venture to the Brooklyn Barclays center to see my favorite DJs (Swedish House Mafia) in action. So, technically I could have been in a cardboard box, in the pouring rain, and I still would have had a stellar time. However, having said this The Barclays Center rocked. We had pretty terrible seats considering our tickets were a last minute miraculous discovery, yet, from where I was sitting I could still see and obviously hear the DJs perfectly. Where are seats were, was of no real significance. The lighting, the effects, the crowd, everything just added to this (and please forgive my mega fan exaggerations) transcendent experience. There was no hassle getting in, everything was easy and made the event all the more enjoyable. I've been to many concerts and sporting events at Madison Square Garden. Obviously, being one of the most famous stadiums/arenas in the world, it has a lot of hype to live up to, and it does. However, even with that stiff competition, and with MSG being in a much more convenient location, I still wouldn't hesitate for second to go back to the Barclays center for future events.
Knicks and Nets: The Rivalry of New York
Nicholas C. Feb 21, 2013
There's nothing more exhilarating then looking around you and seeing hundreds of screaming fans joining together to support one of new York's most impressive sports teams. The Barclays Center only makes that experience even more remarkable. Walking in you get a sense of the importance of the event your about to see. Big light, large staff, and an even more excited public lets the Barclays Center give you a small piece of New York inside their own arena. Being able to snag tickets to a Knicks vs. Nets game only multiplied it. From what I remember that night I felt more at home then in my tiny dorm room. Comfortable seats and good cell service allowed me and my friends online to enjoy the games and also allow my media outlets to be updated with my experience. The game itself was epic and with a win from the Knicks by a difference of two points it was bound to be a sports experience I will never forget. From the smiling staff to the clean facilities, if you can get a game at the Barclays, take it.
Modern Day Coliseum
Chad C. Feb 16, 2013
The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is one of the most up kept and most impressive arenas I have ever entered. As an avid sports fan and traveler I have been in numerous stadiums and arenas, however I have yet to witness anything like the Barclays Center. Its open foyer area at the entrance accommodates the cluster of fans for whichever event is happening and keeps the place feeling open and fresh. Once in, the stadium itself is very impressive seating 19,000 people comfortably, not to mention the floor "seats" for a concert. In my experience there I saw Mumford and Sons and they blew the roof off of the place. Making the trip to see them from Chicago did prove to be on the pricey side of things so our tickets were in the so called "nose bleeds." That made no difference as the view from there was spectacular. The only downfall they may have is the price of the concessions, but hey, it's not every night you go out to a basketball game, a concert or what have you. Take a little extra dough, grab an overpriced beer and have a good time!
Top Five Sporting arena I have been to.
Jared L. Feb 2, 2013
I went there for Table Ladders and Chairs, otherwise known as TLC. This is a WWE event. This was also the first time I was able to go to this arena since i have been at school. Everything was so high tech and clean. The Brooklyn Nets call the Barclay Center there home. It also helps that the Nets are my favorite NBA team.
Barclays- a welcome addition
Carlos O. Dec 28, 2012
The Nets organization has outdone itself and has given Brooklyn a world class venue it can be proud of. Many people have complained about the rust-color on the outside but I quite like it. It’s different it’s new it has a look that separates it from the rest of NYC and makes it Brooklyn. If there’s anything to complain about write a note about the Nets jerseys they look like a rip-off of the Spurs. Back to the Barclays, however, let us start with how easy it is to get to, with a subway line right outside. When you get inside your immediately flooded with a dark-cool futuristic that immediately sets you in the mood to be part of a new-look basketball team or a great concert. The lines of sights are great, from my seats in the nosebleeds I had perfect time watching the Jay Z concert. On a side note, the concession stands are also top notch, attendants everywhere and plus enough of them so no major lines make it hassle to get some good grub.
Nice Surprise
Cece R. Dec 11, 2012
I recently went to see the Nets play here. In pictures the venue looked odd to me. In person it looks a lot better and quite impressive. The exterior looks futuristic and the interior looks dark and modern. The seats were a bit uncomfortable, but maybe it was because I had my big winter coat on. They have a lot of great local food options. The cookies and cream concrete from Junior's/Blue Marble is a must. Word of advice though, go before half-time. Line is by far the longest there. Can't wait to go back for a concert. Plus, it's easy to get to as there are a lot of trains that stop at Barclays.
Impressive Venue
Chelsea D. Oct 3, 2012
I came here Monday night for the Jay-Z concert and was really impressed with the venue. Even though I was seated in the upper deck, my view of the stage was great. I wasn't there very long, but I definitely plan on going back for an event soon.
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