Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY)

Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) Looking for events at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, and more for this great tennis stadium! New York United States 40.749886 -73.847033
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Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) - Stadium in New York.
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INFO Arthur Ashe Stadium, located in Queens, New York, is an outdoor cushioned acrylic tennis court best known as the main court used during the internationally heralded US Open. Named after the winner of the inaugural Open... ... read more

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    Flushing, NY
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    Flushing Meadows Corona Park
    Flushing, NY 11368

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Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) Videos

Ana Ivanovic vs Ksenia Pervak US Open 2011 First Set Arthur Ashe Stadium HD 720p
Ana Ivanovic vs Ksenia Pervak US Open 2011 First Set Arthur Ashe Stadium HD 720p
Serena Williams vs Caroline Wozniacki US Open Semifinal 2011 First Set Arthur Ashe Stadium HD 1080p
Novak Djokovic vs Conor Niland US Open 2011 First Set Arthur Ashe Stadium HD 720p
Arthur Ashe Stadium- US Open 2009
US Open 1997 - Whitney Houston @ Arthur Ashe Stadium - "One Moment in Time" (live)
US Open 2008 : Arthur Ashe stadium at Flushing Meadows, NY.
leo and shawn on Arthur Ashe Stadium pt 1
US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) Information

Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) - Stadium in New York.

Arthur Ashe Stadium, located in Queens, New York, is an outdoor cushioned acrylic tennis court best known as the main court used during the internationally heralded US Open. Named after the winner of the inaugural Open in 1968, the stadium opened in 1997 to replace the Louis Armstrong Stadium as the primary showcase venue. Ashe is one of thirty-three courts included in the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

As the world’s largest tennis-only venue, Arthur Ashe Stadium’s facilities include over 22,000 thousand individual seats, ninety luxury suites, five restaurants and a two-level player’s lounge, with an overall capacity of 23,000 spectators. Its status as the “crown jewel” of the complex also means the stadium annually hosts the televised US Open finals for both the men’s and women’s singles and doubles matches.

Matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium have featured world-class players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, the Williams sisters, and Maria Sharapova, in addition to the numerous celebrity spectators that can be found in the luxury suites, from Anna Wintour to Blake Lively. During the opening days of the tournament, the stadium is also home to the kick-off “Arthur Ashe’s Kid’s Day,” whose past performers include Justin Bieber and Jordin Sparks. Parking is available but limited, so public transportation is recommended.

Arthur Ashe Stadium (Flushing, NY) User Reviews

Average rating:
It has its flaws but you'll want to be there.
Curtis C. May 9, 2013
This stadium is one of the pinnacles of a global sport and for any avid tennis fans, it's a must-go-to destination. One of the largest arena's in the tennis world it has hosted some of the greatest American tennis players in history and have seen tearful departures such as Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick. In short, it has history and majesty. However, there are unfortunately some drawbacks to the stadium, namely that it is a tad too large which some what defeats the purpose of attending a live tennis match in the first place. The players look like ants running around on the court while the ball darts back and forth almost too small to see like the snitch in Harry Potter. It's also a surprise to see that the stadium doesn't have a roof since that seems to be the trend in major tennis venues nowadays and Americans like to be at the top and front of everything. Also, though the surrounding grounds of the stadium is beautiful the area outside of the park has much to be desired. Nonetheless, there is a sort of grandiose yet progressive feeling being in the largest stadium of the four majors, different than that of the other three that makes this stadium incredibly electric and exciting, especially at night. I can't imagine that on a non-rainy day anyone could have a negative experience.
A Flawless Stadium Experience
David S. Feb 20, 2013
At the pinnacle of a professional sport that often demands calmer and quieter playing environments, Arthur Ashe Stadium buzzes with a certain aura that sets it apart from other arenas. Generally, the stadium features major players and big matches, which makes for excited (and large) crowds, celebrity attendance, and quality entertainment. But it is the stadium itself that takes the experience to a higher level. The biggest surprise to me, upon my first visit to Ashe, was how clear the action was from the very top of the stadium. This ultimately means that there isn’t a bad view in the house, which in turn means you don’t have to empty your wallet completely for a lower level seat to enjoy your time in Ashe. Throw in the ability to enjoy anything from ordinary stadium concessions to a glass of wine or a freshly made mojito, and you've got a very complete experience in this stadium. Furthermore, a ticket to Arthur Ashe during the U.S. Open also acts as a grounds pass to the entire Billie Jean King Center, which is an incredibly beautiful and pleasant place to spend a day. The grounds are packed with a stunning array of food and drink options, as well as numerous sheltered places to take a break from the summer sun. In the early days of the Open, there are matches at virtually all times on all courts, making it fairly easy to watch any player you may be there to see. Certain matches, such as the Williams sisters playing doubles or an American playing singles on a small court, can be tough to get seats for, but you’re free to prioritize any match you choose throughout the day. What struck is most striking, however, during a trip to the U.S. Open, is how genuine and friendly the atmosphere is. For fans of other sports who are unfamiliar with this specific environment, it can almost be a bit of a shock how vibrantly happy everyone at the Open seems. Tennis comes to New York for two weeks each year, and the extent to which the fans and people involved cherish it is palpable, and makes for a very rich experience.
Breath-taking yet Subtle Experience
Jay H. Jan 23, 2013
Sneaking onto the field of the Arthur Ashe Stadium after Serena practiced for the US Open was one of the most subtly breath-taking moments of my life. Being in this stadium where so many greats of the sport have won, lost, and called a draw made me want to cry and scream out in excitement at the same time. The court is so well taken care of and its perfect upkeep made the experience even more mind blowing. I recommend to everyone that they visit the Arthur Ashe Stadium because once you draw a breath in there, you feel as if you're making history yourself.
Tennis Heaven
Risa C. Dec 7, 2012
If you're an avid tennis fan, and a US Open attendee you absolutely have to check out the matches in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Since it's used as the main court for the competition, most of the big matches are held here, which also makes it a good place for celebrity spotting, and also a good place to accidentally end up on TV. I've only been once since I'm not a huge tennis fan, but my opinion might be a bit biased since I was given really good tickets. In general though, the view from all the sections is pretty decent and the stadium itself is modern and about as comfortable as you're going to get for an outdoor stadium.
Long Lines
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
I absolutely love tennis, for it is my favorite sport. However, the long lines to get into Arthur Ashe are never worth it. It is always way too crowded in this stadium. Someone's head is always in your way. Although I love the US Open, I prefer to sit in one of the smaller stadiums. The players may not be the top ranks, but the matches are still great to watch (and you can actually see them). I wish that it didn't take so long to get into Arthur Ashe. Once I waited on the line and had to watch the entire match from the televisions outside!
Difficult to get to and then takes forever to get into the gates
Michele P. Dec 1, 2012
I have played tennis since junior high and my dream was to go to US OPEN one day. We did and once was enough for me. It's a long subway ride to the stadium, then once you get there, the wait to get into the tennis center was over an hour. Buying tickets is like buying a lottery ticket to win non rainy days. If you get rained out and you are from out of town, you can exchange for tickets for the following year. You might get lucky and be able to exchange for the next day, but I guess I am just not lucky. The price for a good seat is too much. We did get to see Andre Agassi play his final match, but we were so high in the stadium, we had to lean forward to see the whole court. The food is expensive and there is no where to cool off if it's a really hot day except one air conditioned tent bar.
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