NYC Pizza Places Overview

Artichoke Basille's Pizza - Pizza Place in NYC

Famed and imitated the world over, New York pizza places are easily the best on the planet. A common belief among Gothamites is that the pizza in Italy is terrible and nothing at all like the legendary pies in Brooklyn.

Like taquerias in Los Angeles, pizza places in New York can be found on every corner, and are usually open all hours. Everyone from Billy Finance to Jennifer Indie Rock to Herschel Old Timer grab pies and chicken rolls, happy to chat about everything from soccer to politics with the good-natured Italian and Dominican chefs behind the glass counter.

One or two NYC pizza joints stand out from the general rabble. John’s of Bleecker Street feeds hordes of well-off creative minds and fun-loving NYU students with its thin-crust pies. Roberta’s in Bushwick slings its nontraditional single-person pizzas to metalheads and hipster rockers who want a sit-down experience, while Big Nick’s on the Upper West Side offers pizza along with its burgers and gyros, and is open all night for the post-college barhoppers in the area.

Plentiful and perfect, the pizza places of New York City are one of the Big Apple’s defining traits that never, ever disappoints.

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