NYC Mexican Restaurants Overview

Dos Caminos - Bar | Mexican Restaurant in NYC

Despite the considerable distance to the border, New York Mexican restaurants manage to stay more authentic than the typical Tex-Mex chain. The city’s Mexican population is well represented in the restaurant industry in general, and, luckily, some enterprising souls have decided to share their culture’s cuisine with everyone.

Mexican restaurants in New York include the expected hole-in-the-wall places serving up mouth-watering fajitas just like someone’s grandmother used to make. But trendy restaurants like La Esquina show that socialites want their Mexican food and tequila too. At La Esquina, an unassuming greasy-spoon exterior does not hint at the It Crowd downstairs. Mexican tile murals and 1950s kitsch welcome visitors, but as soon as they get the go-ahead from the host, the lucky few get to descend the steps to 130 kinds of tequila and celebrity sightings. Mere mortals can still eat here – the upstairs taqueria is a standard Mexican restaurant.

More laid-back types can hit up casual Mexican places that are still more hip than a Chi Chi’s. At Diablo Royale Este, energetic groups of after-work artists and musicians pack into the main bar to flirt in the flickering light of dozens of glass Jesus candles and red flame chandeliers, while an open kitchen serves up delicious barbecue to complement the extensive tequila and beer lists.

People rolling in money and those using change to buy dinner can both indulge their love of tequila and spicy food. New York has Mexican restaurants across the spectrum.

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