NYC Late Night Food Overview

Minetta Tavern - French Restaurant | Steak House in NYC

Seeing as it’s the city that never sleeps, New York has no shortage of late-night food options. The bite-slingers of Gotham know that there are twenty-four workable hours in every day, and that there’s always someone out there dying for a snack.

Overall, NYC late-night food does away with the city’s often ritzy foodie culture and instead goes for the gritty, eat-what-you-want-not-what-you-should mentality. Greasy spoon diners, such as the inimitable Big Nick’s on the Upper West Side, pump out fries and burgers by the barrelful after the bars close, while brown sauce Chinese restaurants and deli sandwich counters become the new watering holes for post-club partiers happy to brown-bag a Bud over a turkey club.

Sure, late-night food in New York isn’t the most health-conscious, but who cares? The people chowing down on wings and omelets at these all-night restaurants are usually either younger drinkers who don’t mind adding another sin to their evening or older regulars who are long past caring about their girlish figures. If anything, late-night NYC eating allows these different crowds to mingle over onion rings and compare the notes of their weekend.

If it’s last call at the bar but rush hour in your stomach, New York late-night eating has just the thing to calm the shake.

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