NYC Japanese Restaurants Overview

BONDST - Fusion Restaurant | Japanese Restaurant | Lounge in NYC

Now that spicy tuna rolls can be found in any old one-horse town, New York Japanese restaurants no longer have the market cornered on American sushi. Even though Japanese cuisine is more de rigueur than trendy, you can bet that Japanese restaurants in New York find new ways to be innovative and stylish.

Swanky lounges like NoHo’s BONDST bring in the see-and-be-seen crowd, who appreciate the upscale décor as much as the food. BONDST’s dining room is blocked off from pedestrian view, so it’s always-full house of pretty people can enjoy exclusivity. Top-notch Japanese fusion cuisine mirrors the fusion interior, with a sprawling cherry tree next to velvet drapes and lounge seating.

On the other end of the spectrum, Japanese food served in small, dark rooms appeals to artist and designer types. Decibel has nothing in common with lounges like BONDST besides its Japanese cuisine. Here, graffiti and a good luck cat welcome hipsters ready for nigari and sake.

New York’s Japanese restaurant scene includes posh hotspots, edgy downtown secrets, and hole-in-the-wall storefronts that might serve the coolest maki you’ve ever had. In a town where this cuisine has been popular for ages, the diversity of restaurants brings the flavors to widely different groups of people.

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