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Corner Bistro Corner Bistro in New York's West Village is a chill burger bar that makes for a great pre-game spot. Soak up some NYC grease with Party Earth. New York United States 40.73804 -74.003681
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Corner Bistro - Bar | Burger Joint | Pub in New York.
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Party Earth Review A greasy escape from New York’s hustle since 1961, Corner Bistro remains quasi-preserved in time to bring no-fuss dining to one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. The garish neon sign out front may be reminiscent... ... read full review

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    A, C, E, L: 14th Street / 8th Avenue; 1, 2, 3: 14th Street / 7th Avenue

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    M–Sa 11:30am–4am, Su noon–4am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Corner Bistro Review

The Scene

Corner Bistro in New York's West Village is a chill burger bar that makes for a great pre-game spot. Soak up some NYC grease with Party Earth.

A greasy escape from New York’s hustle since 1961, Corner Bistro remains quasi-preserved in time to bring no-fuss dining to one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods.

The garish neon sign out front may be reminiscent of a seedy Amsterdam den of sin, but the vibe inside is all American: Stained glass cabinets, antique cash registers, flat-screens tuned to the game, and ale served in foggy steins all set the tone for a friendly, low-key drinking experience that’s reflected in the price of the fare.

If the dirt-cheap beer behind the weathered bar isn’t enticement enough, the dishes on the spare menu – nine options total – have been topping New York’s Best Burger lists for years.

The atmosphere is sleepy early in the week when lackadaisical locals saunter in to sip off a long day, but on Fridays and Saturdays, the place can get so busy with Meatpacking club-hoppers and hammered sports enthusiasts that trying to grab a stool can be a full-contact event.

Even on busy nights, however, the bar maintains the feel of a local watering hole, with happy hipsters sharing drinks and college kids pounding shots as they avoid/hit on the mommies-who-do-Pilates and ogle/hit on the occasional neighborhood celebrity.

On the corner of a boutique-strewn cobblestone street, Corner Bistro stands as a reminder of the bohemian West Village of days gone by, combining old-school charm and crowd-pleasing pub grub to keep its lively clientele coming back for decades to come.

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Tip from Emma:

The Bistro also does burgers to go, perfect for a delicious bite on the way home.

  • Crowd

    Artists, college students, burger fans, easygoing hipsters, groups of intellectual twenty-somethings, working couples looking to unwind, and club-goers pre-gaming or post-booze munching, 20s to late 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Handful of flat-screens usually tuned to sports. Inaudible jazz, bebop, and modern pop tunes on the vintage jukebox serve as a backdrop to lively conversation.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A streamlined menu featuring the venue’s famous burgers and a small selection of sandwiches.

  • Prices

    Burgers/sandwiches $6–$8, chili $5.50, fries $3. Beer $3–$7, wine $6, cocktails $7–$8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts, sweats, plaid, Gap-chic for the club set.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    During the day to wind down in peace, or Friday and Saturday nights – or really any night – for a late-night post-party snack.

  • Close By

    The Greenwich Treehouse (46 Greenwich Avenue) is a charmingly ramshackle lounge/arcade/performance space that plays host to an equally chill-seeking crowd.

Corner Bistro User Reviews

Average rating:
Great burgers, cheap beer, lively crowd
Rob G. Apr 1, 2013
Corner Bistro is the place to hang out with that friend from college that you haven’t seen in like a year. You both show up and the line is out the door. Perfect. Grab a couple of mugs of $2.50 McSorely’s, drink them, then grab a few more while you catch up and wait for some empty seats. There’s a menu on the wall, something about grilled cheese and chili. Ignore it. Order two Bistro Burgers, medium-rare, and make sure to tell them you want fries. Your friend might say something like, “You want to just share one order of fries?” Ignore him. Tell the waiter directly that you want two orders of fries, and to keep the beer coming. Seriously, this place is great. They even mention it on that burger episode of How I Met Your Mother, albeit rather dismissively. Whatever, that show is for losers.
Best Hamburger for $6.75 and a slice of New York City culture
Unni N. Mar 21, 2013
The title sums it up. Much has been written about the Corner Bistro Burger. It doesn't stand up to gourmet burger standards, but for the price of one of those you could eat three at the Corner Bistro. This place is an institution. It's one of New York City's oldest bars and has stood the test of time. There are no more reviews or certificates of merit to be issued. The reputation of this place has been sealed. That's the only way to explain the long lines outside the corner bistro. People love this place and will continue to do so. For this type of love and dedication the owners can get a away with virtually no decor and slow service. Don't get me wrong, this place is anything but overrated. It's an example of a bar that has a legacy, something very few bars or restaurants in New York City do. The burgers are awesome, the beers are cheap. You will meet a microcosm of New York City here. Don't expect to be blown off your senses. This isn't the place for those seeking instant gratification or a wow factor. The Corner Bistro represents is a part of New York City's culture. Take a seat and go back in time, and try to enjoy the simple pleasures a bar has to offer. Like good times, interesting people and good food.
Delicious Burgers & Cheap Beer: What More Can You Ask For?
Michael E. Feb 19, 2013
The Corner Bistro is a great after work destination for quick eats and drinks for cheap. An establishment that's been on that corner for over fifty years, the crowds on an average night show that this place isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It's not often that you can go somewhere for food and drink in Manhattan and walk away spending less than $20.00 each. Not only that but the food is actually tasty! I can vouch that it's a great meeting spot during the week, and a great lunch spot on the weekend. If you're looking to do a burger tour of Manhattan this place should definitely be a stop on that tour.
Risa C. Dec 8, 2012
One of the most popular burger places in the NYC I can sort of see why event as someone who's not a huge burger fan. The burgers are juicy and delicious, although the lines can be quite lengthy during the dinner rush. While I will say the burger is one of the better one's I've had you can get equally as good burgers around the city if you know where to look. But because the place has been established as "the place to get a burger" downtown, it's the sporting a designer bag for the sake of sporting a designer bag of burger joints. On the plus side, because the business is always so busy, it's a nice place to chat up some of the trendy west village crowd while waiting on line for your table.
A Cornerstonbe of Our Great (NYC) Democracy
Melissa A. Oct 2, 2012
The Corner Bistro is a NYC institution. From drunk 25-year old hedge fund managers trying to start a fight to the never ending streaming of foreign born men looking to join or talk about soccer, this space is the perfect hang out spot on almost every night of the week. You can grab an excellent burger and fries along with your beer, but BE AWARE. You will more than likely have to wait in line for the hamburger and fries. Not too mention on busy nights (Thursday, Friday or Saturday), you will be standing for a while. Otherwise, the atmosphere is laid back, but charged with that New York joie de vivre!
Burger Heaven
Lauren A. Aug 3, 2012
Long considered one of New York City's premiere burger establishments - Unquestionably the king of long lines and best food for paper plates. Any burger, grilled cheese and french fries will be worth the wait. Remember, it is a burger joint and the interior has pretty much remained the same since its inception so be prepared for a dive...and a new addiction.
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