NYC Asian Restaurants Overview

Kunjip - Korean Restaurant | Asian Restaurant in NYC

Unsurprising given its role as a major hub for international cuisine from all over the world, New York Asian restaurants are bountiful and delicious. Delicious offerings from every corner of the east line the streets of the Big Apple, though some are more prevalent than others.

The main Asian restaurants of New York exist in Chinatown, where adventurous tourists, in-the-know downtown hipsters, and Chinese youths amass to chat over Szechuan and Cantonese food. While certain places, like the Peking Duck House, have grown famous over the years, any small brown sauce place down in Chinatown will give you both traditional staples and strange new delicacies that will delight even the pickiest of eaters.

But Chinatown only makes up one portion of NYC Asian restaurants. Vietnamese pho Korean BBQ, and Japanese ramen shops are located throughout downtown, especially in the East Village, where chill edgy creative professionals and sharply-dressed Japanese businessmen can laugh and drink around shared places. Further uptown, the area known as “Curry Hill” provides a hub of Indian cuisine, allowing for out-there college students and Indian families to chow down on some tandoori-cooked goodness.

While more widely known for its bagels and pasta, New York’s Asian restaurants provide delicious and strange culinary options from some lesser-visited parts of the world.

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