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The Penrose The Penrose in New York’s Upper East Side is a stellar gastropub with great food & drink & a diverse crowd. Meet a new special someone in NYC with Party Earth. New York United States 40.775497 -73.953288
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The Penrose - Bar | Gastropub in New York.
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Party Earth Review A saloon-style gastropub in the heart of posh Upper East Side may seem out of place, but whether catering to wealthy local suits or artsy hipsters wandering out of the Met a few blocks away, The Penrose is a veritable... ... read full review

  • Subway:

    4, 6: 77 Street / Lexington Avenue; 4, 5, 6: 86 Street / Lexington Avenue

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  • Hours:

    M–Th 3pm–4am, F 1pm–4am, Sa–Su 11am–4am

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Party Earth The Penrose Review

The Scene

The Penrose in New York’s Upper East Side is a stellar gastropub with great food & drink & a diverse crowd. Meet a new special someone in NYC with Party Earth.

A saloon-style gastropub in the heart of posh Upper East Side may seem out of place, but whether catering to wealthy local suits or artsy hipsters wandering out of the Met a few blocks away, The Penrose is a veritable Shangri-la for craft brews, locally sourced grub, and a cool neighborhood vibe…

…in a neighborhood not exactly known for being cool in the downtown sense of the word.

Regulars still tend to be far more business than bohemian, with lots of loose-collared gents and successful ladies crowding the stools up front, or drifting across the mosaic floor to the wood-slatted bar for Murphy’s and Delirium on draft.

The large space unfolds into multiple dining nooks with an understated retro flair, aided by tables seemingly plucked from a 1950s soda shop, an old typewriter on a solitary desk, and booths adorned with vintage luggage.

Food options are limited to only a dozen-ish items, but that doesn’t prevent a swell of savvy foodies from flooding in for a dinner of Irish sausages, oyster sliders, and forty-day cured beef sandwiches, all developed by Michelin-rated chefs.

A solid rotating list of scotches and a dozen craft drafts, including creative takes on old classics like the Ginger Lee – a fruitier cousin to the Moscow Mule – round out the drinks list, promising a loud and feisty singles scene at The Penrose that goes strong till closing.

It’s like college all over again! Except more cultured and with way better beer.

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Tip from Emma:

How about bacon Bloody Marys and fried chicken and waffles for weekend brunch? YES, PLEASE!

  • Crowd

    Mixed bag of business types, fashionable Upper East Siders, foodies, scotch seekers, bros who have grown up, hipsters who have learned to live in peace with bros, mid-20s to 50s in the early evening giving way to mid-20s to early 30s at night.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Subtle indie background music mostly drowned out by conversation. No TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Simple but sweet menu featuring oyster sliders and beer-battered pickles for starters, and entrées including Applewood bacon mac and cheese, forty-day cured beef sandwiches, and the Penrose burger, all developed my Michelin-rated chefs.

    Brunch 11am–4pm on weekends. Happy Hour M–F 3–7pm, Sa–Su 1–4:30pm.

  • Prices

    Brunch $8–$16. Sides $3–$5, shareables $6–$14, entrées $10–$12, salads $9–$10. Beer $6–$9, wine $8–$12, cocktails $11, whiskey $7–$24, soda spikes $9.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to dressy: suits and ties, polos, traditional office attire, scattered V-necks and flannel, loafers, sailing shoes, trendy dresses, blouses, heels, wedges.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday through Saturday nights for the biggest crowds guzzling cocktails, fighting for elbow space, and looking for love.

  • Close By

    Caledonia (1609 Second Avenue) is a cozy, quieter Scottish pub offering casks of beer, rum, and whiskey, as well as occasional scotch tastings.

The Penrose User Reviews

Average rating:
Exactly what the UES needed
Dana C. May 13, 2013
The Penrose provides the exact vibe the Upper East Side needed. In a residential neighborhood, it is definitely difficult to find a cool, more cultured bar that isn't a regular restaurant, irish pub or college/sports bar such as rathbones, mannys on second or BAR coastal. This review is on point, especially crowd/entertainment.
A good place the start off the night
Steve P. Dec 5, 2012
The temperature seems to drop about 3 degrees when you walk into the Penrose. Exposed brick and hardwood ceilings lend an air of class and rustic comfort. Wearing hard soled shoes on the worn hardwood floors is especially rewarding. UES professionals flock there to live out their alter egos as Williamsburg swanksters. They shed their suits and wingtips for fitted flannel and suede bucks. The Penrose plays host to a number of styles. It’s home to a slightly hipsterish crowd but you’ll find a casual t-shirt and jeans will be just as welcome. A good selection of beer and a great selection of whiskey bolster the Penrose into the agenda of any Friday night. If you can elegantly navigate your way around the bone of the fried chicken, the more power to you because it’s delicious. Otherwise save it for a time you don’t mind getting grease on your face and fingers. The burger is fantastic and never overcooked unless that’s how you want it. The food at the Penrose warrants a visit for that alone if you’re not a big fan of whiskey or beer. The staff and crowd are friendly and layout of the bar leaves nothing to be desired except for more time in the night. The best part is hearing the flick and flow of Scottish cadence from the staff. You’ll find yourself ordering more drinks just to hear it. The staff is mostly very Scottish, so save your UK apparel for another place. Or don’t if you’re feeling adventurous. You might not be served though.
Salvation in the UES
Jaclyn W. Nov 26, 2012
I recently moved from the EV to the UES and have been crying ever since. Where's the food? Where are the awesome bars? Is anything up here not fratty and gross? Finally, I stumbled upon Penrose on Grubstreet. I thought to myself, no way does a place like this exist in the UES. I forced myself to go and dragged a friend along. My expectations were not high, but that ended up working to my advantage. This place is awesome! I have been back several times including one morning for brunch. I didn't go wild and try their bacon oyster egg sandwich nor their fried chicken and waffles, but their presentation of a simple bacon egg and cheese was lovely. I washed it down with a Bloody Mary because that's my brunch go-to and it was well worth waking up for it. I wouldn't come here late night as a weekend spot, but they were more than accommodating for a quick tapas date or before dinner drinks with friends. They have plenty of beer on the menu to appease any type of palette and their cocktails are definitely geared towards down-towners (yayy!). The crowd is a bit older then college range due to the prices and because it's more of a crowded venue then a rowdy one. You'll find your typical financial suits at the bar unwinding with a beer after a long day. While the inside decor lends itself to a casual nature, the patrons are a bit more dressed say then Manny's on second. There aren't too many places in the area like this, so I highly recommend checking it out; especially if you've moved from downtown.
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