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Stout NYC Spanning sixteen thousand square feet over three floors, Stout NYC is an immense but homey Irish pub usually filled with a bustling crowd of young professionals – not to mention the yells of rowdy University of Texas football... New York United States 40.7498446 -73.989826
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Stout NYC - Event Space | Irish Pub | Restaurant | Sports Bar in New York.
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Party Earth Review Spanning sixteen thousand square feet over three floors, Stout NYC is an immense but homey Irish pub usually filled with a bustling crowd of young professionals – not to mention the yells of rowdy University of Texas football... ... read full review

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    B, D, F, M, N, Q, R: 34th Street-Herald Square-6th Avenue; 1, 2, 3: 34th Street-Penn Station-7th Avenue

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    M, Su 11:30am–4am (kitchen open until midnight), Tu–Sa 11:30am–4am (kitchen open until 2am)

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Stout NYC Review

The Scene

Spanning sixteen thousand square feet over three floors, Stout NYC is an immense but homey Irish pub usually filled with a bustling crowd of young professionals – not to mention the yells of rowdy University of Texas football...

Spanning sixteen thousand square feet over three floors, Stout NYC is an immense but homey Irish pub usually filled with a bustling crowd of young professionals – not to mention the yells of rowdy University of Texas football fans who have made the pub their official hangout on fall Saturday afternoons.

Originally designed to look like a country carriage house, the sprawling wood-and-brick labyrinth has enough smaller rooms and cozy corners to keep the atmosphere intimate and to cater to the diverse patrons, from the commuters sampling some of the two hundred beers on tap at the sixty-foot bar on the main floor to friends and co-workers gathered at tables on the mezzanine to chat and watch the action below.

Tables on all three levels offer plenty of space for diners, while those looking for more entertainment can head to the cellar, home to Dart Alley, a private billiards room, Saturday night karaoke parties, and occasional live bands that get the energetic guests out on the dance floor.

Its proximity to Madison Square Garden has made Stout a popular pit stop for sports lovers grabbing a drink before a game and concert goers looking for an upbeat way to end the evening, though the place is a sure bet just about any time for a big crowd and lively vibe.

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Tip from Lucas:

Shoot for a table on the mezzanine level – you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the elevated DJ booth and the endless array of beer taps.

  • Crowd

    Midtown workers, young professionals, commuters, outer-borough types, former jocks, and sports enthusiasts, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin Top 40. Occasional live music featuring 80s pop and tribute bands. Dart boards available Tu–Sa from 5pm. Private billiard tables rented at about $250/3hrs. Karaoke Idol on Saturdays. Private party spaces for groups of 10 to 400.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Extensive menu includes vegetarian burgers, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and Irish smoked salmon.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $6–$12, raw bar/oyster bar $10–$30, salads $10–$16, burgers and pizza $10–$15, veggie burgers $11–$26. Beer $6–$20, wine $6.50–$8.50, cocktails $8+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: mostly jeans, occasional team jerseys.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Wednesdays for the free stout beer tastings. Saturday and Sunday afternoons for football, and Saturday nights for karaoke and occasional live bands. Any time for pre-concert or pre-game dinner and drinks, and Fridays for the start of the weekend.

  • Close By

    The Ginger Man (11 East 36th Street) offers an incredible beer selection.

Stout NYC User Reviews

Average rating:
Just big enough
Anna K. May 2, 2013
Stout has good food, GREAT selection of beer and the atmosphere is awesome when people are showcasing their American Idol voices during Karaoke. Smack in Midtown, it's near to almost everything and right near MSG. Can't beat that.
The Karaoke Cannot Be Beat
Andre G. Apr 8, 2013
This place is a very well known staple of the soulless strip of establishments surrounding Madison Square Garden. It's a beacon, an oasis of fun and creativity in a place where most people just want to drink beer and get hammered ( and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT). The music is nice, the 100 beers on tap are nice, the people are nice, but this place is special because of the Karaoke. It's revelry at it's finest, attracts hilarious weirdos, and gives you an opportunity to finally sing "Died In Your Arms" at the top of your lungs in public. What's not to love?
Convenience At Its Finest
Jacqueline F. Apr 7, 2013
If you have friends spread out through NYC and Long Island, this is a great, casual spot to meet up for a gourmet of beers and bar food. Stout's location, just outside of Penn Station, makes it super convenient for everyone coming into the city whether it's from Long Island, Queens or Brooklyn. Unlike most NYC bars, it is roomy, with plenty of seating so you need not worry about being squished up between three strangers and a bathroom door while sipping on your new favorite Oatmeal Stout. Besides catching up with your best buds around a table, after 10PM you can head downstairs for karaoke on Saturday nights. For a casual, no fuss night out with friends, Stout NYC is an ace in the hole.
A Whole New World
Don G. Apr 7, 2013
My first encounter with Stout NYC was an after work outing with co workers about a year ago. As a Jersey guy, I was new to the NYC bar scene. I'm glad to say, Stout set the standard by which all other bars are compared. As a beer enthusiast Stout was like exploring Wonka's Chocolate Factory.....but instead of rivers of chocolate it was a wide assortment of beer. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Milk Stout beer, which I became very familiar with after my third round. The scene is very casual and laid back, which is great for anyone who despises the usual pretentious club/lounge scene. If you're a beer lover, looking for a great bar Stout NYC is that place.
Everybody clap yo' hands
Rob G. Apr 1, 2013
If you ever go to see a game at Madison Square Garden, you’re bombarded with advertisements for Stout. They sponsor the timeouts. They give away coupons at halftime. They even have a Stout NYC t-shirt cannon. So imagine the person that goes to see a Knicks game and says to their buddies, “Hey man, let’s go check out that bar. It looks really cool.” It’s that type of crowd. It’s fratty, it’s in-your-face, everybody’s waiting to catch their train back to Long Island. But it’s not terrible. The basement is a dedicated karaoke bar, and they have like a million beers from around the world. Drink up and try to ignore that guy to your left, asking if you got a problem, if you want to start something, brah.
I enjoyed it
Lynne M. Feb 20, 2013
I really enjoyed this bar, although I must admit that I am a bit biased in liking it, since I met my current boyfriend here nearly two years ago. I enjoy craft beers, and try to avoid the "weaker" beers that remind me of going to a college frat party, so this place is ideal for me. I have eaten the food here as well, which I thought was very good. I haven't had any desert here, so I cannot say anything about that. The place is HUGE, and it is very much a laid back atmosphere, not far from Penn Station. I would return, not only for the beer but also for the food since it is great for the price!
Good mood, good food
Gemstonn A. Dec 12, 2012
This one of my favorite spots in the city. Where else can you watch your favorite team play, have drinks with friends and enjoy a good meal? My friends and I always go hear to have the buffalo calamare for appetizer and unanimously we think it's one of their best appetizer. They have a huge selection of beers and the servers are quite knowledgeable of them, so ask away and they would lead you to the right drink! Another good food they have that you must try is the tuna salad, just a warning though, it's big enough to share with someone. I highly recommend this place, I don't have any dessert tips though, because by the time we get to that course we're already so full!
Great Value, Large Venue
Mark S. Dec 12, 2012
By no means is this a must-see or must-visit place. Just wanted to start out with that. But its a nice place for way cheaper than it should be based on the area, its is ridiculously big so you probably will never feel cramped (and the different areas have slightly different feels; variety equals good) and I haven't tried the food but a friend said it wasn't bad. Good place to watch sports, or even have a birthday. This is not a top venue for me, but if you are looking for something in the area, it just might be your best bet.
B & T Haven
Justin W. Dec 11, 2012
If you are coming in from Long Island Rail Road or Jersey Transit for a Knicks game or a concert Stout is the best you will find for a craft beer and a bite to eat in the area. The place is enormous and the service was pretty good. Not somewhere I would head for the night but not a bad place to spend waiting for the next train home.
Katie G. Dec 9, 2012
My friends and I went here between a concert and the food was decent! We went downstairs which was a little closed off from the rest of the place, but we were a large group so it was nice! The staff was great and the drink selection was decent! I would definitely go back for a quick bite, but not a "must" see on my list of places to eat and drink around the city.
No, Just No..
Jaclyn W. Nov 26, 2012
"Penn Station?" I screamed shrilly at my friend through the phone. "Seriously?!" This is as bad as Midtown East for me. If it wasn't for the love of my friend and because it was her birthday, I dragged my sorry self down to that sickly area and arrived on a rainy night at Stout. ONLY GO IF YOU MUST or if you are seeing some sort of event at MSG. There is seriously no reason to step foot here. I guess I would go if my train from Penn was running ridiculously late and I had given up on life, but the place is dark. Yes it is a lot roomier than most midtown bars and that was its saving grace. Mainly guys so that is a second plus for the ladies if you're into the type that roll into these places. Good spot to watch the game due to TVs, but good luck hearing anything because the music is like walking into Abercrombie & Fitch. The drinks are your typical pub drinks with a full liquor bar and plenty of beers on tap. The patrons are of no particular age. I saw people from 21 to 60 and no one seemed to mind the age gaps. Honestly, if for whatever reason you are stuck coming here, make sure it is for a sporting event. Try a Sunday for an NFL game, not a Friday night like my friend did for her birthday. It is super casual, so don't worry how you come dressed.
Great Pre/Post-Game Bar if you are heading to Madison Square Garden
Jimmy D. Aug 10, 2012
Located across the street from Madison Square Garden, Stout is the perfect spot to grab a beer before or after the game. Stout has a ton of tv's and 3 floors of different areas to congregate with friends and the food is generally good for bar food. Fills up on game nights with a loud crowd, but meeting here before a game beats standing on a street corner and being hawker by scalpers and guys handing out fliers.
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