NYC Irish Pubs Overview

Stout NYC - Event Space | Irish Pub | Restaurant | Sports Bar in NYC

If you think finding Irish pubs in New York is hard, you probably find breathing pretty difficult too. New York Irish pubs are everywhere, from kitschy tourist-filled joints to tucked away dives that have had the same guy on the same stool since dinosaurs roamed the Earth in search of properly poured Guinness.

Even in areas you might not think would naturally play host to Irish pubs, at least one has usually snuck in beneath the radar. The Tompkins Square Park area, for example, is hardly the first place one might expect to find an authentic Irish pub experience, but that’s just what St. Dymphna’s delivers, from the craft beer on tap to the wine list scrawled on a chalkboard trimmed with Christmas lights.

Meanwhile, over in Chelsea, Stout NYC is an immense but homey Irish pub usually filled with a bustling crowd of young professionals – not to mention the yells of rowdy University of Texas football fans that have made the pub their official hangout on fall Saturday afternoons. Not far away, Lillie’s is a NYC Irish-Victorian bar popular with business people, creative types, and weekend pub crawlers, and only serves to highlight the great diversity of NYC Irish pubs.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a borough in New York without a few solid Irish pubs to satiate your need for shepherd’s pie and bangers & mash, or to find an Irish pub that’s as rowdy or as quiet as you want it to be.

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