Drop Off Service

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Drop Off Service A welcoming English ale house situated in a former Laundromat, Drop Off Service and its cheap imperial pints attract an outgoing clientele of creative types and beer lovers. New York United States 40.729971 -73.981042
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Drop Off Service - Ale House | Lounge | Pub in New York.
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Party Earth Review A welcoming English ale house situated in a former Laundromat, Drop Off Service and its cheap imperial pints attract an outgoing clientele of creative types and beer lovers. Afternoons often see loyal regulars and expats... ... read full review

  • Subway:

    L: 1st Avenue-14th Street

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  • Hours:

    M–F 3pm–4am, Sa–Su 1pm–4am

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    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Drop Off Service Review

The Scene

A welcoming English ale house situated in a former Laundromat, Drop Off Service and its cheap imperial pints attract an outgoing clientele of creative types and beer lovers.

A welcoming English ale house situated in a former Laundromat, Drop Off Service and its cheap imperial pints attract an outgoing clientele of creative types and beer lovers.

Afternoons often see loyal regulars and expats – and their dogs – ensconced at the homey wood bar, which boasts one of the friendliest staffs in town, an impressive line of silver pulls, and a laundry list of British, German, and Belgian beers served in twenty-ounce-deep pints for a measly $3 during Happy Hour.

Later on, comfy cushioned booths along the brick wall provide space for the boisterous crowd of actors, musicians, artists, and blue-collar beer folk who gather to flirt and chat beneath the antique beer and cigarette ads, or load up the jukebox with anything from The Stones and Maiden to Muse and the Ravonettes.

Amazingly low prices mean the place is often packed to the rafters with loud partiers, so those who prefer a bit of conversation will want to slip through the curtains and nab a booth in the smaller side room.

Meat pies and sausage rolls supplied by nearby Tuck Shop just add to the charming English vibe, making Drop Off Service equally great for a pint with the boys or a pre-dinner nibble with someone special.

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Tip from Jonah:

Because of the great deals here, the place can get ridiculously packed. If you’re with friends and want to be able to talk, grab your Pimm’s Cup and head to the booths in the back room.

  • Crowd

    Artists, actors, musicians, beer lovers, hippies, and a smattering of British expats, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jukebox with indie, classic, and hard rock selections.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Meat pies and sausage rolls. Happy Hour M–F 3–8pm and Sa–Su 1–8pm.

  • Prices

    Meat pies and sausage rolls $6. Beer $5+, wine $7+, cocktails $7+, specialty drinks $8+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts, blouses, work clothes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays for the post-grad crowd, and Fridays and Saturdays for general partying.

  • Close By

    A few blocks West on 14th Street is O’Hanlon’s (349 East 14th Street), a solid pub with an excellent beer selection.

Drop Off Service User Reviews

Average rating:
A Great Happy Hour and a Pretty Good Crowd Too
craig w. May 13, 2013
Dropoff Service has one of the best happy hours in New York or anywhere else. The tap list is fantastic and their limited wine selection is still tasty. Imperial pints for $3 until 8pm daily is simply unbeatable once you see the selection. And they make a pretty good gin and soda too. The local crowd is predominantly Stuyvesant Town residents and also includes East Village locals who don't want to go to the competition at Destination next door or Percy's across the street. And Dropoff is definitely the better alternative. When you walk into Dropoff, you never feel like someone wants you to turn around and walk out. The wooden and slightly worn floors and beat-up but cozy booths feel very welcoming. The focus is on the beer and socializing. It can sometimes get loud, but never obnoxious. The taps are kept clean and dogs are no longer allowed, which is even better news (the only drawback had previously been that at times there were up to 6 dogs in the bar at the same time). It is hard to find something bad to say about this place, but sometimes the crowd gets a bit too young and wild late at night. But that goes for most places, and that is a complaint usually lodged only by those who used to be a part of that demographic haha That stated, this is one of my favorite bars in the city!
The Pursuit of Hoppyness...
Dr. Tim T. Feb 22, 2013
As a man who has spent more time tn pubs than I am able to reliably calculate (or willing to admit to) , I consider myself something of an ale house afficienado. It is not surprising, therefore, that when I chance upon an establishment that seamlessy delivers all the most important elements of a good boozer, I am compelled to share the joy. Drop Off Service is one such place, a gorgeous spot in the East Village. Read on and I'll tell you why... From the moment you walk into this loft-style pub, with its authentic, worn wooden floors and beautiful brick walls, you feel incredibly welcome. If that isn't good enough for a start, wait until you get to the bar. Not only do they have an eclectic, far ranging selection of ales, beers, ciders and craft brews, the prices are more than reasonable. Couple all this with the clear knowledge about the different brews exhibited by the bartenders and the friendly yet not overpowering greeting and you will soon realize that Drop Off Service suddenly catapults into your league of favourite NYC drinking dens. Happy Hour prices are incredible and include many more beer and wine options than pretty much most places I have been in NYC. The fact that I hardly noticed when Happy Hour was over, tells me two things: The regular prices are decent and the atmosphere is so enticing that I had not even realised that three hours had passed. As for the crowd, it is a healthy and intoxicating blend of trendy, arty and East Village personifying folk. Would be authors looking deep in thought, world weary musicians enjoying a pre-gig tipple, trendy artist types looking for their next inspiration and a whole host of casual patrons just enjoying what is a truly relaxing ambience. All this adds up to a great place and, lest I forget to mention it, the Happy Hour pints are not only $3, they are Imperial...and you just can't argue with that attention to detail. Put simply, this place has it going on. Great bartenders, superrb ales, piquant snacks, cool clientele and the opportunity to become so relaxed that you barely notice the time. ..and trust me, I know....I didn't leave until closing, having popped in for "a couple of quick ones". So, if you love a great pub, pop into Drop Off Service. You honestly won't be disappointed...
Good Bar, Good Value
Michael E. Feb 19, 2013
Drop Off Service is a favorite Manhattan destination of my friends and I. For happy hour there is a great selection of reasonably priced beer and liquor. After 8 this place starts to get crowded though, so if you and your group wish to stick around it's best to secure a table. A great casual atmosphere makes this a solid destination to kick off an adventurous weekend night, or for winding down after work during the week.
Alicia B. Nov 3, 2012
So this is a bar that me and a friend of mine seem to frequently find our way back to. The location is prime and I only seem to wind up there at the witching hour so there's always plenty of space to sit and have a slurred conversation. Here's the thing about this place: The ambience is drab. They have games that I can't imagine ever wanting to play. But they serve cider ON TAP! Yes, the elusive cider on tap. So good I will overlook everything else to get my hands on one. I'm bumping my rating up one star just for the cider. They've also got a hefty selection of beers.
Imperial pints
Chris K. Oct 8, 2012
One of my favorite happy hours in New York is at Drop Off Service, where imperial pints--that's a 20oz beer--go for three bucks. Three bucks! Yeah, they've also got meat pies and sausage rolls from Tuck Shop, and the whacky Paul Divone-ish decor is a lot of fun--but look, THREE DOLLAR IMPERIAL PINTS. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!
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