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Tir na nÓg - Irish Pub | American Restaurant in NYC

You don’t have to wait until Saint Patrick’s Day to get in on the luck of the Irish, for there are pots of gold-worthy pubs in New York doing brisk business 365 days a year.

Sure, New Yorkers know how to go out late and party hard, but they also know how to chill out with a frothy pint of Guinness, toss a few darts, watch some soccer (that’s the REAL football to you!), and catch up with old friends.

It’s doubtful anyone has ever said they couldn’t find a NYC pub to make their own what with the sheer number of New York pubs to choose from. Whether it’s at the hole-in-the-wall pubs of the East Village and Chinatown where hip, alternative trendsetters down cheap beer or the handful of more upscale pubs in the Meatpacking District, pubs in NYC cover every price range and style. German pubs, Irish pubs, gastropubs, and more, it’s all here.

Maybe it’s a good night to join the creative artists in Hell’s Kitchen at some rank pub that hasn’t seen the light of day in decades, or maybe you’re feeling more like watching the pretty people make their way to the exclusive watering holes in Chelsea while you ogle them through a pub’s window? Done and done!

And don’t forget, it’s not just New York proper where the pub scene flourishes. Brooklyn is on everyone’s go-to list for a great pub party, often at a much cheaper price than back in Manhattan.

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