New York Neighborhoods

Meatpacking District

Meatpacking District, New York

Once an industrial ghost town, the Meatpacking District is now considered one of the hottest and most fashionable neighborhoods in New York. Taking its name from the more than two hundred slaughterhouses that ... more

Chinatown / Nolita

Chinatown / Nolita, New York

A maze of busy thoroughfares and cobblestone pathways, Chinatown is a veritable explosion of food, culture, and people. By day the neighborhood swarms with tourists and locals from all over New York perusing the ... more


SoHo, New York

New York’s center of downtown style, SoHo (South of Houston Street) is home to sleek art galleries, coffee shops, and designer boutiques that line just about every street in the neighborhood. Frequented by chic ... more


Greenpoint, New York

The slightly cheaper – and some would argue safer – sister to adjacent Williamsburg, Greenpoint is starting to undergo the same wide-sweeping gentrification that has made Williamsburg the trendiest and most popular of ... more

Financial District

Financial District, New York

Despite the massive investment firms and imposing skyscrapers, the Financial District isn’t just about business. Filled by day with Armani-clad bankers rushing to the halls of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, or the ... more

Gramercy / Union Square

Gramercy / Union Square, New York

A New York landmark and important social hub, Union Square draws a daily mass of people looking to simply hang out or play chess along the concrete walkways, or even join a yoga class on one of the grassy areas that ... more


Midtown, New York

Stretching from Central Park to 40th Street and from Eighth Avenue to the East River, Midtown is not only one of New York’s largest neighborhoods, but also the epicenter of the city’s bright-lights, big-city grandeur ... more

East Village

East Village, New York

Formerly a graffitied haven for Basquiat and The Ramones, as well as the undeniable heart of New York’s counterculture, the East Village has since undergone a gentrified makeover that has brought enough upscale loft ... more

Chelsea / Flatiron

Chelsea / Flatiron, New York

One of the bigger neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Chelsea/Flatiron district is home to everything from high-end clubs and avant-garde art to beer bars and a bustling gay scene. During the day, local professionals ... more

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights, New York

Brooklyn Heights was the first neighborhood in New York to be protected under the 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law, mainly due to its seemingly endless blocks of pre-Civil War brownstones and a number of historic ... more


Brooklyn, New York

Includes: Brooklyn (Williamsburg) Brooklyn (Park Slope) Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights) Brooklyn (Prospect Heights) Brooklyn (Bushwick) Brooklyn (Greenpoint) Once associated with hard knocks and tough ... more

Murray Hill

Murray Hill, New York

Situated along the East River and bordering Chelsea to the west, Murray Hill is a conventional neighborhood filled with doorman buildings that house both long-time residents and new college grads looking for somewhat ... more

Greenwich Village / NoHo

Greenwich Village / NoHo, New York

Famous for its bohemian past when it was the epicenter of the 50s Beat Movement and early stomping grounds for Hendrix, Dylan, and the Velvet Underground, Greenwich Village is steeped in an artistic history and energy ... more


Williamsburg, New York

Williamsburg is the trendiest and most popular of Brooklyn’s social scenes, partly because of its strategic location just over the Williamsburg Bridge, and partly because it’s packed with vintage clothing shops, artsy ... more

Park Slope

Park Slope, New York

Consistently ranked as one of New York’s most desirable neighborhoods, Park Slope is Brooklyn’s gentrified hood du jour, with quiet residential areas abutting funky urban clutter and tree-shaded brownstones just down ... more

West Village

West Village, New York

Less intense than its eastern counterpart but equally madcap, the West Village is a bohemian enclave set against the Hudson River and home to younger creative professionals, successful entertainers, and artists from ... more

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen, New York

Once a blue-collar, Irish-American neighborhood and underworld enclave, Hell’s Kitchen is now a flourishing residential area filled with artists, actors, and creative young New York professionals. During the day, ... more

Upper West Side

Upper West Side, New York

Primarily a residential area and home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the world, the Upper West Side has undergone years of gentrification to become one of the most sought-after and expensive neighborhoods ... more


Bushwick, New York

Bushwick might be quite a ways off the beaten path, but for those post-punks, indie kids, and headbangers looking for the gritty DIY bar and music scene that has been priced out of other areas, there’s nowhere better ... more

Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights, New York

Like its Park Slope neighbor, Prospect Heights borders Prospect Park and offers its diverse population of mostly middle-class professionals countless daytime activities, including the Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn ... more


Tribeca, New York

One of New York’s most artistic and expensive neighborhoods, Tribeca (the triangle below Canal Street) saw a resurgence of the arts in the early part of the decade that brought with it many of the actors and musicians ... more

Lower East Side

Lower East Side, New York

The Lower East Side has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a mostly poor immigrant neighborhood and New York’s center of Jewish culture. While a slew of synagogues and historic Jewish sites remain, the ... more

Upper East Side

Upper East Side, New York

Home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, the Upper East Side may be the poshest neighborhood in New York, where grandiose apartments, chic restaurants, and high-end culture reside side by side. ... more

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