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The Living Room Home to two hopping venues and a swinging bar, The Living Room is a cocktail lounge and live music club that draws an outgoing, music-loving clientele. New York United States 40.720932 -73.987654
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The Living Room - Bar | Live Music Venue | Lounge in New York.
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Party Earth Review Home to two hopping venues and a swinging bar, The Living Room is a cocktail lounge and live music club that draws an outgoing, music-loving clientele. Festive blues, yellows, and greens set an upbeat tone at the front... ... read full review

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    F, J, M, Z: Delancey Street-Essex Street

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  • Hours:

    M–Th, Su 6pm–2am, F–Sa 6pm–4am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Living Room Review

The Scene

Home to two hopping venues and a swinging bar, The Living Room is a cocktail lounge and live music club that draws an outgoing, music-loving clientele.

Home to two hopping venues and a swinging bar, The Living Room is a cocktail lounge and live music club that draws an outgoing, music-loving clientele.

Festive blues, yellows, and greens set an upbeat tone at the front bar, whose comfy red stools and scattering of plush sofas and chairs provide a place to hang out between sets.

Once the show starts, the everyman-rocker crowd makes its way to the spacious back room to settle in at candlelit cocktail tables, order drinks from the sassy punk waitresses, and nod along as low-key indie acts strum soothing tunes on stage.

Patrons looking for a heavier vibe can head upstairs to Googie’s Lounge, a more intimate music spot decked out in heavy curtains, beads, candles, and aquatic blue lighting, where more intense performers play to rapt audiences enjoying the freedom to express their own brand of weirdness.

Although the live music at both venues is the main draw, early evenings also see the Living Room’s front bar packed with a crowd of noisy but amiable locals, uptown musicians, successful artists, and ultra-chill hipsters – and with only an occasional cover charge, this a great spot for spontaneous club-hoppers, too.

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Tip from Jonah:

The Living Room has its own show on XM radio, Sunday nights at 7pm. Get the same music that you would at the venue from the comforts of your own personal living room.

  • Crowd

    Local regulars, successful artists, and super-cool hipsters, mostly 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music on two stages – The Living Room downstairs and Googie’s upstairs – featuring mostly indie rock and blues. Photo booth. Jukebox with mostly classic rock. TVs tuned to sports or movies.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    One-drink minimum. Cash only.

  • Prices

    Tickets for big-name bands $8–$15. General cover charge $10/suggested donation. Beer $5+, wine $6+, cocktails $6+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Stylish casual or vintage: wide collars, slacks, slinky dresses, poofy skirts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Wednesdays and Fridays for repeat performances by resident artists, and Saturdays for bigger crowds and acts.

  • Close By

    Since there’s no food at The Living Room, Spitzer’s Corner (101 Rivington Street) is a gastropub full of upscale bar eats along with a 40 beer tap list that will satiate any late-night cravings.

The Living Room User Reviews

Average rating:
Well great!
Gor G. Jun 10, 2013
Talk about a great place with great music and I will always pop my head in with a phrase - "Have you been to the living room"? At first people that are not aware of it, think that I am maybe trying to invite them to my living room...but after some further clarifications on its location they all of a sudden remember that they've heard about it somehow, but never've been there. To which I say "Well u HAVE to go then, great music, you can actually talk to the people that perform there before or after the show without any pompous rules or attitudes and did I mention that it is donation based?" I have been there only 4 or 5 times and already consider it as my regular spot to see and hear some great music and i love doing it randomly on any day, especially a weekday. The Living Room has some great shows almost every day and every day you will find it is full with regulars and occasional by stoppers. There is a bar in a back and another lounge upstairs, plenty of fun to be had at this EV joint. Check out some videos I managed to sneak last few times I was there.
Low key music venue in the heart of LES
Myriam A. Apr 11, 2013
The living room has the advantage of being low key enough to serve cheap drinks while proposing good concerts in a cozy environment. Bands who come and play are mainly emerging but talented ones. Friendly staff.
Great space, friendly staff, live music
James D. Mar 28, 2013
The Living Room offers you the best of both worlds. Some nights, there is live music in their back room which is so cozy and cute it would make Pooh Bear cry. Perfect date spot. On the other hand, the front bar is loud, gritty and always packed. The marvel? When you're in the back room, you can't hear the din of the front room and vice versa. You can completely escape both in exchange for the other. It gives you great choice - whether you want a romantic date with sweet live music or an uproariously good time with your buddies in a bar setting.
The dream of the 90s
Chris K. Nov 14, 2012
Remember artists like Keith Haring and Paul Divone? The Living Room does. This place's brightly-colored mossaic feel is an immediate throwback to the Nineties, when Clinton was our president and Rusted Root were considered legitimate musicians. While the curtained back room and major live performance space are nice--nothing like table waitresses to make this reviewer feel blessed--but their blue-tinged upstairs venue is my personal favorite, with its tiny room and dangling sequins. With a nice drink selection, a great live schedule, and a solid and friendly vibe, the Living Room is a perfect stop on your way into a long night.
Fun spot to check out live music
Chris M. Nov 7, 2012
Came here on a Friday night not knowing any of the small acts that was playing and had a great time. I had heard good things about The Living Room as a good place to start a night in the Lower East Side if you are into music and I agree. They have a different band every hour and people come and go between sets; we stayed for a set by Son Bully and they put on a pretty good show and got me tapping my feet. There was no cover charge and we just walked through the curtain in the back and found a table. At one point a donation bucket for the band was passed around but it never quite made it around the room. The chalkboard out front advertised a "Shot and a can" for $6 and I opted for that. We were clearly the only people in the back ordering that drink as the waitress did not know which can of beer we would get or which shot of well whiskey we would get. We ended up with a Tecate and some terrible whiskey that made the Tecate seem classy - but I'm not complaining, it was six bucks to get me going. Plus I had that much cash and the place is cash only (as are way too many bars in NYC I learned on my last trip, what's the deal with that?). The experience will clearly depend on the band that you catch and after one set of music we didn't know we were ready to head to another bar where we could talk. The space is really intimate and if you were to catch a band you know here it would be really great.
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