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Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) Looking for concerts at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh NY? Check out Party Earth for Nikon Theater updates & experience this cool music spot for yourself! New York United States 40.601476 -73.502362
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Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) - Amphitheater | Concert Venue in New York.
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INFO Nikon at Jones Beach Theater is an outdoor amphitheater in Wantagh, New York, located on the South Shore of Long Island. Situated within the Jones Beach State Park, it is one of the two biggest outdoor arenas in the New... ... read more

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    Wantagh, NY
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    1000 Ocean Pkwy
    Wantagh, NY 11793

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Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) Videos

Journey Live at Nikon Jones Beach Theater NY
Journey Live at Nikon Jones Beach Theater NY
Big Ten Inch Record (Nikon At Jones Beach, New York)
Rebirthing - Skillet (at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater on 8/24/2010)
Nine Inch Nails Metal Live @ Nikon Jones Beach Theater Long Island 6/7/09
Phish - Mike's Song Live at Nikon at Jones Beach Aug. 17, 2010

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) Information

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) - Amphitheater | Concert Venue in New York.

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater is an outdoor amphitheater in Wantagh, New York, located on the South Shore of Long Island. Situated within the Jones Beach State Park, it is one of the two biggest outdoor arenas in the New York metropolitan area.

Opened in 1952 as an 8,200-seat venue primarily for musicals, the theater showcased popular productions such as A Night in Venice, Arabian Nights, The Sound of Music, and Oklahoma. In 1992 and 1998, the venue underwent two massive renovations after shifting its focus to music concerts, and now seats up to 14,000 people.

Since the 1980s, the theater has featured the biggest names in the music industry from a wide variety of genres. Past concerts at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater include performances by The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Def Leppard, The Who, and Coldplay.

The theater’s stadium-style layout makes it so that fans on any seating level can hear the music perfectly.

Nikon at Jones Beach Theater (Wantagh, NY) User Reviews

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Best Atmosphere of Any Venue
Jacqueline H. Aug 6, 2013
I've been to countless concerts at Jones Beach and it is by far one of the best venues I have ever been to. There are always pros and cons to attending a concert outside, but if you catch Jones Beach on a good night, you'll get to listen to music with a great view of the water. However, because the venue is outdoors, it doesn't have the best acoustics. Hands down one of the best aspects of going to a concert at the Nikon theater is the tailgate. For any concert, I usually arrive at about 3 p.m. with friends and a huge cooler and lots of food. Plenty of people bring games and pump up the music to whatever artist is playing that night. The parking is free and they have virtually no restrictions on what you can and can't do in the parking lot. But if you're into alcohol, make sure you get your fill before you enter the venue. They sell great food but no alcohol so be prepared (they only sell alcohol in VIP!). Overall, definitely recommend going to a concert here. It's one of the must-do things on Long Island.
Joanna F. May 6, 2013
I attended Nikon at Jones Beach Theater for many concerts. They are very accommodating during inclement weather--especially since the stage is right over the water! If you get a chance to go to a show here, I highly recommend tickets in the VIP section. They treat you as the title suggests. They give you a bracelet, and you can go in and out of the VIP section as you please. They even have their own bathroom! They have delicious barbeque and margarita's in a cool collectible guitar cup. Remember to bring a lot of money! Like most venues, food, drinks, and merchandise aren't cheap!
Great Music & An Ocean Breeze
Jacqueline F. Apr 7, 2013
Being a native Long Islander, I am no stranger to the JBT. While every concert I've attended here has far from disappointed (can't go wrong with an outdoor, ocean-side concert venue) the real key to a successful experience at a Jones Beach concert is tailgating. Arrive a few hours early and you will soon be surrounded with car radios blazing, the smell of burgers on the grill, and red solo cups as far as the eye can see. The crowds are generally friendly, and concert-goers develop a camaraderie, making friends with their next-stall neighbors, joining in games of pong, Kan Jam, or just lounging out in beach chairs enjoying the lively environment and light ocean breeze. Once you and your friends are able to peel yourself away from the pre-concert festivities and actually go IN to the venue, even if you are up in the nosebleed section, there are large monitors on each side of the stage for you to get an up-close view. The sound is perfection, no matter where your seats. Overall, it is really difficult to have a bad time at this venue. Even when it rains the show will go on, the crowd goes crazy, and your experience is that much more memorable.
Great Venur for Summer Concerts!
Erica G. Mar 31, 2013
Almost every time I go to a concert, I end up at Jones Beach Theater. Its the go to outdoor venue for the top artists when they come to New York. I've seen countless bands from Paramore, Maroon 5, John Mayer, and plenty more. I have to say, I have not been to a better outdoor venue. Sometimes they have strict rules about the types of cameras you can bring into the venue, but I think that depends on the artist. Even the ducks jam to the music!
Nostalgia at the Nikon
Elena F. Feb 19, 2013
This is hands-down my favorite concert venue. I have been to four concerts here thus far and will return for years to come. I even stood through two concerts in the rain - and I'm normally the umbrella-type. Nikon is a great venue to hit after a day at Jones Beach. The nighttime view of the beach from the stadium is definitely a sight to see. Unfortunately, the concerts/events are a bit limited by the season, as the stadium is completely open-air, but it's tremendous popularity during it's more moderate seasons is a great testament to its success.
Beach + Music
Hilary R. Jan 25, 2013
This is my favorite place to see concerts... whether it's taking a boat out on a late summer day right by the stage or sitting atop the highest row and relaxing from afar when my favorite band takes the stage.
Jones Beach
Cadie C. Dec 12, 2012
Only saw one show here, Lil Wayne's America's Most Wanted Tour. Being that it's all open the sound actually travels well and there are also screens so the show could also be seen. It's a nice scene on a nice day, with the beach being in the background. However, if attending a rap concert, be prepared to catch contact high. This is a nice place to attend a concert if you want to drink and lay on the beach beforehand and then attend the show. Parking however, was not my favorite part of the show. I would attend another show here though.
Risa C. Dec 10, 2012
Maybe I'm just a bit of a heavy drinker but seriously, how can a concert venue not serve any alcohol?! I came here for Rihanna and Ke$ha (don't judge, I had free tickets) and that was definitely a show where some alcohol was kind of necessary. It also turned out to be a rainy day, but they opted to keep the concert going which is admirable, but it should be noted that most of the seats are in the open air so if you're not under the overhang during bad weather, you're going to get wet...actually if its windy (which it tends to be at the beach) you're still going to get wet under the overhang. For a totally open air venue however, the sound was really good and we were able to hear the music really well and see the performance on the large LED screens. On a side note with the open air though, you can hear the concert pretty well from the parking lot as well - which did not go unnoticed by the 13 year old Ke$ha wanna bees standing outside the stadium covered in glitter singing along. Not a bad place, just drink beforehand and hope for good weather.
Jones Beach
Jaclyn W. Dec 4, 2012
Beach and music. What is there to negotiate here? Maybe the band we're seeing, but that's it. This place is awesome. Even when it's crowded, you can always hear the music and at least you have seats, so nothing gets too wild and rowdy. This is especially important when you want to actually hear your favorite bands. I saw Blink 182 and Incubus here. Maybe because it was my childhood and I love both bands dearly, but those were two of the best concerts ever; especially Incubus. Picture this: It's a chill summer night. Your seated at a concert near the water and Brendan Boyd is crooning to you under the star canopy above. Heaven, no? I come here any chance I get. You can go to the beach the entire day and stay for the music the entire night. The only issue is getting here because if you're a city dweller, then you're going to have to find someone that has a car. I'm sure there's some shuttle or something somewhere or a taxi, but your best bet is honestly to drive down with a group of friends and make someone a DD. It even rained a tiny bit during Incubus and it still was not an issue! I strongly recommend seeing a concert here at least once in your lifetime.
So much fun!
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
I love coming to the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach! I attended the American Idol tour here and I had a great time even though it was raining! It's so nice to have the view of the ocean right near the stadium! It made it even more memorable that the smell of the ocean reached my seats. I had a great time coming here! The venue was clean, the people were great, and the sound system was fantastic! This outdoor theater is so much fun to go to in ALMOST all weather conditions. Make sure to attend a concert here during a month that is known for great weather, because it can get very chilly very quickly!
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