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(le) poisson rouge "Located in the space formerly occupied by The Village Gate, (le) poisson rouge is an edgy club and music venue ""serving art and alcohol"" to a cool Greenwich Village crowd." New York United States 40.7284933 -73.9999758
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Party Earth Review Located in the space formerly occupied by The Village Gate, (le) poisson rouge is an edgy club and music venue “serving art and alcohol” to a cool Greenwich Village crowd. Rockers and ultra-chic art hipsters trundle downstairs... ... read full review

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    A, B, C, D, E, F, M: West Fourth-6th Avenue; 1, 2: Houston Street-Varick Street

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    Daily 5pm–late

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth (le) poisson rouge Review

The Scene

"Located in the space formerly occupied by The Village Gate, (le) poisson rouge is an edgy club and music venue ""serving art and alcohol"" to a cool Greenwich Village crowd."

Located in the space formerly occupied by The Village Gate, (le) poisson rouge is an edgy club and music venue “serving art and alcohol” to a cool Greenwich Village crowd.

Rockers and ultra-chic art hipsters trundle downstairs into the main room, where they clamor around the red bar until the night’s high-profile underground act takes the stage to perform for their in-the-know fans.

Though the floor is often filled with small candlelit tables, louder acts and DJ nights see the space cleared and packed with scenesters swaying beneath red walls and artsy installments, most notably the namesake suspended aquarium and its community of red fish.

The adjacent gallery and concert hall attracts both art and music lovers, who stop in to peruse the current exhibits and see what’s happening on the second stage.

A uniquely diverse roster of performances means the crowd is always different, from young, black-clad die-hards at the punk shows to older, laid-back aficionados at the classical concerts.

For patrons willing to shell out for the pricey drinks and occasional cover charge, (le) poisson rouge promises a night dedicated to the subtle art of a good time.

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Tip from Jonah:

Big indie label acts looking for a more intimate experience often play at LPR, so keep an eye on the venue’s calendar – you might find yourself (and three hundred other people) face to face with Thom Yorke.

  • Crowd

    Artsy and dedicated mix of music lovers of every genre, 20s to 60s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Different style of music or other entertainment featured nightly. Past bookings include Beach House, Mos Def, Lykke Li, and Jumpa Lahiri.

    Special nights include Freedom Party and Crooked Disco on Fridays, I Love Vinyl and Le Bingo for bingo and comedy on Saturdays, Nasty Mondays once a month, and occasional John & Molly Get Along comedy nights.

    Rotating exhibits in the art gallery. Check website for schedule of events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu of classic American fare including edamame and tater tots, Kobe beef sliders, and mac and cheese. Kitchen may close early during some parties.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$25. Appetizers $5–$9, entrées $12–$16. Beer $4+, wine $8+/glass or $40+/bottle, cocktails $12+, mixed drinks $10+, shots $10+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Depends on the act: jeans, t-shirts, and short dresses for dance parties, and jeans and button-downs for classical concerts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night there’s an act of interest booked, and Fridays for the famous Freedom Party and a fun, party-loving dance crowd.

  • Close By

    Basement dance spot Love (179 MacDougal Street) features excellent DJs and a cool Village crowd.

(le) poisson rouge User Reviews

Average rating:
Avoid if possible
Selina L. Apr 4, 2013
Unless one of your top 10 acts is performing here, avoid this venue. I've here multiple times, and the last time was to see a second-rate electronic act that my friend got us tickets for. As soon as the lights went down, a group of obnoxious NYU kids next to us proceeded to take out a bag of molly and pass it out amongst themselves. Needless to say, they spent the rest of the night getting into people's personal spaces, swaying weirdly, and generally being a nuisance. I tried to move to a different spot, but the stage is set at a weird angle, so it's not that easy to move around and still see the stage. Unfortunately, that was not my first time dealing with unpleasant crowds at LPR--something about its location must attract annoying people. And in addition to being overpriced, the bar is always super packed--I've waited almost 20 minutes to get drinks before. While they do book some very good acts, if these artists are big enough to be playing at LPR, they've probably got another date at Bowery Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, or any number of much better venues around the city. Go there instead.
Unique and Delightful
Sarah W. Feb 22, 2013
The idea of sitting down and enjoying a fancy drink during an indie concert might seem like a wild fantasy. At (Le) Poisson Rouge, an inspired Greenwich Village establishment that conjures the atmosphere of a continental cabaret, it is a reality. Art deco ornaments and the painting of a double headed fish skeleton arching above the door welcome guests inside a space that was once home to the legendary jazz venue the Village Gate. The name and the owners have changed, but the space still strives, “to establish a creative asylum for both artists and audiences.” For a diverse crowd of punks, hipsters, artists and people who cannot be easily classified, it continues to accomplish its goal with unique and eclectic offerings in music, art, comedy and theater. From the suspended tank of fiery colored fish to the red and black design scheme, the club’s atmosphere fits with the promised servings of “art and alcohol.” The entertainment ranges from screenings to dance nights to concerts featuring fairly big-name indie acts as well as more obscure performers. Past performers include Sleigh Bells, They Might Be Giants, Florence and the Machine, Patrick Wolf and Justin Bond. At $14 each, the cocktails are pricey, but the impressive variety of juices, seasonings and less than common alcohols used to make them justify the cost. Guests can also wash down soup, salads, pizza and a variety of other foods with wine and beer.
Jessie O. Feb 11, 2013
(le) poisson rouge is definitely a trendy looking place. When I first got there I was really excited just from the decor but once the show started my feelings changed. The staff is not so friendly and it was almost impossible to order a drink. The venue easily gets packed a big problem because you're shoulder to shoulder and can't easily see the stage. Another issue I had with the Venue was the length of the show. The band began playing at 10 and by 10:30 they had already finished their set. Also, the band wasn't allowed to play an encore because the venue had been booked for a private birthday party.I couldn't believe it! Not to mention the band is a pretty well known band. I wasn't the only one that was in awe. The crowd thought that the band was taking a little break and we all stood around for a few minutes until a staff member got on the mic and told us we had to get out immediately. All concert attendees were briskly forced out of the venue and left on the street to continue the night somewhere else.
Chris K. Nov 30, 2012
Certain aspects of le poisson rouge make it very cool and entertaining. The decor, specifically, is awesome--the double-headed fish skeleton over the door, the uneven fish tank attached by chains that dangles over the stairs, the general wackiness one can find in the venue itself. These are all cool things. On the other hand, the crowd is sort of typical and uninteresting, the place is often packed, and the staff does very little to make one feel at home or have a great time. That's not their job, of course, but it always helps. I've heard the concerts and DJ nights here are all right, and plenty of my friends love this place. As far as bars like it, though, there are lots of New York hangouts I'd promote over here.
Good Music Venue
Alicia B. Nov 3, 2012
I'm going to tell you that your experience here depends almost entirely on your reason for being here. I was dragged to see an indie rapper/electronic-house producer perform a set against a moving psychedelic backdrop. The crowd was packed with NYU kids (I saw "kids" because there were literally backpacks scattered around the floor), most of whom were dancing interpretively or trying to squeeze in closer to the stage. It was a bit of a free-for-all, but again, could have just been the artist and the crowd that night. It definitely has the swankiest facade in that Washington Square bar scene. The door man is pretty serious. But I wouldn't put myself through that unless it were for an act I was really dying to see. The drinks are too expensive.
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