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Irving Plaza Want to find the latest concerts at Irving Plaza in NYC? Check out Party Earth for updates on Irving Plaza & experience this top concert venue for an amazing show! New York United States 40.735 -73.988333
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Irving Plaza - Concert Venue in New York.
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INFO Although it’s been a Polish Army veterans’ headquarters and a swing music ballroom, Irving Plaza is best known for being a rock hall or, as a former owner called it, a “Rock Motel.” The 1,025... ... read more

Irving Plaza Videos

Robin Thicke Angel Live at Irving Plaza 3-15-07
Robin Thicke Angel Live at Irving Plaza 3-15-07
Peaches performing Fuck the Pain Away @ Irving Plaza
U2 Bad Live From The Irving Plaza 2000
Darren Criss - Stutter (Live at Irving Plaza)
Alice in Chains Sludge Factory Live Irving Plaza New York City 9/8/09 HD
Morcheeba- Part Of The Process (Irving Plaza- Sat 2/12 /11)
OMD - If You Leave - Irving Plaza NYC
Jet Lag - Joss Stone - Live @ Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza Information

Irving Plaza - Concert Venue in New York.

Although it’s been a Polish Army veterans’ headquarters and a swing music ballroom, Irving Plaza is best known for being a rock hall or, as a former owner called it, a “Rock Motel.” The 1,025-person ballroom-style music venue is located at 17 Irving Place and East 15th Street and has hosted a plethora of punk and new wave legends including the B-52s, Talking Heads, and Ramones. Irving Plaza was taken over by Live Nation in 2007 and hosts a mix of mainstream crowd-pleasers as well as smaller artists on the rise.

Plush red couches, gold-plated ceilings, ornate mirrors, and chandeliers complement the venue’s vintage rock atmosphere. The balcony holds 1,000 people and is standing room only, meaning you should get there early if you want a clear view of the stage! Irving Plaza tickets can be bought online through Live Nation or at the Box Office, which accepts both cash and cards.

Irving Plaza User Reviews

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Mass in a club
Alex J. Aug 26, 2013
The first time I saw a long line outside Irving Plaza I thought there might be a concert, specially according to the young hipsters and cool New Yorkers who conformed the queue. However, that was the address for the mass. I was expecting a church or maybe a synagogue but I was amazed by the Mass in that Club. Everybody that you meet in your way to the scenario smiles at you, loads of young people who includes the hottest priests and a concert before every service. Images, songs and a time to know other people who are around you. If God can be everywhere why Hillsong Church had been the first in showing him in a Club? No preaching, just try it. Once you experience it you'll become a believer!
Irving Plaza is the Best Underrated venue in NYC
Sarah B. K. Jun 5, 2013
Irving Plaza has a deep, rich history in N.Y.C and yet it never gets the credit it deserves. A small, intimate venue, Irving Plaza, will always BE Irving plaza, no matter what corporate sponsor decides to slap their name on the marquee. The sound quality is perfect no matter where in the main ballroom you decide to stand in, the perfect spots seem to be on the floor. Every Performing act, sounds amazing, the lighting is superb and you are generally impressed when you leave the the place. It is very much suggested to take advantage of your favorite musical acts upcoming show at Irving for you to attend, You will be very much impressed.
Archer Live at Irving Plaza
Jonah R. Jan 13, 2013
I've seen a couple shows at the venue but just checked out the Archer Live performance and the venue did very well to convert into a more casual seated environment. The normally general admission standing room was comfortably transformed into rows of metal chairs that allowed the audience a more relaxed experience. As a result, it didn't get too crowded and everyone could remain a little more to their own during the show. That being said it was a perfect sized venue for a more intimate show/performance. Big enough that there were enough people but small enough that you could see the stage from anywhere and sound/visual quality was right on point.
Yay Concerts!
Risa C. Dec 9, 2012
I've been here for a few concerts over the years but one of the most recent was for Die Antwoord. As with most concerts my experience had more to do with the artist than the venue. What I can say about the venue: 1) It's a bit a divey, and could probably use a facelift. But then again who wants to spend money renovating a place where people are going to get drunk and mosh. Which brings me to point #2... 2) The alcohol is easily accessible. When I went here for Die Antwoord I can literally say it's the only time in my life I wish I was less drunk 3) Everyone here is smoking weed and no one is doing anything about it because getting into the middle of the crowd is not an easy feat 4) Getting your coat that you checked at the end of the night sucks because the line extends outside - as in into the cold weather outside
Great bands, dodgy venue
Chris K. Nov 16, 2012
Many of my best musical experiences have been spent in Irving Plaza, seeing bands like Soilwork, Amon Amarth, and Opeth absolutely destroy this sort-of-scummy upstairs concert hall. Similarly, many of my worst financial nights have been spent here too, as the drinks at this venue cost approximately your first born child. On top of that, the place gets packed quickly, and the venue seems to have recently started a stoically-kept practice of not allowing concert goers to spill out into the hallways, probably due to some sort of contrived fire hazard excuse (watch as I write this, disobey them, and burn to death). Anyway, definitely come through to see some awesome acts rock this house, but bring your cash if you want to tank up.
Great Memories
Sara G. Sep 14, 2012
I haven't been to Irving Plaza since Live Nation took it over, but every concert experience I've ever had here has been fantastic. The acoustics are great, and there is something really special about having General Admission for a venue of this size. It feels truly intimate - no matter who you are or what you're into, you can connect with your neighbor in Irving Plaza over whatever artist you're both there to see. That doesn't happen that often in New York. When you take a moment away from the show and actually have a moment, take a look around you. The structure itself is breathtaking. And when you notice that, you realize you're not just there to see some concert. You're in New York City - and that's the kind of architecture you can expect when you go to a concert at a historical venue in New York. They're not messing around.
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