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Gramercy Theatre Looking for concerts & shows at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, and more for this incredible theater and concert venue! New York United States 40.7399 -73.984911
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Gramercy Theatre - Concert Venue | Theater in New York.
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INFO Originally designed as a movie theater and art house, the Gramercy Theatre of New York City opened in 1937. Until 1998, the venue served as an art house, a coffee shop, a dollar movie theater, and a theater for the... ... read more

Gramercy Theatre Videos

Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son - Live @ Gramercy Theatre
Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son - Live @ Gramercy Theatre
Accept Gramercy Theatre NYC Fast As A Shark May 08 2010
Accept- Breaker @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC, May 8, 2010
Limp Bizkit - Faith Live @ New York Gramercy Theatre 2010
Jan Uczkowski @ DIGITOUR at Gramercy Theatre NYC 5/1/11- The Key of Awesome
Snoop Dogg DJ's at Gramercy Theatre NYC
Sepultura - Kairos (new song) live at Gramercy Theatre NYC

Gramercy Theatre Information

Gramercy Theatre - Concert Venue | Theater in New York.

Originally designed as a movie theater and art house, the Gramercy Theatre of New York City opened in 1937. Until 1998, the venue served as an art house, a coffee shop, a dollar movie theater, and a theater for the revival of Hollywood classics. It was also the primary shooting location of the Fugees’ music video for “Killing Me Softly.”

In 1998, Gramercy Theatre was renovated to become an off-Broadway performance space, which eventually closed in 2004. In 2006, Live Nation purchased the building as a concert venue. With a capacity of 500 people, the theater has the unique concert hall feature of standing room in the front with seating available in the back. Past events at Gramercy Theatre include performances by Jay-Z, Huey Lewis and the News, Macy Gray, The Jonas Brothers, and Counting Crows.

Gramercy Theatre User Reviews

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Cool place
Eddie T. Aug 9, 2013
Saw a few of my favorite bands here and I enjoy this place. Has a seating section if you don't want to stand for the heavier bands and worry about getting hit but the dancers in the crowd. 2 bars and a big stage. Sound was awesome and I can't wait to go back
Intimate with Willy Moon
Lauryn S. Jun 23, 2013
My first Gramercy Theatre show was a Willy Moon concert. The stage was the perfect size for him, along with his bandmates and a technician chilling with a Macbook off to the side. This venue is great for performers who want something that makes the fans feel special without limiting the show to 30 people lounging on couches around a mic stand. Gramercy is set up for general admission with VIP/Reserved stadium style seating arched across the entryway in the back. There were twin bars set up on either side of the room for the show, with themed specials, which I thought was adorable. The sound and lighting were both tuned to the atmosphere of the show and I'd definitely see another concert here. The staff is sweet (they let my friend and I have re-entry since we didn't want to watch the opening act) and the crowd was pleasant.
A Night With Emilie Autumn
Arden D. Jun 9, 2013
People generally consider the best seats in a theatre are the comfortable seats; however, the opposite is the case in the Grammercy Theatre. The building could have used the space to add more seats and make front seats close to the stage. Instead, the front seats make up about half of the area in front of the stage to make room for people to stand before the stage. This way the concert felt more intimate because I was closer while my head was more level with the stage. The theme of solidarity among weird "deranged" misfits with fellow fans was not lost and only enhanced to make me feel as though I was with Emilie Autumn as she performed. The front area was crowded as a result and that can be off-putting to some, but people can stand back away from the crowd and still get the full experience that comes with being close to the stage. I never felt uncomfortable and never felt as though someone would take my spot. I could always walk myself closer without competing with other attendees for a good spot. It was civil and egalitarian. The sound traveled well throughout the room without being too loud, which is hard to find in a small room. The lighting made visibility of the act satisfactory. Another necessary component of a good venue, especially when it is Emilie Autumn who puts a large amount of effort into the theatricality of her concerts. I enjoy standing close to the stage enough that I never sat in the back area. This is why I can't confidently give a 4-star review.
A great place for music!
Austin C. May 13, 2013
I went to the Gramercy Theatre for a concert and a VIP Meet and Greet. If you're a Hip Hop fan like me you will recognize this venue from The Fugees music video Killing Me Softly! That video came out in 1996 and it was refreshing to see that not much has changed at the Gramercy Theatre! I loved that because I felt like I was walking onto the set of a music video from my childhood! I was here to see Miri Ben-Ari, also known as the Hip Hop Violinist, and Roberta Flack, who later sat about two rows ahead of me, introduced her to the stage! Other than a legendary singer sitting in front of me, the VIP section isn't as luxurious as it sounds like it would be. It just means that you get to sit closer to the stage while everyone else stands or sits way in the back. The concert was incredible and the sound in the Theatre was amazing! I wasn't expecting it to sound that good! When it came time to meet Miri Ben-Ari the staff was very unorganized. They were unsure what to do with the VIP Meet and Greet group and gave us way too many different instructions. It was really confusing. But luckily it all worked out for the best! I had a conversation with Miri, got an autographed album cover, and got my picture with her! If you are from a small town like me this place is will also remind you of your local movie theatre that doubled as a music venue for local artists. The main difference is that there is a bar and lounge downstairs. The drinks were surprisingly cheap! The lighting was very dim but there were a lot places to sit and talk to people. I would suggest paying for general admission shows here and don't do a VIP Meet and Greet. If you don't ask questions like I did you might miss out on meeting the artist that you paid extra to see. But it’s still a great place for music!
Come for the show, stay for the...well, you can't get back In
Alex S. Apr 2, 2013
One Concert Ticket: $35 One Coors Light: $7 Lamenting not picking up that hot dog at the 7-11 next door because you didn't know there was no re-entry: Priceless For mid-sized acts, I suppose this is a decent place. The acoustics are average, sometimes horrible for groups with a lot of low-end, alcohol prices are on par with other venues (looking at you Irving Plaza and Best Buy), and there are even ratty old seats in the back should you be tired of standing. All that being said, I'm still upset that there is no re-entry. As another reviewer mentioned, it does kind of smell like stale beer throughout the place, especially when you go downstairs. There is a lounge and bar down there but the way they are arranged makes me wonder if the architect was encouraging games of drunken hide-and-seek. The place gets one star for a central location and another for existing. We all deserve one star for existing.
Great spot for indie band concerts and shows
Ivy K. Mar 29, 2013
My Take: I came here for the Demetri Martin show on a Monday night. After a brief body check at the door, we headed inside the theater room which was already very packed. People were chatting freely and getting drinks from the bars on the sides of the room. We were sitting in the front rows, which were literally all wooden chairs. The show started a bit late and was opened by Levi, a guy who used to work with Demetri on his show. His humor was kind of dry and awkward, so it got me even more hyped up when Demetri came out. One girl even let out a high-pitched shriek! It was kind of unreal seeing him in person after watching so many episodes of his shows! His jokes and improvisations were hilarious as usual, and I particularly enjoyed his famous sketchbook sessions. The crowd was very engaged throughout the show, which makes the atmosphere even better. Overall, I had a great time at the show. The only thing I would complain about was the uncomfortable wooden chair seating in the front rows. The Scene: This music/event venue in the Gramercy/Flatiron District attracts different crowds depending on the events, which can range from indie band concerts to comedy shows. Down-to-earth and comfortable, Gramercy Theatre charges moderate price ranges for their tickets, so don’t be expecting anything fancy like the Lincoln Center or Radio City Music Hall. If you arrive early or looking for a break in the midst of a show, feel free to head down to the bar in the basement, it provides more room for you to walk around and get more air. At the end of the event, bouncers usually pass out flyers on upcoming events. Cocktails & Cuisine: Full bar. Prices: Average price for a beer/cocktail is about $8-12. What to Wear: Casual attire. Depending on the events. If you are attending a rock concert, avoiding wearing sandals or flip flops. If you are going to a sit-down show, feel free to throw on a comfortable shirt and jeans. Insider Info/When to go: Check out Gramercy Threatre’s website for the most updated upcoming events. Tickets are onsale on
Dingy and Dirty
Karla D. Jan 29, 2013
My experiences at Gramercy Theater have been not too pleasing. When you walk inside the place, you immediately notice the scent of stale beer and vomit. As you go down the stairs into the sort of lounge area, you walk onto an extremely dirty, gum stained carpet that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. Okay, not all clubs/venues are clean, but usually they look presentable at the start of a night. Aside from the dirty interior, the theater portion of this venue isn't too bad. The seats are spacious enough and the stage is pretty close in proximity to all the seating areas. My biggest complaint is that once you get into the higher rows, the view is obstructed by the sound booth which extends across the entire middle row. Also, the acoustics in the room seemed distorted, which lead me to leave the event with aching ears. I don't think i'll be coming here again.
Close-up and personal
Mar W. Jan 22, 2013
The first thing I noticed inside Gramercy Theatre was that the place was packed, and I could still breathe. I had a few inches of space to move, dance, and enjoy the sold-out show without sacrificing all concepts of personal space. The small floor space made the show seem inclusive, and I could make eye contact with the artists during their performance. Although drink princes are through the roof ($7 for a Pabst Blue Ribbon), $10 can buy you a generous shot of liquor, which falls in the middle range of drink prices at venues. Concerts may leave your ears numb for a few hours, but the lighting and sound at Gramercy Theatre was fantastic. It's a perfect venue for a show that feels personal and packed without being overcrowded.
A real mixed bag
Chris K. Nov 16, 2012
Similar to the Best Buy Theater in Times Square, the Gramercy Theater has two sides. One showcases awesome underground bands like Skeletonwitch, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Mayhem, who need a nice middle-sized venue to pack with fans but not overflow obnoxiously. The other is an overpriced and poorly laid-out concert hall in a somewhat ridiculous part of town that has a really bad door system and often feels like a let-down. They also need some ventilation mechanics in there--by the end of any show, the Gramercy smells like the inside of a boot. Of course, if you want to see a band there, there's no reason not to.
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