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Governor's Island Looking for concerts at Governor's Island in New York? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this one-of-a-kind music space! New York United States 40.689473 -74.016631
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Governor's Island - Concert Venue | Park in New York.
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INFO Located off the southern tip of Manhattan and accessible only by ferry, Governor's Island is a park and public space that is undergoing rejuvenation to include it in the city's parks program. Open to the public on Saturdays... ... read more

Governor's Island Videos

Don't Drink the Water Opening Live @ Dave Matthews Band Caravan Governors Island NYC 8.26.2011
Don't Drink the Water Opening Live @ Dave Matthews Band Caravan Governors Island NYC 8.26.2011
Victor [email protected] Governors Island
Panda Bear - "Tomboy" - Live at Governor's Island, NYC
Jimi Thing Live @ Dave Matthews Band Caravan Governors Island NYC Before Hurricane Irene
Pacha On Acid - Fatboy Slim Live @ Dance Here Now Festival Governors Island 2011
Two Step Encore Live @ Dave Matthews Band Caravan Governors Island NYC (Before Hurricane Irene).AVI
Fatboy Slim @ Governors Island NYC

Governor's Island Information

Governor's Island - Concert Venue | Park in New York.

Located off the southern tip of Manhattan and accessible only by ferry, Governor's Island is a park and public space that is undergoing rejuvenation to include it in the city's parks program.

Open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday Mondays from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Governor's Island offers visitors parks, bike rentals, and stunning views of the Statue of Liberty from Picnic Point. It also features a promenade that encircles the island, which is ideal for biking and walking, and often hosts races.

Other activities and events at Governor's Island include private events and large outdoor concerts. The Parade Grounds and Colonel's Festival Grounds at Governor's Island are the largest spaces available for outdoor events, with a capacity of ten thousand and five thousand people, respectively.

Concerts and events at Governor's Island have included concerts by Steve Angello and Avicii, art fairs, and many food festivals including the New York Vendy awards, which honors the best food trucks in the city. The island also maintains several historic buildings, which contain art galleries that showcase local artists and provide instructional classes. Governor's Island is reachable only by ferry, which is free from both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Food and drinks are available throughout the island from concession stands, food trucks, and vending machines.

Governor's Island User Reviews

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Avicii @ Governor's Island
Jodie L. Dec 8, 2013
The view of Manhattan from Governor's Island is amazing and makes the show even more exciting. The energy and vibe of the show was incredible and did not want to leave. Cannot wait to go back to this place.
Getting Away From It All
Shayla V. Aug 20, 2013
Governor's Island gives you the sense that you are miles away from the city instead of a 10 minute ferry ride. The island is only open during the summer, but is littered with various activities ranging from EDM concerts. 1920s parties, or glass blowing exhibitions. It is free to get to and big enough to explore. Rent a bike and go for a spin around the island and end the day with a picnic or walk around and check out the modern statues and the views of NYC from the top of its massive hill. If you need some down time to clear your head, definitely head here.
The best place to put a festival
Joseph T. Jun 20, 2013
Governor's island is the perfect place to put a festival such as Figment NYC because it's away from the busy, hectic New York. You can go over using the ferry and whatever emotional baggage you had going on for that day, leave it on the other side. The island is relaxing and when there's a festival going on, take advantage and have all the fun you can. It's definitely a good place to bring the family when you want to mellow out or even have a picnic with the kids. So when you want a quick out of town experience, hop on the 4, 1 or R train if you're not driving at head to the ferry.
Austin B. May 30, 2013
Although the popular Picnic Point, is clodsed due to construction until 2014, there's plenty of excellent reasons to jump on the free ferry from the <a href="">Upper East Side</a> to spend the day in the middle of New York Harbor.
Very nice island where young people and any age can escape the city, but be still very close and enjoy many events.
Lana G. May 28, 2013
Governor's island is an escape that is located only about 10 minutes from downtown New York by ferry. It is a place where many interesting events take place from music concerts, art exhibits to country festivals. Even though many people arrive at the same time, everything is organized. Some people can take a walk, there are nice areas to explore along the water line, places to eat and get a drink. When the event starts, again everything is very organized. People get a ticket or wrist bend to get in, after it is over, again you have to show a ticket to get on the boat to leave the island. Very nice place to spend a summer day.
Take a trip from the city and go back in time
Jeremy A. Apr 10, 2013
Governor's Island is a nice escape from the concrete jungle of Manhattan, and only a short ferry ride away. A beautiful island with shiny white sand, swaying palm trees, and a nice ocean breeze, it's one of the few places to go in New York City to get away from New York City. And if you happen to be around the area in June, check out the Jazz Age Lawn Party that goes on in the middle of the month. It's a 1920s themed jazz party straight out of "The Great Gatsby". Don your best Flappers look, and head to Governor's Island for cocktails, food, and of course, jazz. Unfortunately NYC prices come with you to Governor's Island, and so to avoid overpaying for food and drinks, bring a cooler filled with all your necessary meals and drinks for the day. And be ready to Foxtrot, Waltz, and Charleston all day long.
Let Summer Begin
Jay D. Mar 27, 2013
You know summer has officially started when Governor's Island flyers are posted on your Facebook and car windows. It takes Miami WMC and brings it to the backyard of NYC. It is a bit of hike to get there with long lines and a boat ride but it is well worth the wait. The large area is filled with sand and palm trees with rainbow colored lights. On a nice hot summer day a party on the sand that isn't Jones Beach's ash tray. This event needs some preparation for a long winded day of partying in the sun, dancing and a few long lines. Kick it in comfortable sneakers or flip flops and brightly colored t-shirts and you and your friends are ready to go. Although the prices of drinks; even water are a bit steep it is another reason that proves NYC has everything to offer. End the night watching the sunset and the city silhouette on the water with great music and hours left to party. You definitely want to start and close your summer at Governor's Island.
A quick and relaxing getaway
Karla D. Jan 29, 2013
I went to Governor's Island while chaperoning a field trip with a high school camp on one of the hottest days of summer. I was pleasantly surprised, however, at the beauty of the island. There are also many indoor galleries to look at (all air conditioned, of course!). The students and I spent the whole day touring the island and taking photos and we had a blast. I think the next time I go there, i'll rent a bike and ride around. It seems a lot easier than walking.
Great place to go for summer EDM events!
Iris M. Jan 8, 2013
I've been to Governor's Island for Benni Benassi, Bingo Players, Hardwell and many more DJs. This is a great space. It's by the water so there's breeze and so it won't be too hot. Before the stage area, there's also sand and so if you're tired from dancing or squeezing through the crowd, you can just sit down and enjoy the music and watch crowds experience the music with you. You might want to get there early on major events, since there might be a line for the ferries that travel back and forth between the city and Governor's Island. I love the venue there. It's a perfectly sized space and everyone that goes there are usually friendly and connected through their passion for music. I will definitely return this summer!
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