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Central Park: Mainstage Looking for shows & concerts at Central Park: Mainstage in NYC? Check out Party Earth for Mainstage updates & experience this performance spot for a great show! New York United States 40.772624 -73.970322
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Central Park: Mainstage - Concert Venue | Park in New York.
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INFO Central Park: Mainstage is located on the Rumsey Playfield at the heart of Central Park. The venue hosts the popular and free summer music festival called SummerStage, a collection of 100 artists ranging from Florence... ... read more

Central Park: Mainstage Videos

Rock your body - Black eyed peas @ central park
Rock your body - Black eyed peas @ central park
Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough (Acoustic) in Central Park 6/9/11
ST. VINCENT the party CENTRAL PARK NYC August 1 2010
Youth Beatz 2009 - Leon Jackson
Japan Day 2009 - Stage Fighting
CPDSA Disco Skating, Central Park, New York
Mavis Staples I'll Take You There - Central Park 2008

Central Park: Mainstage Information

Central Park: Mainstage - Concert Venue | Park in New York.

Central Park: Mainstage is located on the Rumsey Playfield at the heart of Central Park. The venue hosts the popular and free summer music festival called SummerStage, a collection of 100 artists ranging from Florence and the Machine to Wiz Khalifa. This is the New York City summer experience at its finest: hundreds of people enjoying a warm night listening to great music at one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. In addition to the summer set, the venue hosts a variety of other acts acts such as Joey Aria, Comedy Central: Indecision in the Park, and Alabama Shakes. Most events are free, but tickets for Mainstage: Central Park’s various benefits can be purchased online.

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Free Beyonce Concert in Central Park
Jasmine D. Aug 26, 2013
Sooo this one time I stayed up all night in Central Park, ditched work the next morning just to see the Queen Bey perform in Central Park and it was GRAND! That night of no sleep was well worth it just to see her grace the stage and do what she does best. Pulling an all nighter wasn't so bad either... ok yea it was pretty bad getting next to no sleep but I wasn't there alone. The Beyoncé stans were out in full force, people from all over the globe and we all had a great time together singing along to Beyoncé hit after hit and showcasing other talents of our own. Normally Central Park is very dangerous at night and I would not recommend it to anyone but when your amongst hundreds of other like minded individuals trust me nobody will mess with you. This was a great experience of a lifetime and I was glad that it took place in my hometown.
Enjoy your day in the park and see some wonderful performance
Lana G. May 28, 2013
This is a big stage that is located right in the Central Park. The program that is offered is great, you can see different concerts, performances. It is a lot of fun for the whole family. Some programs are for children as well.
Good Summer Experience
Risa C. Dec 8, 2012
I came here for a Black Keys concert over the summer and really liked the venue as far as an outdoor space. It's a nice way to get to enjoy the park and also get to listen to some music. The space is kept pretty clean so it's not uncommon to see people spreading out picnic blankets on the astroturf and enjoying food and beer from the many food trucks. And on that note, as sort of a foodie I do have to say I appreciate the variety of the food carts especially my personal favorite - Asia dog, although the food trucks can have a bit of a wait. Back to the space, for an outdoor venue, the acoustics are actually pretty good, and I was able to clearly hear the music everywhere within the stage space. My only other complaint is the over abundance of mosquitoes, I got eaten alive last time I was here - otherwise, great place for an outdoor summer concert experience as long as the weather is good.
Outdoor Concert Venues
Jaclyn W. Dec 4, 2012
My boyfriend at the time dragged me to a show here one time. I don't mind Jack's Mannequin, but I definitely could have done without seeing Paramore. Although the concert experience ended up being a good one, I'm not the biggest fan of this stage. First, it's in Central Park. While Central Park is pretty, it's not exactly the easiest location to get to nor is it wonderful if it's raining or cold. Second, the acoustics sounded horrible to me. I get that you're outside and you have to work with the elements, but I'd trade for one of the Ballrooms any day. Third, there really is no easy way to leave. I feel like you're trapped within those barricades and getting home is horrible if you don't live anywhere near the park. The space for the actual concert is always overcrowded and you can't exactly get wild because not only is it a small area, but there are cops swarming everywhere. I haven't been back since that show (unless you count the free times I wandered past), but I'm not in any hurry to go back to one held here. Save your money for Roseland or the Bowery where you can actually hear the music, drink your drink and you don't have to walk through a thicket to find your way towards the exit.
Dylan W. Dec 2, 2012
Really awesome. It's a really chill, free-for-all place. They set up some cordons around the side to kinda bring some order but because it's in Central Park the whole thing is wide open and accessible. I really recommend keeping an eye out for shows held here. They're usually day things which is a fun change of pace from all the nightlife of the city. Just don't get too drunk though cuz you ARE in public and it will most likely be during the day so... haha.
Chelsea D. Oct 3, 2012
I haven't actually gone to Central Park: Mainstage and I'm really bummed about it. I tried very hard to convince my friends to check out SummerStage with me this year, but no one was as into it as me. What could be better than a warm summer night with live music? I'm marking this as a must-see, only because I've heard great things and plan on going to SummerStage next year (or another event sometime soon). A lot of the events here are free so if you're looking for something to do, in a great location, I'd check out what's coming up.
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