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Best Buy Theater Looking for concerts & shows at Best Buy Theater in New York? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this cool theater and music spot! New York United States 40.757725 -73.986011
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Best Buy Theater - Concert Venue | Theater in New York.
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INFO Best Buy Theater, located in Times Square, is an indoor theater that reopened with a $21 million facelift in 2005 to replace its predecessor, the Nokia Theatre. The 2,100-person venue contains both floor and mezzanine... ... read more

Best Buy Theater Videos

DOWN - Lifer live 4/28/11 Best Buy Theater, NYC for DIMEBAG! Complete [HD] (Pantera)
DOWN - Lifer live 4/28/11 Best Buy Theater, NYC for DIMEBAG! Complete [HD] (Pantera)
Twisted Sister (with Bernie Williams) - We're Not Gonna Take It - Best Buy Theater
Slash @ Road Recovery -- Guns N Roses "It's So Easy"
The Deftones - Risk live Best Buy Theater, New York CIty 05.14.2011 Complete [HD]
Mobb Deep Performs At Best Buy Theater (NYC)

Best Buy Theater Information

Best Buy Theater - Concert Venue | Theater in New York.

Best Buy Theater, located in Times Square, is an indoor theater that reopened with a $21 million facelift in 2005 to replace its predecessor, the Nokia Theatre. The 2,100-person venue contains both floor and mezzanine levels and is best known for its signature LED marquee located outside of the theater, which is one of the largest in Times Square and is also connected to the MTV marquee. This screen can project images from within the venue in real time, and connect with interactive text messaging services.

Events at Best Buy Theater include musical concerts, awards shows, and the annual Heisman Trophy ceremony. Past performers at the Best Buy Theater have included big-name stars such as Rihanna, Common, Wiz Khalifa, Elvis Costello, Blondie, and Pitbull.

The Times Square location means there’s no immediate parking available, although there is a discount available on certain private lots. Inside the venue, patrons can expect three full bars, a Cafe Europe, and a John’s Pizzeria.

Best Buy Theater User Reviews

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A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight
Josh C. Nov 23, 2013
Although located in Times Square--the heart of New York City--Best Buy Theater has managed to stay relatively off the radar in terms of first-rate venues. Once you make it through the ferocious crowds and extremely tight security, the indoor theater warmly embraces your presence as an integral part of the night's collective intimacy. The nearly eight-year-old theater can hold up to 2,100 people, but its unique design--courtesy of award-winning architect David Rockwell--creates a familiar, homey atmosphere. With GA standing room up front and mezzanine seating in the back, the Best Buy theater can accommodate the needs and wants of almost any concert-goer. And thanks to the theater's state-of-the-art sound system, the quality is great regardless of where you choose to sit or stand. A spacious lounge area adjacent to the theater offers a pleasant escape to those who need a brief moment of relaxation. Concert attendees of age can purchase reasonably priced alcoholic beverages from a very well-run bar; lines aren't too long and they move relatively quickly. From there, you can either head back to see the live music or recline on one of the many comfortable lounge chairs and watch the show on a TV monitor. The choice is yours. If you can't make it inside to see the performance in person, don't fret. This amazing venue is equipped with an 85-foot HD screen outside the theater that is capable of presenting live, digital footage from the stage or anywhere else in the Best Buy Theater. One way or another, you'll be able to see that show you've always wanted to see. The one downside: leaving the venue. Exercise serious caution while doing so. 2,000 people frantically doing anything is usually a bad thing, but when 2,000 people are rushing out of Best Buy Theater and into Times Square, one of the most crowded destinations in the world, it's exponentially worse. Don't lose track of your friends, exit slowly, and always, ALWAYS have a pre-determined location to reconvene if separated. Just follow these simple guidelines and Best Buy Theater will give you the time of your life.
A whole different view.
тweeт-ιт т. Jun 10, 2013
This venue is pretty awesome, and it's not what you'd necessarily expect. I've been to this venue once for a big concert, and it was definitely a great place to be! This indoor theater is well air-conditioned, and truly makes performances just "pop!" I was able to meet tons of people during the show, and had a blast the moment I went down the long escalators towards the coat check. Honestly, you wouldn't think that making your way towards a simple coat check would be very exciting, but this venue is seriously able to get your blood pumping and ready for whatever it is you came to see! Pretty big performers tend to come to this theater, so it definitely won't disappoint!
Not a Bad Seat in the House
Sean F. May 30, 2013
This small venue boasts views from every corner. I don't believe there many spots in this venue that one cannot see the stage... I always look forward to seeing my favorite acts in this venue nestled beneath Gotham...
Not too shabby
Juliano W. May 7, 2013
I've only been to this venue once but from what I can say, it was not only a show but more of an experience. Once you experience Excision's 100k watt sub-woofers there is no going back. I had a lot of fun and got to meet many people during and after the show. The interior of the place is very modern and sets off a vibe. Tickets were not expensive either. I recommend everyone to come and see a show because it's totally worth it.
Clean, brand new, and great sound!
Alex P. Apr 12, 2013
New. Brand new. This is not what you would think when you hear about a venue in New York City (and you would be right a lot fo the time) but not here. I have seen 3 different shows at the Best Buy Theater and they have all been a great time. There is a little wait time to get inside, short lines for drinks at one of many locations, the merch area is no where near the live area. The stage is in a completely separate room from most of the venue, with the live audio coming over the speakers so even if you're in the bathroom, you can still hear the band playing! The actual stage area is amazing. There are stadium style seating in the back if you don't feel like getting too involved, and a huge area with tons of great views. The best part is it isn't nearly as hard to move up in the crowd as you may think it would be, which is fantastic. I've only seen rock bands here but I have to believe everyone else will sound just as good. Totally worth the price of the ticket!
It's alright
Jonathan S. Mar 28, 2013
I went here a while back to see Taking Back Sunday with a few friends. Like any other venue, we arrived early and waited on a line to be able to get a good spot. When we finally got in, it was extremely easy to get to the front. I don't know if it was because we were fast, or if people were unaware of how small the venue is. When the concert started, it was very crowded and I did get hit a bunch of times; typical concert. Everything went great, until we were told the theater had a curfew. A CURFEW! Yes, you heard right. So TBS couldn't play all the songs they were supposed to. Huge disappointment. At least my friend ended up with a drumstick from the TBS drummer. I'm sure she still sleeps with it.
Okay Venue
Sydnie S. Dec 2, 2012
The Best Buy Theater is in a pretty nice area, but I've never been a big fan. I always find that it is very crowded and too hard to navigate. I went to a concert here a few years ago and I kept losing my friends! People were pushing us all over the place. I felt as if this venue was more of a fight to get into the subway than an actual concert hall. Everyone was very rude and it was hard to see the stage. I only wish that the band I had seen perform here was at a different venue. Everything is very expensive to buy inside of this concert hall.
Giving the right bands their due in a crappy setting
Chris K. Nov 16, 2012
What I will say in favor of the Best Buy Theater is that it gives awesome bands like Down and Kreator some top-billing, throwing their names up in lights across Times Square, where they belong. What I'll say against it, however, is everything else. Its decor is that of a European dance club, all backlit plexiglass and smooth white surfaces; its staff are bossy when they should be cool, absent when they should be helping; and the drinks are so expensive you might as well just burn your wallet on the bar. If you want to see some underground music in a large prominently-place concert hall, yeah, definitely come here, but if there's a Brooklyn stop on the tour, avoid this nuthouse.
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