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Pubs in Midtown Overview

Neil Simon Theatre - Theater in Midtown, NYC

Most people think of Times Square as all glitz and showtunes, but pubs in Midtown thrive off the beaten path of this much-loved neighborhood. These wood-paneled holes in the wall cater to all different kinds of New Yorkers, with alcohol being the great unifying force.

Midtown pubs range greatly both in size and crowd. Larger and better-lit spots like the Ginger Man or Valhalla allow chic after-work businessmen and sleek female professionals a chance to sip microbrews and let their hair down. These places pride themselves on the feeling of Old New York, their wrought iron fixtures and dressed-up staff emanating the kind of ambiance conjured up by the song “Night and Day.”

On the other side of the spectrum are Midtown’s divier pubs, such as biker hangout Blue Ruin and the perpetually-sodden party at Smith’s Bar. Here, construction workers, tourists, and locals waiting for their play or concert to start listen to classic rock over pints of domestic beer and take part in the occasional round of bar trivia, all while soaking up the ever-present bustle of New York’s busiest neighborhood.

While they might lack the charm of a Dublin public house, Midtown’s pubs provide a much-needed respite and pick-me-up for the busy bees that occupy this thriving central hub.

Popular Midtown Pubs

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