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Speakeasies on the Lower East Side Overview

Hotel Chantelle / SGT - Bar | Lounge in Lower East Side, NYC

An area known for its artistic chic vibe, it's no surprise that speakeasies in the Lower East Side blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Located in places overlooked by the untrained eye, when drinking on the down low, the Lower East Side speakeasies are masters of disguise.

Filled with plenty of casual hush-hush lounges there's no need to dress up to get into most of these low key bars. An original hidden bar of the city, The Back Room is a staple for anyone checking out the coolest cocktails in Manhattan. While the entrance down a dark alley way may deter some, those willing to brave the trek are rewarded with cozy surroundings and drinks served in teacups and brown paper bags - in case the prohibition police come by. There are also plenty of places hidden behind doors or down unmarked staircases like the Second Floor on Clinton or PKNY where those in the know go for carefully crafted cocktails.

And while low key speakeasies are what started it all, it wouldn't be New York if someone didn't add a touch of glamour. Beauty and Essex is the city's premier bar hidden behind a pawn shop and the place to see and be seen while hiding in an inconspicuous bar. The Experimental Cocktail Club, a French import is another addition to the sophisticated speakeasy scene and a great place to get fancy and experience some "joie de vivre".

Though not generally exclusive, these hidden downtown bars are usually quite busy so be sure to make a reservation or you may end up drinking where just anyone can see you.

Popular Lower East Side Speakeasies

  • * Chloe 81 20s / 30s / Affluent / Artsy / Bar
  • * Fig. 19 Ambient / Artists / Bar / Chic

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