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Rockwood Music Hall - Bar | Live Music Venue in Lower East Side, NYC

While there are plenty of single ladies and gents throughout the city, meeting someone in Manhattan takes a certain finesse. The Lower East Side singles scene is the place to find that artistic free spirited soul mate you've been searching for as long as you know where to look.

Taking a walk down the streets of the Lower East Side at any time of day is sure to be a day filled with eye candy. In the early evening, cafés and restaurants are filled with attractive young men and women casually dining or grabbing a drink and Schiller's Liquor Bar has a lively bar and restaurant scene where after a few drinks making conversation is a cinch. To find those high heeled uptown girls, heading to Beauty and Essex's lounge is the place to meet gorgeous girls sipping cocktails while keeping an eye out for Mr. Right.

Keeping an artsy vibe synchronous with its name, Gallery Bar has a casual bar scene on the upper level and a dark dance floor in the basement where Lower East Siders go to let loose. Or for those nights where all she wants to do is dance, Mehanata is packed on the weekends with easy going twenty something's ready to party the weekend away. While for clubbing, Happy Ending is the place to chat up a stranger in this massage parlor turned dance club that always offers up a vibrant singles scene.

Popular Lower East Side Singles

  • * Fat Baby 20s / 30s / Bar / Bottle Service
  • * Pianos 30s / Bar / Bar Food
  • * darkroom 20s / 30s / Bar / Boisterous / DJ

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