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Music Venues on the Lower East Side Overview

Hotel Chantelle / SGT - Bar | Lounge in Lower East Side, NYC

One of the best neighborhoods in the city for live music, Lower East Side music venues are the place to be to check out local bands and up and coming artists. With no shortage of bars presenting live bands, musicians and music fans alike can be seen frequenting this neighborhood to cure their music cravings.

Known for presenting live bands almost every night, Mercury Bar is a hotspot for rock and indie music. Guys and gals in band tees and skinny jeans pack in these intimate venues to see their favorite cool band that you probably haven't heard about yet.  The Bowery Ballroom is another popular choice for a large but personal feeling shows with live music from a variety of genres but guaranteed new acts every night.

At Pianos, guests are treated to a melting pot of all musical needs with a live DJ on one floor and a stage with live bands in another room. Similarly hipsters with a cheap drink craving head over to Arlene's Grocery for the perfect combination of dive bar and live bands and even a once weekly karaoke night.

Primarily a hot spot for bands, the Lower East Side music venues have plenty of live music to go around.

Popular Lower East Side Music Venues

  • * Cake Shop 20s / Artsy / Bar / Budget-friendly
  • * Fat Baby 20s / 30s / Bar / Bottle Service
  • * Pianos 30s / Bar / Bar Food

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