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Late Night Food on the Lower East Side Overview

Hotel Chantelle / SGT - Bar | Lounge in Lower East Side, NYC

For a late night snack or something to weigh down the liquor after a night of boozing there's nothing quite like late night food in the Lower East Side. With plenty of variety and everything from Asian to Italian, keeping your stomach satisfied is a cinch. 

When it comes to street food, there are plenty of vendors that set up shop on every street corner selling everything from hot dogs to gyros to halal food. Drunk people stumble up at all hours of the night to get a quick fix of inexpensive fare. There are also plenty of pizza shops like New Roma Pizza which serves slices twenty-four hours a day but the wee hours of the morning brings the biggest crowds.

If the late night craving hits a bit earlier, there are also quite a few restaurants that keep their kitchens open until late for some of the finest sit down service in the city. Blue Ribbon Izakaya at the Thompson Hotel serves up a gourmet Japanese fusion menu to trendy foodies grabbing a late night bite. Schillers Liquor Bar also has great late night fare in a bar environment to keep the party going while weighing down the booze. The Meatball shop is one of the latest crazes to hit New York with delicious meatballs of every variety being served late into the night. No matter what the late night craving, the Lower East Side has plenty of options to soothe the stomach. Even if the craving is McDonalds.

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